Current Events

“One Step Closer to the Exit”

Mail-On-Line wrote on October 24:

“Brussels’ shock demand for £1.7billion more from Britain has pushed us closer to leaving the EU, a furious David Cameron admitted yesterday. The Prime Minister insisted the payment – which works out at £56 for every taxpayer – was ‘not going to happen’… Britain was told to pay more because its economy has performed better than expected. But countries including France whose economies have under-performed will receive multi-million-pound rebates – something critics said was essentially a reward for their ‘basket case’ economic policies…

“But Germany’s powerful leader Angela Merkel – whose country is set to receive a rebate – suggested Britain would eventually end up paying the vast sum, and said she had no problem with the calculations. And Jose Manuel Barroso, the outgoing president of the European Commission, indicated that the £1.7billion bill was not up for negotiation.

“It emerged that Chancellor George Osborne had known about the demand on Tuesday but, embarrassingly, he had not passed on the information to the Prime Minister, who did not find out until Thursday. David Cameron was left red-faced as he was forced to admit he had been kept in the dark for days about the shock £1.7billion demand after George Osborne failed to inform him… And according to Labor, the Office for National Statistics might have known about it five months ago…

“UKIP leader Nigel Farage said the only way to avoid the surcharge was by leaving the Union. ‘The EU is like a thirsty vampire feasting on UK taxpayers’ blood. We need to protect the innocent victims, who are us,’ he added.”

In an accompanying polemic article, Mail-On-Line wrote on October 24:

“Like some despotic colonial power, the European Commission under its ex-Maoist president Jose Manuel Barroso suddenly demands an arbitrary levy from the UK of £1.7billion – nearly £30 for every man, woman and child in this country. This outrageous charge is a crushing blow to David Cameron as he tries to persuade an increasingly sceptical British public that the EU (whose accounts, of course, have never been signed off, so dubious are its figures) can be made to change its profligate, anti-democratic ways.

“For Nigel Farage and Ukip, it’s an absolute gift in the run-up to the Rochester and Strood by-election… Socialist France, an economic basket-case, is the biggest beneficiary – receiving £800million to keep its huge, unreformed public sector afloat. Have British families really gone through years of sacrifice so French civil servants can continue to retire on gold-plated pensions at 60?…

“The Barroso raid will convince many voters that this simply cannot be achieved within the EU. If the Commission wanted to give a boost to Britain’s growing number of Eurosceptics, it could hardly have come up with a better strategy.”

The “Express” wrote on October 25:

“FURIOUS David Cameron last night conceded that Britain had been pushed closer to a European Union exit after receiving an eye-watering £1.7billion Brussels bill… Calls for the UK to withdraw from the EU intensified yesterday…

“In an angry intervention, he interrupted a summit discussion on economic policy to confront European Commission President Jose Barroso over the cash demand. He accused the Eurocrat of having ‘no idea’ of the impact the ‘vast’ invoice would have on the UK. Speaking at a news conference at the end of the summit, he said the ‘completely unjustified and sudden production of a bill for Britain of £1.7billion’ had provoked ‘downright anger’ in him.”

However, there is, as always, another side to the story. Die Zeit Online reported on October 24 that the UK agreed to the calculation formula in 1995, and other German and European papers added that the UK had received substantial subsidies in the past, based on this automatic formula, when it “under-performed.”

Deutsche Welle wrote on October 24:

“British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday vehemently dismissed a request from the European Union for an additional 2.1-billion-euro payment into the bloc’s coffers after a revision of official data showed the United Kingdom’s economy was doing well… EU members pay into the bloc’s budget according to the strength of their respective economies. In the past, when the UK economy was shrinking, London received money back. Now that its economy is recovering, its contribution has been adjusted upwards.

“An EU official called the revision a ‘technical matter’ and said it came up every year. But the request for more money comes at an inopportune time for Prime Minister Cameron, who faces staunch resistance at home to the 28-member bloc by euroskeptic political parties…

“European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, in response to Cameron’s objections, said rules were rules and they should not be questioned. He noted that EU member states had voted in favor of the budget scheme…”

BBC News added on October 26:

“Europe expects the UK to pay an extra £1.7bn towards the EU budget ‘and that’s that’, a vice president of the European Parliament has said. Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, a German MEP, said the EU would be ‘exasperated’ if the UK tried to avoid payment.”

The EUObserver wrote on October 27:

“The UK has to pay its outstanding €2.1bn bill by 1 December or face monthly penalties, EU budget commissioner Jacek Dominik said Monday (27 October) in a press conference. Dominik said he was ‘surprised’ to witness the ‘anger’ of British Prime Minister David Cameron who last week vowed not to pay the bill at such short notice.

