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The Fear of Nuclear War

The Economist wrote on March 7:

“Every nuclear power is spending lavishly to upgrade its atomic arsenal… Russia’s defence budget has grown by over 50% since 2007, and fully a third of it is devoted to nuclear weapons… China… is adding to its stocks and investing heavily in submarines and mobile missile batteries. Pakistan is amassing dozens of battlefield nukes to make up for its inferiority to India in conventional forces. North Korea is thought to be capable of adding a warhead a year to its stock of around ten, and is working on missiles that can strike the west coast of the United States…

“[Obama] has asked Congress for almost $350 billion to undertake a decade-long programme of modernisation of America’s arsenal… Dmitry Kiselev, one of the Kremlin’s mouthpieces, has declared with relish that Russian nuclear forces could turn America into ‘radioactive ash’… the murder of Boris Nemtsov, an opposition leader, on the Kremlin’s doorstep on February 27th was only the latest sign that Mr Putin’s Russia is heading into the geopolitical badlands… First in Georgia and now in Ukraine, Russia has shown it will escalate to extremes to assert its hold over its neighbours and convince the West that intervention is pointless…”

The Bible does not predict a nuclear confrontation between the USA and Russia or China, but it does prophesy a nuclear war between the USA and continental Europe.

North Korea Threatens With Nuclear War

Newsmax reported on March 4:

“South Korea and the United States rejected an offer from North Korea on Jan. 10 that Pyongyang would temporarily stop its nuclear testing if the U.S. canceled this year’s exercise scheduled for this month… ‘The prevailing situation where a great war for national reunification is at hand requires all the Korean People’s Army units to become guard units fully prepared for war politically and ideologically, in military technique and materially,’ [North Korean leader Kim Jong-un] said, according to the Korean Central News Agency…

“Kim told North Korea’s military that he wanted ‘to tear to pieces the Stars and Stripes’ and threatened that America was vulnerable to a nuclear attack from his country, according to Daily Mail. ‘The U.S. is seriously mistaken if it thinks its mainland is safe,’ said Kim.

“The Daily Mail reported that Kim’s comments come shortly after the U.S. government took another step in imposing new sanctions on North Korea’s banks, blocking their access to hard cash.”

One might want to dismiss these comments as political hyperbole, but Kim is a ruthless murderous leader, and North Korea does possess the bomb.

USA Dependent on Iran?

The New York Times wrote on March 5:

“At a time when President Obama is under political pressure from congressional Republicans over negotiations to rein in Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, a startling paradox has emerged: Mr. Obama is becoming increasingly dependent on Iranian fighters as he tries to contain the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria without committing American ground troops…

“‘The only way in which the Obama administration can credibly stick with its strategy is by implicitly assuming that the Iranians will carry most of the weight and win the battles on the ground,’ said Vali R. Nasr, a former special adviser to Mr. Obama who is now dean of the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too — the U.S. strategy in Iraq has been successful so far largely because of Iran.’… the closer the United States appears to get to Iran, the more fretful Sunni Arab allies become.”

America’s “strategy” is predestined to failure, but it is also very dangerous for its own national security.

Iran Letter Causes Stir

Breitbart wrote on March 10:

“Democrats are pushing back against the letter, circulated by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and signed by 47 Senators in all [out of the Senate’s 54 GOP members], that warns the Iranian regime that any deal it signs with President Barack Obama could be voided by the next president if it is not ratified by the Senate under the U.S. Constitution…

“It is certainly unusual to have Senators approach foreign leaders, as Cotton and his colleagues did in tongue-in-cheek fashion, to fight what is a domestic policy dispute. But it is not unheard of for Congress to strike an independent posture on foreign policy–as Democrats did, to their disgrace, in coddling Syria after 2006–and in this case the Senators have no other choice. Obama has refused to listen to Congress on foreign policy–or, in the case of Cuba, even to keep it informed.

“The brilliance of the Cotton letter is that it has forced Obama to admit openly what he had only hinted at indirectly before–that he has no intention of submitting any Iran agreement to Congress for ratification–or even for review. That admission exposes the fact that Obama no longer, in any meaningful sense, represents the United States at the negotiating table… A freshman Senator has beaten the president.”

Newsmax added on March 10:

“[President] Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats excoriated the letter’s authors Monday, saying Republican leaders were reaching out to a U.S. adversary to try to undermine the president. The front page of the New York Daily News Tuesday put images of Cotton and other Senate Republicans with the headline ‘Traitors.’

