Limiting God

by Kalon Mitchell

How many times do we, as humans, limit God?
How many times do we think that, maybe, God would help us in a certain
situation, but yet still don’t ask Him about it? Throughout my short
time before becoming baptized, and even sometimes afterwards, I have
limited God and gone and done what I thought best, or just didn’t get
an answer. But yet each time I have put my full faith, confidence and
trust in God, He has answered me in amazing ways that I hadn’t thought
of or even imagined to be possible.

God tells us throughout the
Bible that He will take care of us in every way if we put our faith and
confidence in Him and ask Him for help. So the question I have for us
is simply this: Are we limiting God? The problem is: We are human. We
have sometimes an attitude of thinking that we know it all, and that we
don’t require any help. Some may feel that they know everything! But
yet God requires of us to become meek, humble and obedient.

let us all, in the following days, weeks, months and years, come before
our Creator with humility, and let us lay our problems, hopes and
dreams before Him, asking Him for His help and guidance.

©2023 Church of the Eternal God