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To Be Like God / Since When Did God Know You?

On January 27, 2024, Paul Niehoff will present the sermonette, titled, “To Be Like God” and Norbert Link will present the sermon, titled, “When Did God Know You? The live services are available, over video and audio, at http://eternalgod.org/live-services/ (12:30 pm

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The Evil of Lies

by Paul Niehoff (Australia)

I read an interesting quote recently: “One of the greatest challenges each society faces is deciding what constitutes ‘truth.’ Whoever holds that power wields enormous influence and steers the direction of that society for better or for worse. For centuries, ‘truth’ was delegated to the ruling institutions of the time, and hence truth was simply the narrative which conformed to their interests.” These ruling institutions of the various times could be the king, the government or the religious leaders of the day.

Of course, this “truth” was usually far removed from God’s truth and was more than likely inspired by Satan, who we know is a liar. And currently, he is the ruler of this world or the god of this age (refer John 14:30, John 16:11 and 2 Corinthians 4:4). So today, we live in a world with many lies.

Some of these lies may have small immediate consequences, but some are quite deadly. A couple of these lies with deadly consequences come to mind readily. The most recent are statements about the Covid vaccines, that they are safe and effective. This narrative was proclaimed from all official sources basically in unison around the world. As has been shown over the past few years, many thousands have died from these vaccines and many more have been seriously injured. As it also has been discovered, any effectiveness these vaccines had wears off very quickly and makes their recipients more likely to suffer from the current virus or even other illnesses. Those doctors who saved lives with early treatment for Covid were censured because they were going against the narrative (the official “truth”). Some lost their medical license and received fines for going against the government directive that certain early treatments were not allowed.

Another lie we heard in 2003, was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they were developing nuclear weapons. This lie was spread so that the U.S. and some allies had a reason to go to war. When the U.S. military invaded Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction were found, neither was there any evidence that nuclear weapons were being developed. In fact, some intelligence agencies knew beforehand that this was a lie, but they were ignored. However, this lie resulted in the death of over two hundred and eighty thousand Iraqi citizens and thousands of US troops.

As it turned out, both of these lies resulted in vast profits for the medical and military industries, so they had a vested interest in pushing these lies. Certainly, this showed that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (refer to 1 Timothy 6:10).

In Proverbs 6:16-19, God lists things He hates. “These six things the LORD hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.” In this list, it is significant that lying is mentioned twice to reinforce its importance.

While this sin of lying has been extant over the millennia, it has been greatly enabled by the increased use of technology in this modern age. The use of Artificial Intelligence will further aid the dissemination of lies in the future. It will be more difficult to discern between lies and the truth.

The only hope this world has is for Jesus Christ to return as the king of the earth. So, what will be the ultimate fate of liars? Revelation 21:8 informs us, “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, idolater, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstones, which is the second death.”

Revelation 22:14-15 reinforces this: “Blessed are those who do His commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter through the gates into the city. But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.”

We must be striving in our own lives to avoid lies, and constantly be praying earnestly, “Thy kingdom come,” when God’s truth alone will be lived by.

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by Norbert Link

We begin with interesting revelations as to the reason for the October 7 attack on Israel and continue with Netanyahu contradicting Biden’s statement; publish articles about the Houthis and Biden’s war on Yemen which has been viewed to be unconstitutional; speak on another controversial decision by the US Supreme Court; arbitrary prohibitions regarding raw milk, medical marijuana, cigarettes and excessive alcohol consumption; and quote from an article by Boris Johnson concluding that the world needs Trump, and some speculation as to whether Tucker Carlson might be a contender for Vice President. We also report on Trump’s victory in New Hampshire.

We report on Germany’s detention of Arnold Schwarzenegger; the feeling that Germany is committing national suicide; that it must become “war-ready”; and that it fudges the math on Ukraine and NATO. We continue with Germany’s dubious treatment of the populist party AfD and mass demonstrations by leftist activists. Please view our new StandingWatch program in this regard, titled, “Why Germany’s Disaster Is Important For YOU!”

We conclude with an article claiming that Europe is becoming an anti-democratic empire and the perception that Brits are unwilling to fight for their country.

Throughout this section, we have underlined pertinent statements in the quoted articles, for the convenience and quick overview of the reader.

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October 7 Attack Because of Red Heifer?

WND wrote on January 18:

“While political experts worldwide pontificate on the war in Gaza, most have overlooked Hamas’ explicitly stated reason for its Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, revealed on Day 100 of the war. Incredibly, according to the terror group’s military spokesman, it has to do with attempting to prevent the ‘ceremony of the Red Heifer’ – a mysterious event of great meaning to both Jews and Christians…

“‘We look back 100 days to remember the educated, the complicit, and the incapacitated among the world powers governed by the law of the jungle, reminding them of an aggression that reached its peak against our path (Al-Quds) and Al-Aqsa, with the start of its actual temporal and spatial division, and the ‘bringing of red cows’ as an application of a detestable religious myth designed for aggression against the feelings of an entire nation in the heart of its Arab identity, and the path of its prophet (the Night Journey) and Ascension to heaven.’

“The ‘red cows’ referred to by the Hamas leader were five red female calves brought to Israel in September 2022 by Boneh Israel, an organization that connects Christian lovers of Israel to the Holy Land, working under the auspices of the Temple Institute, an organization in Israel focusing on establishing the Third Temple

“After the announcement of the arrival of the cows last year, Hamas reacted almost immediately, warning that the potential Jewish ritual posed a threat to Al Aqsa… According to Jewish tradition, there have been nine red heifers since the mitzvah was given at Mount Sinai and the tenth red heifer will be used in the era of the Messiah…  According to Jewish tradition, there will be only 10 red heifers in human history, with the 10th heifer ushering in the Messianic era…”

The Bible does not say anything about a tenth red heifer; nor, that it is necessary for the building of the Third Temple or the coming of the Messiah. Still, many Messianic Christians and Jews believe that it is.

Netanyahu Contradicts Biden

The Algemeiner wrote on January 20:

“U.S. President Joe Biden told reporters on Friday night that a two-state solution is possible with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, despite what the Israeli leader said publicly in recent days. The Israeli leader later issued a statement underscoring his opposition to a Palestinian state

“In regards to Biden’s comments on Netanyahu being open to a two-station solution, and how that might look like, the U.S. President said ‘there are a number of types of two-state solutions.’…

“Netanyahu’s office issued a statement clarifying the leader’s stance. ‘In his conversation last night with President Biden, Prime Minister Netanyahu repeated his consistent position for years, which he also expressed at a press conference the day before: after the elimination of Hamas, Israel must remain in full security control of the Gaza Strip to ensure that Gaza will no longer pose a threat to Israel, and this conflicts with the demand for Palestinian sovereignty.’’

