An Illustration

An Illustration
by Cali Harris (22)

Main Entry: joy

1 a: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or by the prospect of possessing what one desires: DELIGHT

b: the expression or exhibition of such emotion: GAIETY

It seems almost silly to read Merriam Webster’s definition of “joy”; the structured, rigid dictionary definition hardly conveys the real sense of the word. I imagine joy to be illustrated in so many different ways: in a positive attitude, in kindness among brethren, in laughter–even in a smile.

As I’ve been spiritually and physically preparing for the Feast this year, it’s like Satan is hiding around the corner to try and trip me up at every turn. This makes it particularly challenging to focus on having a joyful attitude. But we are actually instructed by God to be joyful–especially during His weekly and annual Sabbaths.

In spite of Satan’s efforts to try to derail us, it is so exciting to know what we have in store for our short-term AND our long-term futures! Merriam Webster’s definition may be lackluster, but it does point us in the right direction to being joyful in the way that God commands us.

How would we illustrate the best Feast of Tabernacles we’ve ever attended? Would it be filled with spiritual growth, appreciation for God’s beautiful creation, and building friendships with brethren? Would our Feast be illustrated by joy?

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