This Week in the News

We report on memorial events in Dresden—70 years after the Allied decision to firebomb the city, destroy tens of thousands of buildings and kill up to 25,000 citizens and refugees fleeing the advancing Soviet Red Army. The apologetic comments by the Archbishop of Canterbury met strong condemnations from UK politicians and others—showing that even after a generation has passed, bad memories continue; and the mutual feelings between Germany and the UK are by no means as friendly as some would like them to be.

We continue with interesting articles about Angela Merkel who may either end up as one of the great successful leaders of Europe—or as a person who tried, but failed miserably. In light of America’s weakness and indecisiveness, the question on the minds of many Europeans is whether she can save Ukraine and Greece—and whether her assurances to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Jews are safe in Germany will be supported and confirmed by the facts.

We report on the latest developments pertaining to the murderous and demonically-possessed Isalmist terrorist group ISIS; as well as the abominable Islamist attacks in Denmark and Egypt’s swift response—while America is “sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time.”

Concentrating on the USA, we speak of an alleged looming mega-drought with potentially disastrous consequences; comment on the congressional confusion regarding President Obama’s intentionally vague “war authorization” request; point out medical hypocrisy, conflict of interests and judicial incompetency regarding demands for mandatory vaccination; report on America’s first openly bisexual governor in Oregon; and conclude with a piece on the absurd and quite dangerous belief in reincarnation.

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