Is Biden just making these things up?

Watch Yemen and the Houthis

EricMargolis.com published the following article on January 19:

“The first time I went to remote Yemen, this wild, mountainous nation was just creeping into the 7th Century AD. That was 45 years ago…  The ruler back in the day was a despot known to his less than loving subjects as ‘Ahmed the Devil.’ He liked to nail subjects who displeased him to the palace door.

“One of Yemen’s frequent civil wars was raging around the walled, medieval capital between royalists and Shia tribesmen. At dusk a ram’s horn would be blown and the city gates barred… Hardly anyone in Washington knows anything about Yemen except that it’s the southern tip of the remote Arabian Peninsula at the southern end of the Red Sea…

“American ‘experts’ scoff at the Houthis as mountain primitives… The US and Britain have been bombing Houthi tribesmen for seven years. This has only made them angrier. We also dismissed Afghanistan’s ‘backwards’ mountain warrior Pathans (Pashtuns) and look what happened – they whipped us.

“President Joe Biden, who never served in the military, should keep this in mind…”

America is about to create another Afghanistan or Vietnam for itself. Note the next article.

Biden’s Illegal and Unconstitutional Conduct

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano wrote on January 18 in the Ron Paul Institute:

“Last week, Biden used the U.S. Navy to attack militias in Yemen. He did so after learning that the militias had attacked non-American ships carrying goods and fuel destined for Israel… Yet, the questions arise: Can the president fight any war he wishes? Can Congress fund any war it chooses? Are there constitutional and legal requirements that must first be met before war is waged? Can the United States legally attack a country that is a member of the United Nations?

“These questions should be front and center in a debate over the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, Yemen, Africa, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria and wherever else U.S. troops are involved in hostilities. There has been no great debate. The media are mouthing what the CIA is telling them, and only a few websites and podcasts… are challenging the government’s reckless, immoral, illegal and unconstitutional wars.

“All power in the federal government comes from the Constitution and from no other source. Congress, however, has managed to extend its reach beyond the confines of the Constitution by giving money to the president and then looking the other way when he spends it. Congress cannot legally declare war on Gaza or Yemen or Russia, since there are no militarily grounded reasons for doing so. None of these countries poses a threat to American national security, and the U.S. has no treaty that triggers American military support to any ally implicated by those countries. But Congress spends money on wars nevertheless.

“Under the Constitution, only Congress can declare war on a nation or group. The last time it did so was to initiate American involvement in World War II. But Congress has given away limited authority to presidents and permitted them to fight undeclared wars. Examples of this are the unconstitutional War Powers Resolution of 1973 and President George W. Bush’s disastrous and criminal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Congress has not only not declared war on Yemen; it has not authorized the use of American military forces against it. Yet, Biden has inherited a blank check in the form of the Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2001. That unconstitutional legislation cedes Congress’ war-making powers to the president for the purpose of attacking any person or group involved in the 9/11 attacks. The 9/11 attacks? They were 22 years ago! They were, but all presidents since the younger Bush have claimed authority under this law to kill whomever they pleased in the Middle East.

“In Ukraine, Congress has only authorized weapons and cash to be sent to Ukraine, but Biden has sent troops as well. The U.S. involvement in Vietnam began the same way: no declaration of war, no authorization for the use of military force, yet a gradual buildup of American troops as advisers and instructors, and then a congressionally supported land war that saw half a million American troops deployed, 10% of whom came home in body bags.

“… The War Powers Resolution, which requires presidential notification to Congress of the use of American military force, is unconstitutional because it consists of Congress giving away one of its core functions — declaring war. The Supreme Court has characterized delegating away core constitutional functions as violative of the Constitution’s separation of powers. Stated differently, Congress cannot allow the president to do its job…

“The various treaties to which the U.S. is a party limit its war-making to that which is defensive, proportional and reasonable. So, if a foreign power is about to strike — like on 9/11, while the government slept — the president can strike first in order to protect the U.S. Beyond repelling an actual attack, the basis for war must be real, the adversary’s anti-U.S. military behavior must be grave, the objective of war must be clear and attainable, and the means must be proportionate to the threat.

“Have Russia or Yemen threatened the U.S.? No. What grave acts have they committed against the U.S.? None. What is Biden’s objective? His vision of [the] American empire. Does the Congress uphold the Constitution? Does the president? The answers are obvious…”

The acts by Congress and the President seem to be clearly unconstitutional.

Controversial Decision by the US Supreme Court

The Associated Press wrote on January 21:

“A divided Supreme Court on Monday allowed Border Patrol agents to cut razor wire that Texas installed on the U.S.-Mexico border, while a lawsuit over the wire continues. The justices, by a 5-4 vote, granted an emergency appeal from the Biden administration, which has been in an escalating standoff at the border with Texas and had objected to an appellate ruling in favor of the state… Abbott also has authorized installing floating barriers in the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass and allowed troopers to arrest and jail thousands of migrants on trespassing charges. The administration also is challenging those actions in federal court.

“A federal appeals court last month forced federal agents to stop cutting the concertina wire. Large numbers of migrants have crossed at Eagle Pass in recent months. In court papers, the administration said… that, in any case, federal immigration law trumps Texas’ own efforts to stem the flow of migrants into the country.

“Texas officials have argued that federal agents cut the wire to help groups crossing illegally through the river before taking them in for processing.

“Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor sided with the administration. Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas voted with Texas. No one provided any explanation for their vote.”

This is not the first time that Roberts, who has proven to be somewhat unpredictable, sided with the liberal wing of the US Supreme Court, and against the conservative wing. The consequence is, of course, that more and more migrants are entering the USA illegally.

Newsmax wrote on January 23:

“Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to temporarily let border patrol agents remove razor wire fencing that Texas officials placed along parts of [the] state’s border with Mexico, is vowing ‘this is not over.’

“Abbott made his comments… after justices granted a request by President Joe Biden’s administration to pause a lower court’s ruling that temporarily blocked federal agents from disturbing the fencing while litigation over the issue proceeds…

“Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton… wrote: ‘The Supreme Court’s temporary order allows Biden to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America. The destruction of Texas’s border barriers will not help enforce the law or keep American citizens safe. This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty.’”