“The commissioner said British officials knew since 17 October, when all member states were presented with their corrected share of the EU budget, based on changes in their gross national income (GNI) compared to what they had projected. ‘What is extremely important is to remember that these figures are presented by member states based on their own statistics and approved by Eurostat,’ Dominik said…

“Asked if Britain could delay or pay the bill in tranches, Dominik said such measure would require a qualified majority among member states in the EU council. ‘It would be extremely difficult to do it. The regulation on own resources also concerns the British rebate, if you open up this act for future negotiations, you open a Pandora box,’ he said…

“He said that in case Britain does not transfer the money by 1 December, the EU commission will first write a letter asking for explanations. If the explanations are not credible and the payment continues to be delayed ‘for weeks or months’, the EU law foresees penalties of at least two percent of the total bill plus 0.25 percent for each month of delay.”

Bild Online asked on October 25: “Are the British Leaving the EU?” The mass tabloid opinionated that Cameron will not be able to avoid the demanded payment on or about December 1, even though Cameron declared angrily in Brussels that he will not pay. The paper quoted a modified famous statement from William Shakespeare: “To pay or not to pay—that is the question.”

What is important for us is to realize that the prophesied rift between the UK and continental Europe is widening. See also the next article:

Merkel Blocks Cameron

The Sunday Times wrote on October 26:

“Angela Merkel has delivered a potentially fatal blow to David Cameron’s attempt to cap immigration from the European Union. The German chancellor told The Sunday Times that she would not support Cameron’s plans to limit freedom of movement within the EU as part of his planned renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with Brussels.

“The prime minister has pledged to make changes to freedom of movement a ‘red line’ in a new deal and is preparing to pledge to bring in quotas for low-skilled EU migrants. But questioned by this newspaper during an EU summit in Brussels, Merkel categorically denied that there was any possibility of Germany supporting any limitations on the freedom of movement — a potentially terminal intervention from Britain’s key ally.”

We Need a European Army

Die Welt wrote on September 30:

“Europe needs a unified army after all… It is high time for [the unification of] European military forces… Because of the bad condition of the German Bundeswehr, we are confronted with a historical opportunity to think about… a European security policy… Military forces should not be established nationally, but need to be European… A European army would open up new areas of activities… The preservation and increase of freedom, peace and security is no longer the responsibility of just one nation, but it has become a European challenge. A European army would meet that challenge.”

We will observe very soon the creation of a powerful and extremely efficient European Army.

Violence in Germany

The Local wrote on October 28:

“Further far-right protests, of the kind seen in Cologne on Sunday, are being planned in Berlin and Hamburg, leading to fears of violence spreading to other cities. The scale and violence of what was billed as an anti-Salafist demo caught police by surprise on Sunday. Forty-five people were injured in fighting around the ‘Hooligans against Salafists’ march, 44 of them police officers, and 17 people were arrested. Police used tear gas and water cannon to try to control more than 4,000 people who took to Cologne’s streets.

“Far-right protests are not unusual in Germany, but the size of the Cologne march was. Under an anti-Islamic banner, organizers managed to unite different far-right and football hooligan factions. The far-right scene hailed the protest as the ‘Miracle of Cologne’ and protesters are set to mobilize in other cities this month under the motto, ‘Cologne was just the beginning’. A similar demonstration is planned in Hamburg and Berlin on Saturday November 15th..  The ‘Hooligans against Salafists’ group is also planning a demonstration on November 15th in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. City politicians are looking to ban the protest.

“German police union DPolG also fears the violence seen in Cologne will spread. DPolG president Rainer Wendt told dpa news agency: ‘It will not be restricted to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne. It is possible in all cities.’” 

The Ukrainian Election

BBC News wrote on October 26:

“Ukraine’s political culture is notoriously fractious. And the issues facing the country, such as how to enact reform, battle corruption or fight the war in the east, will provide fertile ground for disagreement.

“Within the parties themselves there are a number of question marks – especially among the numerous war heroes and battalion commanders who populate the candidate lists. Though their battlefield bravery is not in doubt, their political views are not entirely clear. Where they stand on the problems the country faces remains to be seen.”

The EUObserver wrote on October 27:

“Ukraine exit polls show a strong win by pro-Western parties, a snub to the far-right, and a surprisingly good result for elements of the former regime… The CEC also reported turnout of 52 percent nationwide, rising to over 70 percent in the west, but falling to some 30 percent in government-controlled regions in the east.

“Meanwhile, three parts of the country – some 4.8 million people out of Ukraine’s 46 million population – did not vote: Crimea (annexed by Russia), and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk in east Ukraine (which are held by pro-Russia rebels).  The situation means 27 seats in Ukraine’s 450 seat parliament will be left symbolically vacant.

“Rebel chiefs, speaking to Russian media, denounced the elections as a ‘farce’. Boyko also accused authorities of corruption, calling the vote the ‘dirtiest’ ever in Ukraine… Rebel chiefs in Donetsk and Luhansk are now planning to hold their own vote on 2 November in an effort to cement claims to independence.”

Deutsche Welle added on October 28:

“The Kremlin will recognize upcoming elections in Ukraine’s separatist eastern regions…  entrenching the split between the Western-leaning national government in Kyiv and the pro-Kremlin separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk… Moscow has also agreed to recognize the results of Ukraine’s national elections last Sunday, in which pro-Western parties secured a parliamentary majority.”

