Fiction to Faith

by Manuela Link (22)

Many of us may be familiar with a popular TV
series called Smallville. It depicts the adolescent to young adult life
of the famous person, Superman. Despite his incredible abilities, Clark
Kent portrays a wonderful character to the public: having a soft-spoken
tongue, being compliant and respectful to parents, helping those in
need, being a true friend, trustworthy and strong — mentally and

Everyone knows him as Clark Kent, a hard-working farm
boy, but they don’t know his secret, his true calling or destiny —
that of which he will one day save the world. He keeps his abilities a
secret because he believes that if he accidentally shows his strength,
people may not accept him for the man he really is.

In the real
life, we too have a true calling. We not only have to be a light to the
world by showing our true Christian character, but we cannot hide from
the person we were called to be. We cannot be afraid of what others may
think of us, because we understand that God will help us through
anything. We should be willing to explain anything about the person we
really are, when asked, because in these situations, secrets only
separate friendships. I know why I’m here. I am not of this world, and
like the fictional Clark, my future of faith contains greater

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