Arbitrary Prohibitions

On January 22, 2024, Professor Laurence M. Vance wrote the following in the Ron Paul Institute:

“Forty-six states now allow the sale of raw milk, that is, unpasteurized milk, for human consumption… Only the states of Hawaii, Louisiana, Nevada, and Rhode Island prohibit the sale or distribution of raw milk. The states of Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming all relaxed raw dairy prohibitions in 2023.

“We are still far from food freedom in the United States: the right of any person to grow, raise, produce, buy, sell, share, and eat the foods they choose in the way they choose. But at least things are moving in the right direction. Proponents of raw milk maintain that pasteurization harms the nutritional value of milk, and that raw milk not only tastes better but prevents allergies, protects against skin conditions, and reduces the risk of asthma. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…, drinking raw milk can lead to serious illness…

“States have laws that restrict the sale of raw milk because of its supposedly adverse health consequences. And yet, any adult can go into any liquor store in any state and purchase as many bottles of liquor that he wants to and drink as much alcohol each day as he chooses until he is falling-down drunk as a skunk or passes out.

“The medical use of marijuana, beginning with California in 1996, has now been legalized in 38 states, the District of Columbia, and the other U.S. territories of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands…  We are still far from marijuana freedom in the United States, that is, the right of any person to buy, sell, grow, process, transport, advertise, use, or possess marijuana but at least things are moving in the right direction. Proponents of marijuana tout its effectiveness in treating nausea, loss of appetite, inflammation, chronic pain, seizures, spasms, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

“However, according to the CDC: Marijuana use directly affects the brain, specifically the parts of the brain responsible for memory, learning, attention, decision-making, coordination, emotion, and reaction time…

“States have laws that restrict the sale and use of marijuana because of its supposedly adverse health consequences. But any adult can go into a convenience store in any state and purchase as many packs of cigarettes that he wants to and smoke as many of those cigarettes each day as he chooses until he smokes like a chimney. Yet, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are much more dangerous and deadly than drinking raw milk and smoking marijuana.

“According to the CDC: Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States… More than 10 times as many U.S. citizens have died prematurely from cigarette smoking than have died in all the wars fought by the United States…

“And also according to the CDC: Excessive drinking both in the form of heavy drinking or binge drinking, is associated with numerous health problems…

“The fact that it is raw milk and marijuana that the state governments restrict or prohibit… shows just how arbitrary and nonsensical these restrictions and prohibitions are…”

The real reason why some products are prohibited while others are not, has to do with the incredible and unhealthy influence of lobbyists, such as the medical and tobacco industry, among others.

The World Needs Trump?

Boris Johnson wrote the following article in the Daily Mail on January 19:

“The results from the Iowa Republican caucus have exploded like thunder in every high-minded meeting place… In the editorial conferences of fine old U.S. and UK publications, the leader writers are having hysterics… No! they are saying. Not him — not that man again!… Following his sweeping victory in Iowa, Donald Trump is now the ­overwhelming favourite to be the Republican nominee, and ahead in the polls to take the presidency…

“According to The Economist: ‘Donald Trump poses the biggest threat to the world in 2024.’… If you look at the facts, you can actually make a case… that a Trump presidency could be just what the world needs… The more ­frenzied the effort to cancel him, the stronger he becomes. The more bitterly his enemies wage lawfare against him, the more unstoppable he seems to be…

“And so yes, of course, given some of the views that are glibly ascribed to Donald Trump on this subject, I have been ­pondering deeply what a Trump victory might mean for the war [in Ukraine].. What can we deduce from the record? Well, ask yourself first: which American president was the first to stand up for Ukraine, after Putin’s invasion of 2014? Was it the great liberal ­internationalist Barack Obama? No… He did nothing to push Putin out of Ukraine, either from ­Crimea or the Donbas. Nor did the French, nor did the ­Germans, and nor, frankly, did the UK government of the day which decided — mystifyingly — to wash its hands of the ­matter and entrust the fate of the Ukrainians to the morally bankrupt ‘Normandy Format’.

“It was Donald Trump who gave the Ukrainians those Javelin anti-tank weapons which — together with the UK NLAW missiles and other weapons — were so valuable to the Ukrainians in the battle for Kyiv; and it was at least partly thanks to that bold decision by Trump that the Ukrainians were able to stun the world and send Putin’s armies scuttling from the Ukrainian capital. So, whatever they now say about President Trump, I ­cannot believe that he will want to go down in history as the president who abandoned a country that he has already signally helped to keep free…

“Trump will certainly demand that the Europeans pay more for their own defence — but then that is long-standing U.S. (and indeed UK) policy…

“Can you really say that the world feels safer now than it did when Trump was president? Everywhere, you see the malevolence of Iran, and of hostile actors backed by Iran. We see Putin raining Iranian missiles and drones on Ukrainian civilians. We have seen Hamas — trained and funded by Iran — launch the biggest massacre of Jewish people since the Holocaust. Now, we see the Houthis using ­Iranian missiles to disrupt global shipping.

“I ask you, in all seriousness — do you think any of this would now be happening if Donald Trump had been president for the past four years? It was Trump who suddenly ­staggered the world, at the beginning of 2020, by violently liquidating Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The diplomatic world had conniptions. But we didn’t hear much from Iran, for the rest of the Trump presidency, did we?

“Or take Syria, where Bashar al-Assad — another client of Iran — ­poisoned his own people in 2013 with illegal chemical weapons. What did America do, under Barack Obama? Nothing. And what did Trump do, when Assad did it again, and used ­poison gas against his own people in 2018? With UK support, Trump hit him so hard, and destroyed so many of his planes, that Assad never used chemical weapons again.

“You could certainly argue, on this evidence, that what the world needs now is a U.S. leader whose willingness to use force and sheer unpredictability is a major ­deterrent to the enemies of the West. If so, that leader is Trump.

“You could argue that, after the nightmare of Covid, and the ­expansion of the state across the West, the world now needs a U.S. president who is an enthusiastic exponent of free markets and ­capitalism. If so, that’s Trump.

“You could argue that among the many things Brexit Britain should be doing is a proper free trade deal with a U.S. president who is ­actually interested in the subject. If so, Trump is your man…”

In his typical chameleon-like fashion, Boris Johnson criticized Trump on other issues and also heaped praise on Biden and the good work he has allegedly done since becoming President. What is concerning now that Trump, too, is making more and more mistakes in his speeches, like Biden is famous for. Trump several times recently confused Nikki Haley with Nancy Pelosi, blaming Haley for security issues on January 6, 2021.