“Asked whether the signatories were traitors, Cotton replied negatively and said they were just trying to speak for the American people… ‘This letter, in the guise of a constitutional lesson, ignores two centuries of precedent and threatens to undermine the ability of any future American president, whether Democrat or Republican, to negotiate with other nations on behalf of the United States,’ Biden said in a statement Monday.

“Cotton shot back Tuesday. ‘Joe Biden, as Barack Obama’s own secretary of defense has said, has been wrong about nearly every major foreign policy and national security decision in the last 40 years,’ he said.

“The back-and-forth between Republicans in Congress and the White House comes as the Obama administration faces an end-of- month deadline on a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program. Obama and White House officials have said the likelihood of reaching a deal is no more than 50 percent.”

As the previous article points out, Joe Biden has also been wrong with his “historic” statement. And the left-wing media should be very careful before they libel others by calling them traitors.

Deutsche Welle reported on March 13:

“[German Foreign Minister] Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned that Republican efforts to undermine an Iran nuclear deal are unhelpful. Senior US Senator John McCain blasted Germany’s visiting foreign minister…

“McCain accused Steinmeier of being in the ‘Neville Chamberlain school of diplomacy; when it came to Ukraine, referring to the former British prime minister considered to have appeased Adolf Hitler in the run-up to the Second World War. ‘The foreign minister of Germany is the same guy that refuses – and his government – to enact any restrictions on the behavior of Vladimir Putin, who is slaughtering Ukrainians as we speak,’ McCain told reporters. ‘He doesn’t have any credibility in any way to me.’”

Israelis Don’t Trust Obama

The Jewish Daily Forward reported on March 8:

“The paradox that Israelis rely on — and expect — American support and yet don’t trust American judgment on Middle Eastern affairs helps explain the recent U.S.-Israel dustup in Washington. On March 3, that clash reached its climax when Netanyahu appeared before a joint meeting of Congress to warn the assembled lawmakers against their own president’s negotiations, together with other countries, with Iran ahead of a possible deal on that country’s nuclear program.

“Israelis were split on the value of Netanyahu’s trip to Washington, which was widely seen as a play to the prime minister’s right-wing base before the March 17 election. But most Israelis were in agreement about their premier’s message. About three-quarters of Israelis ‘don’t trust Obama to be a reliable ally and to deal effectively with the Iranian nuclear threat’ said Eytan Gilboa, a senior researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. That opinion was evident on the Israeli street the day of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress… many Israelis fundamentally disagree with what they take to be the American approach, especially when it comes to the Iranians…”

Dershowitz: “Obama Totally Misled the American People” over Iran

Newsmax wrote on March 4:

“President Barack Obama ‘totally misled the American people’ by saying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his Tuesday address to a joint session of Congress, presented no new ideas about striking a deal with Iran over nuclear weapons, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Wednesday…

“‘His proposal, and it’s a very sound one, is that the sunset provision doesn’t kick in unless Iran does three things — it has to stop being the world’s greatest exporter of terrorism, it has to stop bullying neighboring countries like Syria and Lebanon, and it has to stop calling for the destruction of Israel. That’s new, Mr. President and you have an obligation to respond to that instead of name-calling and invoking protocol…’”

Hillary Clinton Has Some Explaining to Do Over Email Controversy

Real Clear Politics wrote on March 6, 2015:

“In 2007, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denounced the Bush administration practice of hiding official correspondence from the public using private email servers… ‘You know our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, about the secret military tribunals, we know about the secret White House email accounts.’”

The gatewaypundit added the following on March 5, 2015:

“Two years later, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton set up a secret email account and secret servers in her basement for all of her official business.”

CBS reported on March 10:

“Hillary Clinton is finally breaking her silence about the email controversy surrounding her. Following a speech at the United Nations Tuesday afternoon, Clinton told reporters she ‘opted for convenience’ for only using her private email address while at the State Department because she wanted to use one device for both her personal and work emails… The former secretary of state said it ‘would’ve been better’ to use an official government email…

“Clinton added that she deleted all of her personal emails from her private account of the more than 60,000 emails in total that were sent and received. About half of them were personal emails, she said. Some of those emails pertained to her daughter Chelsea’s wedding, her mother’s funeral arrangements, and her yoga routine…

“The White House has said that President Barack Obama learned only recently that Clinton was using a privately run server for emailing during her tenure and that she was using private email for all official business. He was aware of the account’s existence before because the two had exchanged emails using it. Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, said Clinton should turn the server itself over to an ‘independent arbiter’…

