This Week in the News

We begin with reports on Russia’s current financial crisis and the willingness of China and other Far Eastern nations to come to Russia’s rescue; and we point out Russia’s attempts to reach out to North Korea, while the relationship between America and North Korea has reached an absolute historical low point.

We continue with reports on Cuba’s victory celebrations over a weak USA; the astronomical costs spent by the USA on their fight against ISIS; and the ongoing turmoil in New York City.

Turning to Germany, we report on growing anti-Islamization demonstrations especially in the city of Dresden, which coincide with outrageous comments by Turkey’s President Erdogan; and continue with several articles on Pope Francis and the Catholic Church. The power struggle between the Pope and numerous cardinals and bishops within the Vatican is continuing, and Catholic news agencies feel that a “direct confrontation” is probably inevitable, while English-speaking spokesman of the Vatican referred to Pope Francis as a “prophet.”

We conclude with reports on Christmas, quoting the Pope’s ill-conceived “Christmas message,” and showing that many non-Christians and people without any religious beliefs delight in Christmas celebrations and activities. We also speak of “Man’s Ten Commandments” and other humanly devised “standards of righteousness.”

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