In addition, “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was worried by the prospect of Donald Trump returning to the White House, branding Trump’s claim that he could stop Ukraine’s war with Russia in 24 hours as ‘very dangerous’… and appeared to be apprehensive that Trump’s idea of a negotiated solution might involve Ukraine making major concessions to Russia” (Newsmax, dated January 20).

Tucker Carlson a Contender for VP?

Breitbart wrote on January 18:

“Donald Trump Jr. said Thursday… that former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was ‘certainly’ a contender to be picked as his father’s vice presidential running mate… Trump said, ‘… I’d love to see a Tucker Carlson… I mean they’re very friendly, I think they agree on virtually all of these things. They certainly agree on stopping the never-ending wars. And so, I would love to see that happen. That would certainly be a contender.’”

Donald Trump said that Nikki Haley will not be VP.

DeSantis Drops Out

Deutsche Welle wrote on January 21:

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspends his presidential campaign, endorsing Donald Trump in the GOP race. His departure narrows the field, with Nikki Haley now the sole GOP challenger to Trump… Two other Republican rivals to Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, also both dropped out of contention and endorsed the former president earlier in the week.”

Trump Takes New Hampshire

Breitbart wrote on January 23:

“Nikki Haley relied heavily on the support of Independents and Democrats in the New Hampshire primary yet still lost by wide margins. Of Haley voters in the Granite State, CNN said,  ‘about 7 in 10 said they were registered as undeclared prior to Tuesday.’… New Hampshire’s loose requirements allow for voters to cross over, while future Republican caucuses and primaries will consist overwhelmingly of registered Republicans.

“Trump crushed Haley in the New Hampshire primary by double digits [With 91% of the expected Republican vote in, Trump led Haley with 54.8% support to her 43.2%]… The Associated Press called the New Hampshire results within three minutes… Trump’s path to the nomination seems all but inevitable after his crushing victory.”

Politico reported on January 21:

“Trump’s back-to-back wins in Iowa and New Hampshire make him the only non-incumbent Republican candidate in modern political history to win the first two nominating contests [since both states began leading the election calendar in 1976].”

Even though she lost against Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire, Haley declared that she will continue with her candidacy.

The Associated Press wrote on January 23:

“Haley’s path to becoming the GOP standard-bearer is narrowing quickly. She won’t compete in a contest that awards delegates until South Carolina’s Feb. 24 primary, bypassing the Feb. 8 Nevada caucuses that are widely seen as favoring Trump. As South Carolina’s former governor, Haley is hoping a strong showing there could propel her into the March 5 Super Tuesday contests. But in a deeply conservative state where Trump is exceedingly popular, those ambitions may be tough to realize and a home-state loss could prove politically devastating.”

It’s a Long Road to November

The Daily Mail wrote on January 24:

“The biggest unknown in the 2024 election has little to do with primaries, or debates, or election night concession speeches. Keep your eyes on the courtrooms. The timing matters for when Trump stands trial in Washington D.C. in the special counsel’s January 6th case, where he faces four serious criminal indictments for allegedly attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election…

“Exit polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire show a significant cohort of voters — even some Republicans — say they would find Trump ‘unfit’ for the presidency should he be convicted of a crime. What happens in that jury room, may have more impact on Trump’s ability to win than any TV ad or strategy that any nominee can conjure.

“At least for now, the Republican primary contest appears to be decided, but it’s a long road to November, especially when it begins on January 24.”

Still, it appears that every time Trump is accused of something in the courts, his approval rates go up. And if he was convicted of any crime, it depends on how plausible and convincing that conviction would be.

Schwarzenegger Detained in Germany

Breitbart wrote on January 18:

“Action star and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was left furious after being detained for more than three hours at a German airport [in Munich, Bavaria] Wednesday after officials accused him of tax evasion for not declaring a $21,000 watch he was [wearing and] preparing to auction off for charity [in Austria]… It was reported that Schwarzenegger was friendly and cooperative at first, but as the inefficiency and incompetence of the customs officials worsened with every minute, the movie star began getting frustrated.

“The paper [Bild Online] added that officials demanded the action star pay a fee for the potential taxes on the watch, but when the agent tried to use a credit card reader in the office, he couldn’t get it to work. Then they demanded he accompany them to a local bank to withdraw the money for them in cash. But the bank was closed and his debit card had a limit on it that would not let him take out the amount the customs cops wanted. After that, officials took him back to the airport where another official then transported him to yet another bank — one that was open — and he was able to withdraw the amount they were demanding. Thomas Meister, a German government customs agent, told the media that the state is initiating ‘criminal tax proceedings’…

“Schwarzenegger, though, is less than amused at the whole incident… the actor said German officials never asked for any forms to be filled out for the watch ahead of being detained… it was an incompetent shakedown, a total comedy of errors that would make a very funny cop movie… The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative will properly report it, as all of Arnold’s nonprofits do… His charity auctions raise millions of dollars every year for after-school programs for kids all over the United States and environmental work around the world…

“The spokesman then took a shot at German officials, saying, ‘We hope Germany spends as much energy turning around their economy as they do asking for tax payments for people’s property they bring into the country, and we hope next time they don’t make him pay taxes on his suits.’”

Politico commented on January 19:

“As if we needed any more evidence for the shabby treatment of Austrians at the hands of Germans…This week’s abomination involves none other than… Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was detained at Munich airport enroute to Kitzbühel for allegedly failing to declare a luxury watch in his luggage. Arnie agreed to pay the duties and penalties — to the tune of about 10,000 euros, but in typical German fashion, the border police wanted at least part of the payment in cash!”

The watch was later auctioned off in Austria for 270,000 euros. According to Schwarzenegger and Bild, the customs officers asked him totally inappropriate and unrelated questions, such as, how many children does he have, what is the name of his partner, how much money does he have in the bank, what is the value of his assets, etc.  Schwarzenegger said later: “This is the problem which shows Germany’s sickness. One does not see the forest because of the many trees.” Germany is becoming a laughing stock all over the world.

Germany Commits National Suicide

LifeSiteNews wrote on January 19:

“[The farmers’] protests are not about diesel subsidies, as the mainstream media have reported… the protests are the result of widespread discontent with the direction of Germany under the current coalition. They are symptomatic of a growing spirit of resistance, born of exasperation with years of globalist policies… This is a systemic pushback against the entire globalist agenda.