“Clinton is under scrutiny over whether she fully complied with federal laws requiring government officials to preserve written communications involving official business. By using her own email server, traced to an Internet connection registered to her hometown in Chappaqua, New York, she gained more control over her email than she would have had using a government server… Last week, Clinton said in a Twitter message that she wanted her emails released by the State Department as soon as possible — but did not address why she does not put them out herself…”

On March 10, The Washington Post gave Democrats “three Pinocchios” for their “misleading spin” and attempts to defend Hillary Clinton’s conduct, stating: “… this common defense among her supporters is used to deflect the central issue: that Clinton exclusively used a personal account, and did not provide records until she was requested to, after she left office. That is the most relevant point, so the Democrats earn Three Pinocchios.”

Ben Carson’s Gay Remarks … and Then “Apologizes” and “Backtracks”

Newsmax reported on March 4:

“Tea party Republican and potential 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that being gay is a choice, an example being straight people who emerge from prison as homosexuals. During a discussion about same-sex marriage rights, Cuomo asked Carson if, as with slavery, gay marriage needed to be corrected in the Constitution as a form of equal protection. Carson replied that there’s no comparison between the two. ‘You can’t just say because it happened that way this time, this is the same situation, it’s not the same situation,’ he said, ‘because people have no control over their race, for instance.’

“Cuomo then asked if Carson believed people had control over their sexuality and if being gay was a choice. ‘Absolutely,’ said Carson…

“In 2013, Carson apologized for comments he made comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia when he said that marriage was ‘a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition.’…”

CNN reported on March 5:

“Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson apologized for commenting Wednesday that prisoners’ changes after they leave jail proves being gay is a choice, but said that the science is still murky on the issue. And then, in a radio appearance later Wednesday, he criticized CNN for airing the comments he’d made in an interview and said he won’t be addressing gay rights issues for the duration of his presidential campaign…

“He backtracked in a statement afterward, saying he ‘realized that my choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues. I do not pretend to know how every individual came to their sexual orientation. I regret that my words to express that concept were hurtful and divisive. For that I apologize unreservedly to all that were offended,’ he added.

“Carson referenced his medical education and his work at Johns Hopkins Hospital and asserted that the verdict is still out on whether people are born either gay or straight. ‘Some of our brightest minds have looked at this debate, and up until this point there have been no definitive studies that people are born into a specific sexuality,’ he said.”

We don’t care about the misled “brightest minds” of doctors and what they say. After all, the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. And the Bible is VERY clear in this issue: People are NOT born being gay. God demands that those who practice homosexuality must change if they want to be in God’s Kingdom. God calls the practice of homosexuality an abomination. In Old Testament Israel, they were killed. That totally excludes the notion that one is “born” that way.

We feel sorry for Ben Carson’s apologetic and cowardly stance. Ben Carson also recently advocated compulsory vaccinations and claimed erroneously that the pharmaceutical industry was not acting because of profit and financial gain.

Britain vs. Israel

The Washington Post wrote on March 4:

“British authorities have banned an Israeli government tourism ad because it appears to suggest that Jerusalem’s Old City, which is technically occupied Palestinian territory, is a part of Israel…

“Jerusalem’s Old City, a protected UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to shrines and temples that are sacred to all three biblical religions. Its status is the source of endless friction… A separate Palestinian state, as imagined in a long-stalled two-state solution, would make East Jerusalem its capital. But the expansion of Israeli settlements and housing blocks in the West Bank and areas of East Jerusalem has made that a distant reality.

“In a speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington on Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s ‘eternal, undivided capital’ – a wording that’s consistent with his long-standing rhetoric. European frustration has been mounting with Netanyahu’s government, which many critics accuse of undermining the prospect of a two-state solution.”

In the Millennium, Jerusalem WILL BE the undivided capital not just of Israel, but of the entire world, when Jesus Christ sits on the throne of David in Jerusalem.

Insane ISIS on a Rampage

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 6:

“‘Islamic State’ fighters have looted and bulldozed the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in Northern Iraq. UNESCO condemned this act of destruction as a war crime… The extremist fighters ‘assaulted the ancient city of Nimrud and bulldozed it with heavy machinery, appropriating the archeological attractions dating back 13 centuries BC,’ Iraq’s tourism and antiquities ministry said…

“The destruction of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud in northern Iraq, about 20 miles (30 km) south of Mosul, is the latest assault on some of the world’s greatest archaeological treasures committed by the terrorist group.”