How the USA Is Emboldening Putin

The Washington Times wrote on October 23:

“Russian military provocations have increased so much over the seven months since Moscow annexed Crimea from Ukraine that Washington and its allies are scrambling defense assets on a nearly daily basis in response to air, sea and land incursions by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

“Not only is Moscow continuing to foment unrest in Eastern Ukraine, U.S. officials and regional security experts say Russian fighter jets are testing U.S. reaction times over Alaska and Japan’s ability to scramble planes over its northern islands — all while haunting Sweden’s navy and antagonizing Estonia’s tiny national security force.

“The White House months ago leveled economic sanctions on several Russian businesses and political players, and recent weeks have seen President Obama intensify his rhetoric toward Moscow. But many in Washington’s national security community say the response is simply not firm enough and that, as a result, Mr. Putin actually feels emboldened to push the envelope — Cold War-style…

“Mr. Putin has appeared undeterred. NATO officials confirmed this week that the Russian air force flew an Ilyushin-20 spy plane into Estonian airspace Tuesday, triggering a swift reaction from NATO fighter jets patrolling the area. The incursion came just days after Sweden made international headlines by scrambling a fleet of naval vessels to search for a suspected submarine sighted about 30 miles off the coast of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea… regional analysts… say they’d be surprised if the sub was not Russian. The development, the analysts say, fits within a growing list of similar Russian actions, including some directly challenging U.S. territory.

“The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled jets to scare off two Russian strategic bombers that suddenly appeared to conduct practice runs in airspace just 65 miles off Alaska in June. A similar incident occurred in September, with U.S. and Canadian fighters scrambling to deter six Russian aircraft, including two nuclear bombers, two fighter jets and two refueling tankers, according to news reports…”

Putin Blames America

The Washington Times wrote on October 25:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the U.S. for the crisis in Ukraine and radical Islamic terrorism and claimed there is ‘no true democracy’ in America during a speech on Friday… He [said] that Russia was not responsible for the unrest in Ukraine, insisting that the U.S. had pushed the country into chaos and tried to ‘remake the whole world based on its interests’…

“During his speech, which Reuters described as a ‘diatribe … that was reminiscent of the Cold War,’ Mr. Putin blasted American society and government… ‘The bear isn’t asking anyone for permission. The bear is considered a strong and very traditional animal… [but] will not surrender,’ Mr. Putin said…”

The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)

The Guardian wrote on October 28:

“Until the last moment Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, held out for 7 October, to coincide with Vladimir Putin’s birthday. But in the end the parliament in Minsk ratified the treaty on Eurasian Economic Union on 9 October, the day before its first three members – Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan – were due to meet.

“It would be simplistic to reduce the nascent EEU to a toy in the hands of the Russian president. When it comes into force, on 1 January 2015, it will be the most advanced organisation for regional cooperation the former Soviet bloc has seen…

“… [According to Putin] this organisation will be the equal of the EU and other major regional entities, a powerful bloc that will matter on the world stage. Its official formation is also intended to show the world that Russia has fully recovered, while crowning Putin’s efforts to pull together the states making up the post-Soviet sphere of influence. Those who deride the scheme see it as an attempt to restore the empire…

“Ukraine, with its population of 45 million, was supposed to play a key role in the EEU… Ukraine had to be punished, for wanting to move closer to Europe but also for refusing to join the EEU, after Yanukovych’s demise…”

More Russian Provocations and Europe’s Response

The Washington Post wrote on October 29:

“NATO said Wednesday that it had intercepted a large number of Russian aircraft flying close to European airspace in the past two days, in an ‘unusual’ series of incidents that brought Russian bombers as far afield as Portugal.

“The aircraft — at least 19 in all — offered reminders of Russian air power at a time of the worst relations between the West and Russia since the Cold War. Russian military aircraft have significantly increased their activity in Europe since the conflict in Ukraine began earlier this year, with NATO scrambling to intercept aircraft more than 100 times in 2014. But a NATO official said the scale of the latest incidents was the most provocative this year.

“Over the Atlantic Ocean and the North, Black and Baltic seas, Russian bombers, fighter jets and tanker aircraft were detected flying in international airspace, NATO said. There were no incursions into national airspace, a violation of sovereignty that would have significantly amplified the seriousness of the four incidents, three of which took place on Wednesday…

“U.S. officials regard the flights as a show of force by the Putin government… In at least one of the four incidents, the aircraft had switched off their transponders and had not filed flight plans with civilian air traffic controllers. That means that civilian air traffic control cannot track them, potentially creating a risk for civilian planes.