“It is a pushback which enjoys vast popular support, with one recent poll showing 81 percent of the public sympathetic to the farmers. Despite this, repeated attempts have been made to frame the protests as ‘far right’ and ‘extremist.’… The attempt to marginalize and isolate a vast movement of rebellion against this deeply unpopular government is understandable. After all, it has recently refused to rule out criminalizing the… opposition party which stands for the farmers. With recent polling showing its support at 23 percent, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) says it sees the protest as one result of the years of  ‘wrong policies’ from Germany’s coalition government…

“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been reluctant to appear in public as his government faces national rail strikes and a deepening economic crisis. Whilst Scholz restricted himself to a video appearance – in which he repeated the ‘extremist’ slur, the German Finance Minister Christian Lindner told farmers ‘there is no more money’ for them.  The question asked by one AfD politician was simple: where has all the money gone? 

“The German Vice Chancellor Habeck replied, ‘The answer lies in the fact we have decided to support Ukraine.’… The financial cost of supporting Ukraine with cash, tanks and other weapons is but one dimension of the catastrophe caused by a government whose policies amount to national suicide.  

“The Green/Red/Yellow ‘traffic light’ government of Scholz and Habeck borrowed heavily to finance lockdowns – leaving a massive hole in the German budget. They borrowed 65 billion euros in ‘emergency funding,’ which allowed them to bypass German laws against adding massive debt to any budget.  But they did not spend the money on the… covid ‘emergency’… They used the funds to implement the WEF-backed Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. This move was ruled unlawful by the highest German court in November 2023, seeing Habeck’s own budget struck down as ‘unconstitutional’ – and leading to further crisis. 

“These green initiatives included shutting down all of Germany’s nuclear power plants and other cheap generators, funding windmill projects and other ‘sustainable development goals.’ This in turn led to higher energy costs, and pressure on industry, damaging the economy and driving inflation – a situation which worsened with sanctions on Russia and the sabotage of their strategic gas supply through the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines. A criminal act, long desired by U.S. President Joe Biden and Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the destruction of Germany’s gas pipelines to Russia was first suggested by current Secretary of State Antony Blinken in 1987

“In failing to press for any meaningful investigation, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been complicit in the terrorist sabotage of the prosperity of his own nation‘If Russia invades – there will no longer be a NordStream – we will put an end to it,’ said Biden, speaking alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Feb 7, 2022…

“With the framing of the most popular movement in Germany to emerge in years as a threat to democracy, and attempts to criminalize an opposition party with soaring support, the witch hunt in Germany is one led by the government against its own people. This desperate regime is resorting to propaganda, media blackout and perhaps even lawfare to maintain its tenuous grip on power.  Looking at the numbers, it seems to be failing. The people are winning in Germany. They are with the farmers’ movement and against the policies of national suicide which the globalist government has pushed for years…”

What a terrible description of a failing and incompetent government!

Germany Must Become “War-Ready”

Breitbart wrote on January 20:

“Germany’s defence minister… Boris Pistorius… said that while there was a Russian threat in Europe that hadn’t been seen for decades, ‘At the moment I don’t think a Russian attack is likely.’… [He] said they expected a ‘a period of five to eight years in which this could be possible’, saying it was understandable that a country like Sweden had made more alarmist noises of late, because their geography — much closer to the Russian border — puts them ‘in an even more serious situation’.

“This week, alleged German military planning documents were reported as leaked in Europe’s largest newspaper. They prognosticated an alarming escalation of violence in Europe including a renewed Russian assault on Ukrainian capital Kyiv. In the papers, Moscow was also predicted to provoke fabricated border clashes with European states, and finally stage an invasion of NATO member state Poland…

“In terms of what he believes must be done, the politician… said it was time to ‘wake up society’ and make Germany ‘war-ready’ [‘kriegstüchtig’]…  The interview, after all, comes amid a flurry of predictions of either impending of medium-term war with Russia, ranging from Russian aggression in Europe in three years from Poland [and] possible world war on four fronts in five years from the United Kingdom…”

Russia commented too, saying that World War III will begin in the Middle East.

Germany Fudges the Math on NATO and Ukraine

Deutsche Welle wrote on January 20, 2024:

“In the federal budget for 2024, the government will barely reach NATO’s spending target… NATO countries have committed themselves to spending 2% of their budgets on their armed forces each year… Chancellor Scholz promised his partners in Europe and the US that Germany would meet this target in the future.

The German army was promised an additional… $108 billion… to modernize. This special fund, a separate budget approved by the German parliament, the Bundestag, was established primarily to purchase modern war equipment. However, it has emerged that aid for Ukraine is now also coming from this budget. Germany plans to spend a total of €8 billion on weapons for Ukraine starting this year… Ukraine can hardly deploy any of the Leopard 2 tanks supplied by Germany because of high maintenance requirements…

“Christian Mölling from the German Council on Foreign Relations told DW…  in the worst-case scenario, NATO has just five years to build its forces enough to deter Russia from attacking NATO territory, especially the Baltic states…”

And there will be wars and rumors of wars…

AfD’s Political Agenda

The Telegraph wrote on January 22:

“Britain was ‘dead right’ to leave the European Union and Germany should hold its own ‘Dexit’ vote, the leader of the… AfD… has said. Alice Weidel… said she would push for a referendum on EU membership if her party came to power. Ms Weidel said the vote would be held if an AfD government could not secure reforms to curb overreach by the ‘unelected’ European Commission… Winning such a referendum… would be a tall order, with 90 per cent of people in favour of continued membership. A recent poll found that less than half (45 per cent) of AfD members would vote for Dexit…

“Ms Weidel admitted that the AfD would not be able to take power in Berlin before 2029 but said a future role in government was ‘inevitable’. She predicted that the CDU, the centre-Right party of former chancellor Angela Merkel, would be the first to break the ‘firewall’ of establishment forces and ally with the AfD… The AfD is pro-Russian and is accused of being soft on Vladimir Putin. Ms Weidel said the 1.1 million Ukrainian refugees in Germany should not have been allowed to draw benefits. ‘It’s clear that when the war ends, all Ukrainians will have to go home. They will be needed anyway to help rebuild their country,’ she said… Despite the recent scandal, it has remained popular, thanks in part to Mr Scholz’s failures on the economy.”

Germany will not leave the EU. However, other comments made by Weidel might not be that far off.

Over a Million Leftist Activists “Demonstrate” in Germany Against the AfD

Breitbart wrote on January 22:

“More than a million leftist activists took to the streets of Germany in protest over the weekend amid growing calls to ban the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party as it surges in the polls.