Russia’s “Investigation” of Its Murders

The Associated Press reported on March 7:

“Two suspects have been detained in the killing a week ago of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, the head of Russia’s federal security service said Saturday, an announcement received with both skepticism and reserved satisfaction by some of Nemtsov’s comrades… Suspicion in the opposition is high that the killing was ordered by the Kremlin in retaliation for Nemtsov’s adamant criticism of President Vladimir Putin. The 55-year-old was working on a report about Russian military involvement in the eastern Ukraine conflict… Many believe that Nemtsov’s death in a tightly secured area near the Kremlin wouldn’t have been possible without official involvement, and could be an attempt to scare other government foes…

“In some previous killings of Kremlin critics, especially the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya in 2006, there has been wide criticism that those who ordered the killing have not been identified or prosecuted…”

Bild Online reported on March 7 that Boris Nemtsov stated in an interview in March 2012 that Putin would be behind any killings of any opposition leaders, stating that Putin admitted to him that that was his plan. He said that if a high-ranking KGB man says something like this–and if one was in the KGB, one is always in the KGB –then this means that he was planning such murders. Bild also stated that world-renown Russian violist Gidon Kremer wrote to “Bayrischen Rundfunk” (a German TV news agency) that the death of an opposition leader is never “accidental” or a “provocation.” It was also emphasized that leads to the Kremlin are not even considered in the “investigation.” Experts doubt that an independent investigation is even possible under the influence of the Kremlin. Bild concluded that Nemtsov’s murder would not be the first murder of Kremlin opponents which will not be solved.

On March 6, Die Zeit published a revealing interview with Putin opponent Yuri Felshtinsky who expressed his conviction that Putin, whom he compared with Hitler, ordered Nemtsov’s execution. To learn more about the basis for his comments, watch Norbert Link’s recent video-taped message, “Russia and Iran in Prophecy.”

Nemtsov’s Murderers Caught?—Utter Nonsense!

Reuters wrote on March 9:

“Suggestions that Russian politician Boris Nemtsov was killed by Chechen Islamists are nonsense designed to deflect suspicion from President Vladimir Putin, associates of the slain opposition figure said on Monday. Investigators have charged two men, including a former Chechen police official, over the shooting of Nemtsov within sight of the Kremlin walls on Feb. 27. Three more men have been arrested, and another blew himself up late on Saturday as police in Chechnya tried to detain him, Russian media said.

“Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov [a fierce loyalist of Putin and one of his puppets who received a state award from Putin on Monday, March 9, which is bestowed for achievements in public service] said the charged ex-policeman, Zaur Dadayev, was a pious Muslim who had been angered by publication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Nemtsov had condemned an attack on Charlie Hebdo in which Islamist militants killed 12 people in January. But friends reject this as a motive, saying they do not believe Islamist gunmen acting alone could have shot him dead in one of the most closely guarded areas of central Moscow unless they had powerful and well-connected backers.

“These associates believe it was Putin who stood to gain from his killing, though Russian officials have denied involvement and the president has called it a shameful tragedy. [Putin’s Russia also denied initially that they were involved in annexing Crimea, and they are still denying that they are supporting the rebels in Eastern Ukraine.]…

“Dadayev and four other suspects, all ethnic Chechens, appeared in a Moscow court on Sunday… Dadayev’s mother told Reuters her son could not have killed Nemtsov, and was being set up…”

This theory by the Kremlin makes no sense, and one would have thought that even Putin and his supporters would have come up with a better theory. Dadayev had served for many years as a policeman in Chechnya. As the Washington Post reported, “Kadyrov, a Moscow ally who has led the Chechen Republic since 2007, has been widely criticized for a crackdown on dissent. But he has been lauded by Putin for his support in battling Islamist separatists in the region.” The Associated Press reported on March 9 that Putin granted the medal to Kadyrov for “services to the motherland,” giving it to “a man British police say poisoned former security services agent Alexander Litvinenko.”

Anti-Americanism in Russia

Newsmax reported on March 9:

“Russia’s anti-American sentiment is at levels not seen at any time since the Stalin era… and a new study reveals that more than 80 percent of Russians hold a negative view of the United States. The country’s indignation has been growing for some time… and was further stoked after rumors started concerning the assassination of Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Conspiracy theorists have been saying that he was killed through the CIA in a plot to discredit Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin….