“That incident took place around 3:00 a.m. in Western Europe on Wednesday, when four Tu-95 long-range strategic nuclear bombers and four Il-78 tanker aircraft flew over the Norwegian Sea. Norwegian F-16 fighter jets scrambled to intercept them. Six of the planes returned to Russia, but two of the bombers skirted the Norwegian coast, flew past Britain — sending Typhoon fighter jets to scramble in response — and then finally looped west of Spain and Portugal, attracting Portuguese F-16s. Then the two bombers appeared to return to Russia…

“Fighter jets from Norway, Britain, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, Denmark, Finland and Sweden were involved in responding to the Russian aircraft… Finland and Sweden are not members of NATO, and they have long refrained from joining the defensive alliance, which was formed after World War II as a bulwark against the Soviet Union. But military incidents with Russia this year have caused both countries to start to reevaluate their positions…

“The incidents appear to have set European militaries on edge this week. British fighter jets were scrambled Wednesday to bring a civilian Antonov cargo jet into a London airport; it stopped responding to radio calls from air traffic controllers while flying over the British capital. That caused a supersonic boom that was audible across a large stretch of southeastern England.”

“The Weakest of US Presidents”

Newsmax wrote on October 23:

“President Barack Obama is ‘the weakest of U.S. presidents’ and his time in the White House has been ‘humiliating,’… said Ali Younesi, senior adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in comments coming as the United States is trying to persuade his country to join the international coalition fighting against the Islamic State. His words could also be a sign that the Rouhani regime does not intend to concede to the United States’ demands concerning Iran’s nuclear program… ‘Americans witnessed their greatest defeats in Obama’s era…’

“Younesi is not alone in his criticism of Obama, with even former members of the president’s staff… critiquing Obama’s leadership skills…

“Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iranian dissident and associate fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), told Free Beacon that Obama believes ‘by rewarding Iran and permitting it to do whatever it wants in the region, the mullahs in Tehran will be convinced to compromise.’ However, Iran now controls three Arab capitals, Damascus, Beirut, and Baghdad, he said, and its allies just captured a fourth one, Sana in Yemen. Further, Iran’s economy has improved significantly. ‘Unfortunately, it does not seem that the mullahs reached the conclusion desired by the administration,’ he said. ‘Iranians believe this administration is weak, it has lost its economic leverage over Iran and there is no credible military option on the table…”

Iran remains undeterred by American and Western “protests,” as can be seen by Iran’s hanging of a woman who killed a man for raping her.

Where Are the Real Alternatives?

Newsmax wrote on October 24:

“Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should by no means make a bid for the presidency in 2016 because ‘he had his chance and he blew it,’ says real estate mogul Donald Trump… Trump also expressed his disappointment with Romney’s performance in the final four weeks of the 2012 campaign against President Barack Obama… ‘That was an election that, frankly, should have been a much easier election than the probable 2016 candidate Hillary [Clinton]. That was an election that should have been won by the Republicans.’ …

“Meanwhile, a Washington Post/ABC News poll out earlier this week found that Romney had the highest support among likely voters of any potential 2016 candidate, with 21 percent. A Bloomberg/Des Moines Register poll last week showed that Romney would be the only potential GOP candidate who would beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Iowa in a hypothetical match-up.  Specifically, 44 percent of likely Iowa voters said they would support Romney, compared to 43 percent who said they would back Clinton.”

None of that sounds too appealing…

China Buys New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Bloomberg wrote on October 7:

“New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel is set to become the biggest prize yet for buyers from China who have been pouring money into U.S. real estate as they seek stable investments outside their country… The Waldorf deal follows such high-profile New York acquisitions as Shanghai-based Greenland Holding Group Inc.’s purchase this year of a 70 percent interest in the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn…

“Earlier last year, a group including Zhang Xin, co-founder of Shanghai’s Soho China Ltd., took a 40 percent stake in midtown Manhattan’s General Motors Building, one of New York’s most-valuable office towers… $1.4 billion deal was the largest Chinese purchase of a U.S. building before the pending Waldorf sale… Chinese investors will have bought $2.7 billion of New York-area real estate in 2014, topping last year’s $2.6 billion…”

The Bible prophesied that due to the nation’s sins, Americans will become the tail and foreigners the head.

The Death Toll of the American Air Strikes in Syria

The Washington Post wrote on October 24:

“The United States launched its first airstrikes on militants in Syria on Sept. 23, and has continued the onslaught since. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday that 533 people have been killed in airstrikes since they began. That group counted 32 civilian deaths, including six children and five women… The human rights organization said that the number of militants could be much higher.”

Apart from the fact that God condemns war, the death of just one innocent person (“casualty of war”) is one too many.

Crisis between USA and Israel

The Associated Press reported on October 25:

“A top Israeli minister says there is a ‘crisis’ in in the country’s relations with the United States that must be fixed. Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s comments Saturday came a day after U.S. officials said the Obama administration refused Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon’s requests to meet several top national security aides.

“The White House and the State Department rejected Israeli proposals for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Secretary of State John Kerry on his five-day trip to the United States. The administration is still miffed over negative comments Yaalon made about Kerry’s Mideast peace efforts and nuclear negotiations with Iran.”