“In a welcome distraction for Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government — which has become deeply unpopular over economic stagnation, mass migration and most recently a farmer uprising against its globalist agenda — the legacy media, political elites and activist networks have rallied around a common target, the AfD.

“According to organizers, over 1.4 million people took to the streets in protest against the populist Alternative for Germany party over the weekend, under the banner of slogans such as: ‘Against Fascism, Populism and the Right’ and ‘Demo against the right – not an inch from fascism’…

“The protests were urged on by Chancellor Scholz in an apparent attempt to change the narrative from his struggling coalition government…

“The mass protests across the country against the AfD came in response to a report published by the taxpayer-subsidized and Soros-funded non-profit Correctiv… In the report, the left-wing research centre claimed that a November conference in Potsdam was attended by members of the AfD, alongside members of the centrist Cristian Democratic Union (CDU) as well as political activists, including Austrian identitarian activist Martin Sellner, whom Correctiv describes as a ‘neo-Nazi’. The Correctiv report… that Sellner laid out a ‘masterplan’ to enact ‘deportations of people from Germany based on a set of racist criteria, regardless of whether or not they have German citizenship.’ The report went on to draw comparisons between the meeting in Potsdam to the infamous Wannsee Conference in 1942 in which senior leaders of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime laid out plans for the extermination of millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

“This assertion that deportations of German citizens were discussed at the November meeting has been disputed by several participants of the meeting, including former AfD parliamentarian Roland Hartwig, who now serves as the personal advisor to the co-leader of the party Alice Weidel. Hartwig maintained that the Correctiv report was ‘complete nonsense’, stating that Sellner did not call for the mass deportations of German citizens and that ‘if he had done so, I would have protested because it would have been unconstitutional.’ The party has also noted that the meeting at the hotel in Potsdam was a private conference that was not organised or endorsed by the AfD.

“A member of the centrist CDU party of former Chancellor Angela Merkel who also attended the event, Ulrich Vosgerau, also denied the veracity of the Correctiv claims, saying: ‘At least in my presence no one said anything like that.’ ‘What was actually discussed was the question of how to deport criminal aliens or rejected asylum seekers more quickly…’

“There has also been no suggestion from the AfD leadership of adopting a programme of deporting German citizens. Rather the party openly rejects any distinctions along racial lines…

“Ultimately the truth of what was said is unclear… Nevertheless, the report has spurred on calls for the AfD to be banned to supposedly protect democracy as the party has surged to around 23 per cent in the polls…

“Earlier this month, the leader of Scholz’s Social Democrat Party (SPD) in the German Bundestag parliament, Saskia Esken argued that a ban on the AfD should be considered given that the party is ‘clearly anti-democratic.’ Last year, the government-funded German Institute for Human Rights (DIMR) claimed that banning the AfD would be justified on the basis that the party is opposed to the ‘free democratic basic order’.

“The calls for the party to be banned come ahead of regional elections in the German states of Brandenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia later this year, all of which are expected to see the AfD make significant gains and potentially even take control of local government posts. The AfD is also expected to be a big player in the upcoming EU Parliament elections in June.”

The German mass media from the left, the right and the middle, has overwhelmingly depicted the mass demonstrations of Germans as a healthy sign that Germany won’t tolerate Naziism anymore, and a justified outcry against the AfD. As the article above shows, none of that is really clear at all.

The Making of the European Empire: Loss of Freedom, Security, and Self

The European Conservative wrote on January 20:

“The European Parliament recently approved an amendment to the EU treaties that would be the next step in abolishing the member states’ veto in the EU Council and increase the powers of supranational institutions. Such a reform is a decades-old federalist dream… The idea has a long history…

“The current proposals are the most concrete manifestation yet of this anti-democratic trend… The abolition of the veto in the European Council would essentially make each member state cease to be a self-governing country and become an administrative unit...

Germany and France see the EU as a projection of their own power. Their leading position within the EU gives them extra clout at the table. It is no coincidence that both countries are overwhelmingly in favour of greater centralisation—the more deeply integrated the EU is, the more influence they have within the EU and, through it, in the world. The amendments adopted by the European Parliament make it very clear that the relative influence of the smaller countries would drastically decrease while the relative power of the largest countries would increase

“After all, if we understand (and we do) that a federal EU would be an EU of decisions dictated by Germany and France, what do the rest of us hope to gain from it? What do German and French influences mean in practice?

“In domestic politics, it means more and more leftist ideology, woke thinking, and aggressive culture wars. At present, it is only the veto and similar such brakes that are preventing us from being mandated to declare the homosexual family, abortion, gender reassignment, and limitless migration to be alienated human rights, guaranteed, and enforced at an EU level. Particularly on the issue of border protection, the dominance of the German approach would be disastrous for both Southern and Central European countries. It is even disastrous for Finland, which is also suffering from Russian hybrid attacks and has closed its border to the surprising waves of African migrants hailing from beyond the Arctic Circle…

“In foreign policy, domination by Germany and France means being pragmatic with Russia and cautious with the United States. Many in Western Europe would love that. In Central Europe, it sounds like a recipe for disaster…”

Germany will end up leading the EU and especially a group of 10 core nations. And this will be indeed disastrous for Germany, Europe and the entire world.

Brits Unwilling to Fight?

The Sun wrote on January 24:

“A WAR hero [Ben McBean] who lost an arm and leg in Afghanistan says Brits would have to be dragged kicking and screaming if called up to fight Russia… [He] says poor pay, conditions and shoddy veteran care give Brits absolutely no incentive to sign up… ‘The way the country is being run, and then people being skint and underpaid, there’s not a lot of incentive to want to fight for this country…’

“Sir Patrick – due to step down from his role in June… called for a ‘shift’ in the mindset of regular Brits to get mentally prepared that war with Russia could happen… [He also pleaded for ‘mobilization.’]

“Rishi Sunak today ruled out conscription and insisted military service will remain voluntary. A spokesman for the PM added: ‘… The British military has a proud tradition of being a voluntary force. There are no plans to change that.’”

Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

These Current Events are compiled and commented on by Norbert Link. We gratefully acknowledge the many contributions of news articles from our readership. The publication of articles in this section is not to be viewed as an endorsement or approval as to contents or accuracy of the selected articles, but they are published for the purpose of pointing at worldwide developments in the light of biblical end-time prophecy and godly instruction. Our own comments are provided in italics.