“Already, efforts are being made in Russia to move away from Western brands of clothing, soft drinks and more. And news of sanctions and rumors of conspiracies that blame Washington for unrest in Ukraine and Russia is further stoking Russians’ anger… U.S.-led sanctions have helped push the Russian economy toward recession, further souring relations, and the anger could grow if Obama decides to send weapons to the Ukrainian military… And with Russia’s national television channels, where 90 percent of the country’s residents get their news, spreading more anti-Washington reports, anti-American sentiment is continuing to grow even stronger…

“Evidence of the dislike ranges from Crimean coffee shops that are not serving Americans to an instance where activists projected racially insulting images of Obama eating a banana onto the side wall of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow… Western diplomats are saying that they are being blocked from speaking engagements, and Russians who work for Western-based companies say their friends and neighbors are questioning their patriotism.

“McDonald’s, once popular for its connections to the West, saw some of its most prominent restaurants closed in the fall for health violations… When they reopened, the company launched an advertising campaign emphasizing its 25-year history in Russia, including a billboard in Moscow that proclaims McDonald’s products are ‘made in Russia, for Russians.’”

No German Trust in Russia

The Local wrote on March 6:

“A new poll showed on Friday that only 15 percent of Germans think Russia is a trustworthy partner in international affairs. Meanwhile, 81 percent told pollsters… that Russia was ‘not to be trusted’… Asked specifically about the Minsk ceasefire agreement for Ukraine, hammered out with President Vladimir Putin of Russia by Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of France and Ukraine, only 13 percent of people thought it would lead to peace.

“Reuters reported on Thursday that Russia will conduct large-scale military exercises expected to last over a month in disputed border territories, including the Crimean peninsula – a part of Ukraine annexed by Moscow last year.”

The German mood against Russia is interesting in light of the German government’s idle attempts to strike deals with Russia.

A European Army

The Guardian wrote on March 8:

“Jean-Claude Juncker, the former prime minister of Luxembourg, told a German newspaper that having an army would solve the problem of the EU’s foreign policy not being taken seriously. The European Union needs its own army to help address the problem that it is not ‘taken entirely seriously’ as an international force, the president of the European commission has said. Jean-Claude Juncker said such a move would help the EU to persuade Russia that it was serious about defending its values in the face of the threat posed by Moscow.

“However, his proposal was immediately rejected by the British government, which said that there was ‘no prospect’ of the UK agreeing to the creation of an EU army… In the past David Cameron, the British prime minister, has blocked moves to create EU-controlled military forces…

“But in Germany, Ursula von der Leyen, the defence minister, said in a statement that ‘our future as Europeans will one day be a European army’, although she added ‘not in the short term’. She said such a move would ‘strengthen Europe’s security’… Norbert Röttgen, head of the German parliament’s foreign policy committee, said having an EU army was ‘a European vision whose time has come’…”

The Financial Times added on March 8:

“Large member states are split over the idea of an EU army, with the proposals being cautiously welcomed by many senior German politicians but repeatedly dismissed outright by a succession of British governments… Mr Juncker… has long argued for the establishment of an EU force, making it part of his foreign policy plan during the selection process for the presidency of the commission in 2014…

“Mr Cameron has repeatedly reassured eurosceptic MPs in his own party that Britain would ‘never support’ any form of EU army…

“Mr Juncker said an EU army would ‘help us to develop a common foreign and security policy, and to fulfil Europe’s responsibilities in the world’. Nato was not a sufficient protection for the EU as not all EU members are part of the alliance, according to Mr Juncker.” added on March 8:

“Having specifically aimed his call for a unified European Army at ‘reacting credibly to show Russia that Europe is serious about defending its values,’ it is no surprise that Russia has responded to Jean-Claude Juncker’s statements. As TASS reports, first deputy chairman of the United Russia faction in the State Duma, Frants Klintsevich, told the media on Sunday that ‘in the nuclear age extra armies do not provide any additional security. But they surely can play a provocative role,’ adding it was regrettable that such ideas had already met with some support…

“The Germans are all for it…”

German news magazines also reported that Angela Merkel (CDU) and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD), as well as the opposition party of The Greens, supported the idea of a European army. All said that it will not happen soon and that there is still a long way to go. It may happen sooner than many anticipate, but Britain won’t be a part of it.