More Turmoil in the Middle East

Al Arabiya News wrote on October 28:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Monday to keep building in all of Jerusalem, hours… after his government unveiled a plan to build 1,000 housing units in the eastern part of the city which the Palestinians demand for their future state… East Jerusalem is home to the city’s most sensitive Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites. Israel says the whole city will forever be its capital, citing historical, religious and security reasons. The international community, including the United States, does not recognize Israel’s annexation of the eastern sector of Jerusalem. The Palestinians seek it as their future capital and oppose any Israeli construction there…

“In an urgent letter sent to Washington on Sunday night, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Americans to intervene in what he termed as ‘Israeli escalation in East Jerusalem.’ Abbas warned that if Israel continued with its current measures, including proposals that would allow Jews to pray at the Temple Mount compound, it would lead to an eruption of violence that would spiral out of control…

“Meanwhile, Palestinian authorities have asked the U.N. Human Rights Council to appoint an impartial inquiry commission to investigate the death of eight Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of 2014… ‘We call on the U.N., the European Union and the United States to take immediate punitive actions so that Israel bears responsibility for the use of live weapons and the killing of Palestinian citizens,’ PLO member Hanan Ashrawi said.”

Israel Closes Temple Mount

The Times of Israel reported on October 30:

“Israel decided Wednesday night to prohibit access to the Temple Mount Thursday to both Muslims and Jews until further notice, following the shooting in Jerusalem of Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a right-wing activist with the Temple Mount Faithful… Right-wing activists, including some members of Knesset, had called to march on the Temple Mount en masse Thursday morning in response the shooting which left Glick in serious, but stable, condition.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for an increased police presence in Jerusalem, as security forces were on high alert across the country… Glick was shot three times outside the Jerusalem’s Begin Center following a conference about the Jewish presence on the Temple Mount. Police were still searching for the unidentified assailant who was wearing a helmet and was said to have fled the scene on a motorcycle.

“Glick had finished a speech at a conference at the Begin Center, entitled ‘Israel returns to the Temple Mount.’ Eyewitnesses said that after the event, a man with an Arabic accent approached Glick and asked him for his identity. The man then shot the victim, got on the motorcycle and fled…

“Housing Minister Uri Ariel, a proponent of a Jewish presence in east Jerusalem, said that the bullets fired at Glick ‘were aimed at all Jews who wish to pray on the Temple Mount,’ 24 news reported. He also demanded open Jewish access to the site in response… US-born Yehudah Glick, a resident of the West Bank settlement of Othniel, near Hebron, previously worked as the executive director of the Temple Institute, an organization that prepares vessels and garments for a future Jewish temple, before joining the Temple Mount Faithful…

“The shooting came amid weeks of rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem. Last week a Palestinian man drove a car into a crowded train platform located along the seam separating East and West Jerusalem, killing two. In the days following, Palestinians have clashed continuously with Israeli police in Arab neighborhoods of the capital. Israel responded to the rise in violence by increasing its police presence, deploying an additional 1,000 officers to the city. The shooting took place as diplomats convened a UN Security Council meeting to discuss the growing tensions in Jerusalem.”

Egypt Declares State of Emergency

Deutsche Welle reported on October 25:

“Egypt has declared a [three-month] state of emergency across much of the Sinai Peninsula [near the borders with Israel and the Gaza Strip] after a suicide car bombing that killed some 30 troops. A curfew was also introduced, while the border with the Gaza Strip was closed… [It] also ordered a three-hour curfew for the northern Sinai Peninsula, which has been plagued by Islamist violence…

“A decision was also taken to close the Rafah border crossing into the Gaza Strip, the only point of entry into the territory that is not controlled by Israel.”

Islamist Terrorist Attacks in Canada

Newsmax wrote on October 22, 2014

“A gunman attacked Canada’s parliament on Wednesday, with gunfire erupting near a room where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking, and a soldier was fatally shot at a nearby war memorial, jolting the Canadian capital. The gunman in the parliament building was shot dead, and Harper was safely removed…

“Two U.S. officials said U.S. agencies had been advised the suspect was a Canadian convert to Islam… It was unclear whether there was any connection between Wednesday’s shootings and an attack on Monday when a convert to Islam ran down two Canadian soldiers with his car, killing one, near Montreal, before being shot dead by police in the first fatal attack on Canadian soil tied to Islamic militants. Canada’s prime minister called the Ottawa shooting the country’s second terrorist attack in three days.”

The War Against Circumcision Continues in Israelite Countries

JTA wrote on October 22:

“A new poll indicates that 74 percent of Denmark’s citizens believe circumcision should be fully or partially banned… Two Danish parties favor a ban, while others are divided on the issue. Only 10 percent of the 1,000 people surveyed believed the decision should be left to parents… Sweden and Norway also are discussing circumcision bans. Earlier this year, Norway’s association of nurses urged the government to outlaw the procedure.”

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are part of the ancient House of Israel. 