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What do you think of the family’s continued demise? (Part 5)

In the 4th part of this Q&A, we started to look at those who are committed to, and promote, the institution of the God-ordained family.   Let us continue to review this much more positive attitude towards the biblical family environment which is the bedrock of a stable society.

Quoting selectively from the USA website concernedwomen, we see that they are concerned about:

1.    The disrespect for and devaluation of the family and for the unique contribution of fathers and mothers. The attempt to deny biological distinctions between men and women.

2.    Sexual promiscuity, cohabitation and sexually transmitted diseases.

3.    The alarming increase in violence in American households, including same-sex and opposite-sex partner assaults, spousal assaults, and child and elder abuse.

And they are working to see:

1.    The family esteemed as the bedrock institution of society consisting of individuals related by blood, marriage (the legal union of one man and one woman), birth, or adoption. The respect for the distinctiveness of men and women.

2.    Society value and respect marriage, encourage sexual abstinence before marriage and educate on the dangers of promiscuity.

3.    An end to violence within households, especially the sexual abuse of children, while reinforcing the importance and autonomy of healthy families.

And, importantly, they are doing this from a biblical viewpoint, which is encouraging to see.

In his article “In defence of family life” in January 2023, Niall Gooch wrote about a new study investigating the financial costs of having children.

“There is something profoundly wrong-headed about the whole endeavour of trying to evaluate the good of family life in economic terms, or to treat the raising of children as simply one option among many in the great lifestyle marketplace. And yet many people persist with doing so. 

“More fundamentally, some things in life are, and should be, set apart from the realm of price and economic calculation. I am not among those social conservatives who are completely disdainful of the need for growth and prosperity, but it is bordering on immoral to insist that a parent’s responsibility to an abstraction like GDP supersedes their natural and healthy desire — and responsibility — to be closely involved in the raising of their own children. It is, after all, a well-established finding in social science that most women would like to spend more time with their children in the early years.

“This is an entirely reasonable and wise wish. The family is at the heart of our civilisation. As the site of the raising of the next generation, it is crucial to our ongoing survival and flourishing. It precedes all our political and economic arrangements and it will, hopefully, outlast them. At its best it is a place of unconditional love and rootedness. This is what we mean when we talk about Home. It is where we learn the arts of humanity: compromise, forgiveness, tolerance, humour. It is where we find consolation and rest among those whose bonds with us go deeper than choice or shared interests. The value of this way of life is literally immeasurable. 

“The weakening of the family does have consequences. Consider how contemporary culture, especially those parts of it entangled with social media, is increasingly febrile and antagonistic. A special status attaches to ‘safety’, understood not in the traditional sense of physical protection from harm, but as the right to be insulated from strong challenges to personal opinions or conceptions of the world. Commentators often speculate about how this has come about. No doubt the demand for a ‘safe space’ is often made cynically, to intimidate opponents. But equally it seems that many people do genuinely experience questioning of their worldview as an attack on themselves. 

“A society that wishes to remain open and wealthy must pay attention to the preconditions of liberty. Robust families which take care of their own as far as possible, minimising reliance on the state, are one of those preconditions. Rushing parents back into the workplace, to leave their small children with strangers for eight hours a day, and leaving them little time for informal caring responsibilities or community involvement, is almost certainly a false economy.

“There remain, finally, the human truths about the relative importance of work and family. There is nothing to compare with watching your children take their first steps or perform in their first play, or finally master reading. These things have no conceivable monetary value. It’s not your colleagues who will look after you in your old age. Your headstone is unlikely to feature glowing personal tributes to your professional life. I think often of a simple inscription I saw above a grave many years ago: ‘To a devoted father, a loving husband & loyal friend.’ Which of us, when our time comes, could really hope for more than that?”

As we pointed out before, some of these are certainly worthwhile comments, but they also show how difficult it might be to carry them out, since our governmental and economic systems, all being inspired and controlled by Satan, make this often impossible. But again, we can try to do the best under a corrupt and deeply ungodly government and in a God-defying evil and rotten society. 

Some years ago, Rita Kramer wrote a book  “In Defense of the Family,” and Chester E. Finn reviewed this and reported as follows: 

“At once stern and affectionate, (Rita Kramer) harbors what many will deem old-fashioned views, namely, that an authentic family consists of husband, wife, and children, and that raising the children is the foremost responsibility of the parents, not something to be done for them by public or private agencies while the adults engage in other pursuits. Her book, however, is not an exercise in finger-wagging or tradition-mongering. Rather, Mrs. Kramer’s image of the proper ordering of family and society is grounded in her understanding of child development, of human psychology, and of the requisites for the emergence of an autonomous young adult as a responsible and productive member of democratic society who will in time become a competent parent of the next generation.

“To state her thesis simply, the successful development of the child requires the sustained and active involvement of both parents. This does not mean entrusting the child to the care of well-chosen professionals; it means looking after the child oneself. And those doing the looking-after must act like his parents, not his buddies…

“Does a child grow up with the sense of being protected in a world that makes sense?  Such a beginning provides the basis for the flexibility of response that will help him learn and overcome difficulties in later life. Such parents are able to let the child go little by little as he indicates a need and an ability to move out on his own. They instil conscience rather than dependency. The paradox is that only by remaining strong, authority figures can… help their child become independent. He learns from what they are, what they do, what it is to be an adult.

“The centrality of the parents and the stability of the family have several corollaries. Formal institutions, notably the schools, are to play supporting rather than leading roles in the drama of child-rearing. If parents attend to their child’s values and character, if they assume responsibility for sex education and moral development, the schools can concentrate on cognitive skills and subject matter. This is desirable, both because intellectual development is something that schools can do well (and that parents seldom can) and because the controversies surrounding such curricular and pedagogical matters are far less fractious than those involving issues of faith and morals.”

Again, we would not agree with everything stated above, especially with the idea that parents can seldom help with the intellectual development of the child. That concept seems to be dead-wrong. It also overlooks the terrible and God-defying role which schools are playing in far too many circumstances. 

That’s quite a defence, if one was needed, about the necessity and need for a properly constructed family as God ordained.   Her supposed “old-fashioned views” are nothing of the sort; that is a tag that so-called “progressives” like to use in a derogatory way to support their own man-made conclusions that they arrived at where the teachings of the Creator God are ignored or not even considered.   After all, man thinks that he knows best in all things including redefining the family unit.   What a lesson these people will learn in the future!