German Hysteria against Measles “Outbreak”

Deutsche Welle wrote on March 6:

“A measles outbreak in Berlin… has provoked new calls for vaccination against measles and other preventable diseases to be made compulsory in Germany. According to a survey commissioned this week by public service broadcaster ARD, 72 percent of Germans are in favor of compulsory vaccination. The official German pediatric association, the BVKJ, on Friday reiterated its demand for parents to be required by law to have their children vaccinated… He pointed out that vaccination was not only there to protect the person being inoculated, but also children who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons, such as young babies and children with congenital or acquired immune deficiencies.”

This shows how an ill-informed media can influence the opinion of others and lead to unfounded or even dangerous and life-threatening decisions. Note the next article.

Americans Beware—Violent Persecution in Pakistan over Dangerous Polio Vaccines

On March 7, reported the following eye-opening piece on its website, showing where hysteria and irresponsible propaganda can lead:

“The Guardian is reporting that health officials in Pakistan are arresting and throwing into jail hundreds of parents who refuse to allow their children to receive the oral polio vaccine. These health officials are forcing children to receive the vaccine at gunpoint…

“Last year (2014) polio made headline news because the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it was now an ‘epidemic’ in certain parts of the world, and Pakistan was claimed to be an area especially hard hit. As usual, ‘anti-vaccine parents’ were blamed for this world-wide ‘epidemic.’

“So how bad was this polio ‘epidemic’ that WHO declared in 2014? In May of 2014, when they made the announcement which was carried as headline news in most U.S. mainstream media outlets, there had been 74 cases – in the ENTIRE WORLD. 59 of those cases were in Pakistan at the time. Today, as of Feb. 25, 2015, there have been 10 cases so far worldwide, but 9 of those are in Pakistan…

“One must ask: Who is actually profiting from this?

“UNICEF, which partners with WHO for global vaccine purchases and distribution, is one of the largest purchasers of vaccines for worldwide distribution. In 2013, for example, they purchased 1.7 billion doses of the live oral polio vaccine to administer to children under the age of 5. The oral polio vaccine is so dangerous that it is no longer used in developed countries like the U.S. But, it is mandated, purchased, and distributed in poor countries.

“The real tragedy with the live oral polio vaccines is that they can cause the very thing they are supposed to be preventing: polio. Both ‘vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis’ and ‘non-polio acute flaccid paralysis’ are known side effects of the live oral polio vaccine. It sheds the virus from the vaccine through feces and into sewers and sanitation systems. India recently achieved its ‘polio-free’ status, but at the cost of tens of thousands of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis cases each year.

“Doctors and researchers who understand the dangers and risks of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) have been calling for an end to this terrible vaccine for years now… Outbreaks of polio in China, Egypt, Haiti, Madagascar, and the Philippines caused by circulating, neurovirulent vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) demonstrate that these revertent strains are fully transmissible and pose significant population risks…

“The pro-pharma western media in places like the U.S. like to paint vaccine-dissenters in places like Pakistan as ignorant, poor people who need to be forced into a vaccination program against their will for the ‘greater good’ of society. However, is this actually true? Just as is the case in the U.S., researchers and health professionals are not unified in their views on vaccination policies…

“Could we see armed health officials roaming the streets of cities in the U.S. forcing children to be vaccinated against the wishes of their parents at gunpoint? The rationale and the legal framework for such actions is actually already in place to do just that… the Department of Homeland Security is quietly stockpiling billions of dollars worth of experimental vaccines to presumably use in the case of a ‘national emergency.’ The U.S. government has broad powers granted to them to force people to receive these vaccines by declaring an ‘epidemic’ or ‘national emergency.’

“All across the U.S. local state legislators and health officials are moving to take away the right to informed consent regarding vaccines for children. If Americans don’t wake up soon, whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, and stop this rush to take away individual rights and liberties, it may not be long before [what occurs in Pakistan these days] represents what is happening in the streets of America, with thousands of parents being arrested and thrown into jail for refusing to comply with mass vaccination programs…”

This conclusion might appear far-fetched, but given the systematic attempts of the US government to deprive its citizens of liberty and freedom, we must say that stranger things have happened. Has this world and much of the medical profession and the entire pharmaceutical industry gone mad? Yes, indeed, mad and greedy and oblivious to or ignorant of the causes for human suffering, while being largely responsible, directly or indirectly, for more and more suffering and death. But this should surprise no one who knows the truth, because it is SATAN who is the god of this world, who pretends to be an angel of light, and who has deceived the whole world.

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