Assault Against Religious Liberty

Newsmax wrote on October 15:

“The city of Houston has issued subpoenas to a group of pastors requesting any sermons they’ve written that cover the subject of homosexuality, gender identity, or mention of Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. The subpoenas came after pastors protested against Houston’s new non-discrimination ordinance that the city council passed in June which, among other clauses related to sexuality and gender identity, would allow men to use the ladies room and vice versa in an effort to protect transgender rights…

“Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, said in a statement he is ‘simply stunned by the sheer audacity’ of the subpoenas… Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the subpoenas, calling the move ‘shocking and shameful… For far too long, the federal government has led an assault against religious liberty, and now, sadly, my hometown of Houston is joining the fight,’ Cruz said in a statement. ‘This is wrong. It’s unbefitting of Texans, and it’s un-American. The government has no business asking pastors to turn over their sermons.’”

Newsmax added on October 25:

“Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s decision to issue subpoenas for sermons from the city’s Christian pastors was for ‘much larger political and constitutional stakes’ than just to coerce disclosure from the ministers, says Newt Gingrich… ‘The Mayor of Houston’s recent subpoena of sermons by Christian pastors in the country’s fourth largest city is a shocking violation of First Amendment rights to free speech and free exercise of religion,’ says Gingrich… ‘There is no clearer violation of First Amendment freedoms than for government officials to attempt to censor religious speech.’

“… there is an established strategy to paint protecting traditional moral values and ‘opposition to newly-invented sexual and gender identity rights’ as being malicious, says Gingrich. This was recently backed by the 2013 Supreme Court decision that invalidates the definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. ‘Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that the only purpose of those who supported this traditional definition of marriage was to “disparage,” “injure,” “degrade,” “demean,” and “humiliate” certain groups of fellow citizens,’ says Gingrich.”

We can expect more and more governmental intrusion into and assaults against religious liberty and the teaching of the Bible.

Francis Not a Valid Pope?

The Independent wrote on October 25:

“The Catholic Church is changing – and the gates of reaction shall not prevail against it… Can you be more Catholic than the Pope? The American arch-reactionary Pat Buchanan clearly thinks so. He has been lambasting Pope Francis for sowing ‘confusion among the faithful’ by refusing to defend ‘the unchanging truths of Catholicism’. Indeed, says the US Catholic paleo-conservative, the Pope may be ‘speaking heresy’, which would imply that Francis is ‘not a valid pope’.

“Yet how does this high-octane indignation square with widespread reports at the end of last week that a liberal Pope had been defeated by doctrinaire traditionalists in his attempts to make the Church more welcoming to gays and divorcees? The fortnight-long Extraordinary Synod on the Family ended with headlines like: ‘Pope snubbed’ and ‘Liberal Hopes Dashed’.

“The answer is that, as the dust settles, what has become clear is that, for all the hoo-ha made by conservative cardinals, the overall outcome has been a remarkable advance for those who want the Catholic Church to be more compassionate and inclusive. The vociferous minority who tried to box the Pope into a corner, on gays and divorcees who remarry, may have won one small battle. But they are losing the wider war…

“The truth is that this Synod was extraordinary in many ways. The story began last year when Pope Francis asked for a questionnaire to be sent out all around the world to find out what ordinary Catholics thought about the teachings of their church on a range of controversial issues like premarital sex, contraception, divorce, remarriage and same-sex relationships.

“This had never been done before. Indeed, previous popes made it clear that they did not want to know what the people in the pew thought. They should just pray, pay and obey. Next Pope Francis focused the agenda by inviting one of the Church’s major progressives, Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany, to make the case to his fellow cardinals for lifting Rome’s ban which forbids Catholics who have divorced and remarried from receiving Communion.

“Then, at the opening of the Synod, the Pope binned the approach of previous popes which discouraged debate, silenced theologians and suppressed dissent. Instead he announced he wanted a strong and vigorous debate. People should listen with humility but speak with clarity and boldness. There was to be no self-censorship by cardinals who feared their views might upset the Pope. This stood in stark contrast to previous synods where Vatican officials went round privately telling participants not to mention certain subjects.

“The Pope certainly got the frank debate he wanted. It was so open that, halfway through the synod, an interim report on the discussion between the 190 cardinals, bishops and others was described as a ‘pastoral earthquake’ because of its unprecedented language of welcome and appreciation for gay people, as well as remarried Catholics and cohabiting couples.

“It was immediately met by strong dissent from a conservative minority who felt their views were unrepresented in the interim report… The vehemence of the response had its impact. When the bishops came to vote on the gay and remarriage issues most voted in favour of a more compassionate approach. But the votes did not achieve the two-thirds majorities desired in synods. The media reported that as a defeat for Pope Francis.

“The reality was different. The way the Church governs itself has been significantly changed. Bishops are now openly discussing ideas for which they could have been investigated, censured, silenced or fired under previous papacies. And a growing number of reform-minded bishops voted against the final text because it was too conservative rather than too liberal. The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, said he did not vote for the final wording on gays because it did not include the words welcome, respect and value…

“Pope Francis will want to bring along the majority of people with his instincts for change. But he will continue to send out signals of his desire. He will continue to appoint bishops who share his vision… Change is coming in the Catholic Church. The blustering of an outraged conservative minority will not hold back the tide.”