Finally, in this section, we will quote an article headed “The Decline of the Traditional Family and the Threat to Democracy” by John W. Whitehead, which is a robust support of the God-ordained family and we will quote from this article as follows:

“The traditional family–a married man and woman with children–is in decline, even as lip service to ‘family values’ is being paid to its importance from both the Left and Right of the political spectrum. Under the swirling current of this double-speak, the entire social fabric of American culture is being upended as a result of deteriorating family life and the conditions that undermine care for our children.

“These startling conclusions are backed by a recent report of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. The report concludes that households will move even further away from the family-structure model of a stay-at-home mother, working father, and children. [As we have pointed out before, this rather sad development is many times dictated by economic realities, not necessarily by choice or preference. It is simply not desirable to become homeless while insisting that a mother must stay at home rather than fulfilling the need of supplementing the family income]. 

“Because of divorce, cohabitation (unmarried adults living together) and single parenthood, a majority of families rearing children in the 2lst Century will probably not include the children’s two parents. Moreover, most households will not include children at all. ‘Marriage has declined as the central institution under which households are organized and children are raised,’ commented Tom Smith, author of the report. In fact, a growing proportion of children has been born outside of marriage.

“These structural changes in the family have obviously led to a reassessment of values. And, as the study illustrates, the U.S. has not reached a peak of modernity. More changes, thus, are in store.

“Values have shifted in several areas. For example, ‘the climb in divorce and liberalization of divorce laws,’ the report states, ‘went along with public support for the idea that divorce was preferable to continuing failed marriages.’ [Sadly, if a marriage has failed indeed, perhaps due to adultery and other sins, divorce might very well be the preferable and only alternative.] Moreover, greater tolerance of premarital sex coincided with gains in teenage sexual activity, cohabitation and non-marital birth. In brief, changes in structure and values have gone hand-in-hand over the last generation to transform the American family in both forms and norms.

“However, the effect of this transformation may have other consequences for society. In 1952, a California appeals court touched on what the impact may be:

“The family is the basic unit of our society, the center of the personal affections that ennoble and enrich human life. It channels biological drives that might otherwise become socially destructive; it ensures the care and education of children in a stable environment; it establishes continuity initiative that distinguishes a free people.

“From antiquity, the family has served as the basic building block of free societies. Likewise, we find a strong emphasis on the high estate of parenthood and history. Wherever we turn in the ancient world, to Judaism, to Greece or to Rome, the family structure has been revered. And long before foreign invaders toppled any of those great societies, they collapsed from within, due largely to the deterioration of their family structures.

“The family, not the state or the school, therefore, has been primarily responsible for teaching lessons of independence and proper conduct, which are essential to a free, democratic society. If, as we now see, these family functions begin to break down, then everything else we cherish is in peril.”

You will see that we have deliberately underlined the phrase “has not reached a peak of modernity. More changes, thus, are in store” as structural changes in the family have obviously led to a reassessment of values.  That was prophetic as this was written in 1999, some 24 years ago where society then was markedly different to 2023, and not for the better.   There has been an acceleration in the downgrading of the traditional family to an extent that has been breathtaking in its progress.

As a final note in this section, we quote from our weekly Update #1095, dated 22nd December 2023, under the heading “Blasphemous Woke Nonsense”:

“The Daily Mail wrote on December 18:

““Couples getting married will be asked if they want to be called ‘husband and wife’ under new woke Church guidelines. It is part of new ‘inclusive language’ rules published by The Methodist Church, which warns that old-fashioned terminology ‘makes assumptions about a family or personal life that is not the reality for many people’.

““The guidance also advises preachers to share their pronouns with congregation members ‘to create a safe space for people to be themselves.’… they should use ‘gender-neutral language’, opting for words such as ‘folks, teammates, friends, colleagues, or simply people’.  It adds: ‘People of different genders may choose to use a gender-neutral title such as Mx’…””

Such action from a mainstream Church is both deplorable and laughable and is indicative of the way that mainstream Christianity has, in the main, followed secular leadership in downgrading the importance of the Family unit.

(To be continued)

Lead Writer: Brian Gale (United Kingdom)

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Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

“Why Germany’s Disaster Is Important For YOU!” is the title of a NEW StandingWatch program, presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:  

Germany is a total mess and utterly sick. It is run by a completely incompetent government under a chancellor which has the lowest approval rates of all prior German leaders since World War II. Rather than trying to do something about the utterly disastrous situation which the government has created, it is attacking the German farmers, and the political establishment is attacking the only meaningful popular opposition party, the AfD, while instigating “mass demonstrations” against that party which the government wants to criminalize and ban. It should be obvious that something drastic will have to happen, unless we want to conclude that Germany is done and its sickness incurable. And something drastic WILL occur. That is WHY it is critical for YOU to understand! Please stay tuned until the end of this program for an important announcement.

“Warum Deutschlands Zukunft für SIE so wichtig ist!” is the title of a new AufPostenStehen program, presented by Norbert Link. This program covers the same topic as described above.

A NEW Promotional Video about our booklet, “The Rise and Fall of Germany and Europe,” has been prepared by Michael Link and is now posted. A German version has also been posted.

Our NEW booklet, “How Can Young People… Cope with Life,” has been approved for publication. It will be printed in Germany, together with a reprint of our booklet, “The Rise and Fall of Germany and Europe.”

“Die Früchte der richtigen Wahl,” this Sabbath’s NEW German sermon by Michael Link, is now posted. Title in English: “The Fruits of the Right Choice.” 

“Als wir noch in der Welt waren,” last Sabbath’s German sermonette presented by Patrick Flück, is now posted. Title in English: “When We Were Still in the World.”

“Restoration,” last Sabbath’s first split sermon presented by Frank Bruno, is now posted. Here is a summary:

The world’s greatest paintings and other pieces of fine art have one trait in common: they all develop fine lines or craquelure, over time. No matter how youthful our own physical appearance, we too develop superficial cracks and lines. Because of sin, we can also develop cracks in our relationship with God. Artwork can be repaired but the only real restoration we can achieve is through God. In this split sermon, we will consider Scriptures that can help lead us to the restoration that we can receive through repentance, God’s forgiveness, and ultimately, in God’s Kingdom.

“What is the Law of Christ?” last Sabbath’s second split sermon presented by Eric Rank, is now posted. Here is a summary:

Jesus Christ instructs us that if we love Him, we are to keep His commandments. What are the commandments of Jesus Christ? How are we to understand the relationship between the commandments of God the Father and Jesus Christ?

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