Interestingly, conservative bishops say that it was just a small liberal minority who unsuccessfully advocated change regarding the hotly-contested issues of marriage, homosexuality and communion. See the next article.

Split in the Catholic Church?

Newsmax wrote on October 21:

“A leftist element within the Vatican was behind a controversial church document calling for liberal attitudes toward gays, divorce and remarriage, Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights [said]. The liberal bishops who wrote it made a calculated gamble that it would pick up steam when they flagrantly leaked it to the press, Donohue said… On Saturday, Catholic bishops — after a two-week meeting called a synod — passed a revised document that spells out the Roman Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality, marriage, divorce, and sex.

“The document was missing passages from a draft released earlier in the week that had a surprisingly liberal acceptance of gays, unwed Catholics who live together, and remarried divorcees who want to receive Holy Communion. Several gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups praised the earlier document, but some bishops then went public to blast the draft and insist the church was not changing…

“Donohue said there remains a split among top bishops about how the church should move forward on divorce and remarriage. ‘There’s no question. That’s the big split…’

“Donohue thinks the church will not waver on marriage [as being between a man and a woman]… After the revised document was released, Pope Francis said on Sunday that the Church should not be afraid of change and new challenges.”

Is a big split coming in the Catholic Church? 

Pope Adopts Big Bang and Evolution

Mail On Line reported on October 27:

“The Big Bang, which scientists believe led to the formation of the universe some 13.8billion years ago, was all part of God’s plan, Pope Francis has declared. The Pope said the scientific account of the beginning of the universe and the development of life through evolution are compatible with the Catholic Church’s vision of creation. He told a meeting of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Sciences: ‘The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it.’ But he said Christians should reject the idea that world came into being by chance.

“Likewise, evolution was all part of God’s plan, he explained… The Catholic Church no longer teaches creationism – the belief that God created the world in six days – and says that the account in the book of Genesis is an allegory for the way God created the world.”

Of course, the Pope is wrong… again. For more information, please read our free booklet, “Evolution—A Fairy Tale for Adults.”

“Demonic” Artificial Intelligence (AI) Our “Biggest Existential Threat”

The Independent wrote on October 26:

“Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has described artificial intelligence as a ‘demon’ and the ‘biggest existential threat there is’, in his latest dramatic statement about technology… The business magnate, inventor and investor, who is also CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and chairman of SolarCity, has warned about artificial intelligence before, which he believes could be more threatening than nuclear weapons…

“The ethical issues around AI were highlighted earlier this year when Google bought the British start-up DeepMind for $400 million (£242m). The London-based firm, founded by chess prodigy Demis Hassabis, specialises in algorithms and machine learning for e-commerce and games. But Mr Hassabis has also predicted that AI machines will learn ‘basic vision, basic sound processing, basic movement control, and basic language abilities’ by the end of the decade. Google has acquired a slew of robotics firms, including Boston Dynamics

“That purchase – Google’s largest European acquisition – came just months after it bought Boston Dynamics, a firm that produces life-like military robots. Google has reportedly set up an ‘ethics board’ in wake of the purchases but concerns remain.”

The article also sets forth several AI inventions which are already in operation:

“Lincor–A bedside computer that entertains patients while engaging them with relevant information and advice.

“SwiftKey–Understands the context of language and how words fit together.

“Celaton–Applies AI to labour-intensive clerical tasks.

“Darktrace–Uses advanced mathematics to detect abnormal behaviour in organisations instantly in order to manage risks from cyber attacks.”

The Washington Free Beacon added on October 27:

“Swarms of highly intelligent militarized robots are predicted to hit the battlefield in the near future and could spark a modern day arms race, according to a report released Monday by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Teams of interconnected robots will change the way America and other countries fight their wars, providing them with more range and the ability to conduct ‘suicidal missions’ without risk to living humans…

“The study predicts that in the very near future, advances in technology will allow ‘swarms of robotic systems’ to effect ‘dramatic, disruptive change to military operations’—and that the United States must significantly step up its focus on these technologies or risk losing its status as the world’s preeminent fighting force…

“While the United States and other major powers have made great advances in unmanned technologies—such as drones and other remotely piloted devices—the report predicts that global militaries will soon enter a race to perfect the tactic known as ‘swarming,’ in which droves of militarized robots act together on the battlefield…

“However, severe U.S. defense budget cuts known as sequestration threaten to stymie America’s investment into these critical new technologies and could leave the country vulnerable to enemies, according to the report… ‘the number of combat ships and aircraft in the U.S. inventory has steadily declined, even during periods of significant growth in defense spending. Today’s acute fiscal pressures only exacerbate these trends, forcing a crisis not only in military modernization and readiness, but also in the ability to field sufficient quantities to be relevant in future fights,’ the report warns.”

Ebola Airborne or Droplet Borne… or Both?

Newsmax wrote on October 14:

“No virus that causes disease in humans has ever been known to mutate to change its mode of transmission. This means it is highly unlikely that Ebola has mutated to become airborne. It is, however, droplet-borne — and the distinction between the two is crucial… Doctors mean something different from the public when they talk about a disease being airborne. To them, it means that the disease-causing germs are so small they can live dry, floating in the air for extended periods, thus capable of traveling from person to person at a distance. When inhaled, airborne germs make their way deep into the lungs.

“Chickenpox, measles and tuberculosis are airborne diseases. Droplets of mucus and other secretions from the nose, mouth and respiratory tract transmit other diseases, including influenza and smallpox. When someone coughs, sneezes or, in the case of Ebola, vomits, he releases a spray of secretions into the air. This makes the infection droplet-borne. Some hospital procedures, like placing a breathing tube down a patient’s air passage to help him breathe, may do the same thing.

“Droplet-borne germs can travel in these secretions to infect someone a few feet away, often through the eyes, nose or mouth. This may not seem like an important difference, but it has a big impact on how easily a germ spreads. Airborne diseases are far more transmittable than droplet-borne ones.”

Incurable worldwide disease epidemics will increase in these end times.

Weird Things About Halloween and Satanism

The Huffington Post wrote on October 24:

“You may already think that Halloween is a pretty bizarre holiday… Chances are you really have no idea just how weird Halloween truly is…

“Halloween’s origins come from a Celtic festival for the dead called ‘Samhain.’ Celts believed the ghosts of the dead roamed Earth on this holiday, so people would dress in costumes and leave ‘treats’ out on their front doors to appease the roaming spirits…

“According to ancient Roman records, tribes located in today’s Germany and France traditionally wore costumes of animal heads and skins to connect to spirits of the dead. This tradition continued into modern day celebrations of Samhain, the Celtic holiday that inspired Halloween in America. On this day, merry-makers often dressed as evil spirits simply by blackening their faces. The leader of the Samhain parades wore a white sheet and carried a wooden horse head or a decorated horse skull… Young people also celebrated by cross-dressing…

“The jack-o’-lantern comes from an old Irish tale about a man named Stingy Jack. According to folklore, Stingy Jack was out getting sloshed with the Devil when Jack convinced his drinking partner to turn himself into a coin to pay for the drinks without spending money. Jack then put the Devil, shaped like a coin, into his pocket, which also contained a silver cross that kept the Devil from transforming back. Jack promised to free the Devil as long as the Devil wouldn’t bother him for a year, and if he died, the Devil could never claim his soul. Jack tricked the Devil again later, getting him to pick a piece of fruit out of a tree and then carving a cross into the bark when the Devil was in the branches. This trick bought Jack another 10 years of devil-free living.

“When Jack finally died, God decided he wasn’t fit for heaven, but the Devil had promised never to claim his soul for hell. So Jack was sent off to roam Earth with only a burning coal for light. He put the coal into a turnip as a lantern, and Stingy Jack became ‘Jack of the Lantern’ or ‘Jack o’ Lantern.’ Based on this myth, the Irish carved scary faces into turnips, beets and potatoes to scare away Stingy Jack or any other spirits of the night…

“Studies have shown that Halloween actually makes kids act more evil… putting costume-wearing kids into groups and introducing a clear object of desire, such as candy, has been shown to lead to ‘deindividuation.’ This psychological term explains what happens when a group of maturing young minds begins to care less about the consequences of their individual actions, leading them to do things that they might not do alone.

“One study in particular found that unsupervised costumed children in groups were far more likely to steal candy and money than both non-costumed kids and children not in a group…”

Halloween is a demonically-inspired and Satan-worshipping festival. True Christians must have NOTHING to do with it. Note also the following article by the Huntington Post, dated September 19:

“Have you ever wondered what a Satanic children’s coloring book might look like? Well, thanks to the great state of Florida you can now know for certain. Behold, the ‘The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities,’ a coloring book that is being disseminated across Orange County public schools… The details: A Christian group received permission to distribute Bibles and other religious materials to their students, leading atheist groups to appeal for an equal opportunity. It wasn’t long before the Satanic community hopped on board as well.

“‘If a public school board is going to allow religious pamphlets and full Bibles to be distributed to students — as is the case in Orange County, Florida — we think the responsible thing to do is to ensure that these students are given access to a variety of differing religious opinions, as opposed to standing idly by while one religious voice dominates the discourse and delivers propaganda to youth,’ the Satanic Temple’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, explained in a statement. ‘I am quite certain that all of the children in these Florida schools are already aware of the Christian religion and it’s Bible, and this might be the first exposure these children have to the actual practice of Satanism. We think many students will be very curious to see what we offer.’”

We hope and pray that parents and schools will be intelligent enough NOT to have curious children and young pupils try to find out anything related to the damnable curse of Satanism. 

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