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“We Are at War With Russia!”

Bild Online wrote on January 26:

“German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (42) said on Tuesday at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg in English: ‘We are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.’

 “A short video excerpt from Baerbock’s speech went viral on the Internet and caused astonishment and criticism.

“Because: Baerbock fundamentally contradicts Chancellor Olaf Scholz (64, SPD), who repeatedly emphasizes that Germany should NOT become a war party. However, Baerbock explained exactly the opposite: that Germany was already at war with Russia.

 “BILD asked the Foreign Office why the Foreign Minister said the sentence – and whether she still stands by her statement. The answer: one roll backwards!

“The most important part of the answer: ‘International law is clear: supporting Ukraine in exercising its individual right of self-defense against Russia’s illegal war of aggression, as enshrined in the UN Charter, does not make Germany a party to the conflict.’

“This means: Baerbock takes back her sentence that Germany is fighting a war against Russia. Supporting Ukraine does not make Germany a party to the war.

Not for now, but Baerbock might have spilled the beans. We should also note that her office might have tried to explain away Baerbock’s comments, but Baerbock herself did not.

Baerbock Really Believes It

Focus wrote on January 29:

“[Did] Baerbock… deliberately say the controversial sentence – or was it possibly just a thoughtless statement?

“Russia expert [Professor Gerhard] Mangott believes in the former scenario. ‘Ms. Baerbock thinks Germany is at war with Russia… the West is actually [politically] in a war-like state…’, says Mangott…

“Mangott assumes that some Western countries will actually supply fighter jets to Ukraine…”

USA and Europe at War With Russia

Newsmax wrote on January 28:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved beyond what he initially called a ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine and Russia is now engaged in ‘a war against NATO and the West,’ European Union defense chief Stefano Sannino said while commenting on Canada becoming the 12th country to commit to sending tanks to Ukraine… and Poland said it would give an additional 60 on top of the 14 it has already committed to the war effort.

“Spain and Norway are expected to announce how many Leopard 2s they will send to Ukraine in the coming days. Belgium announced a new package of military aid, including cash, missiles, machine guns, and armored vehicles but said it doesn’t have major battle tanks to match NATO allies’ offers. Ukraine is also calling for fighter jets such as the U.S. F-16, but fulfilling the request seems unlikely…

“Russia has accused President Joe Biden of ‘pumping weapons’ into Ukraine rather than working toward a cease-fire. The promised delivery of tanks to Ukraine is evidence of the ‘direct involvement’ of the United States and Europe in the war…

“Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, meanwhile, called on the West to pursue peace talks rather than arming Ukraine. ‘It started with the Germans saying they were willing to send helmets but they would not send lethal aid, since that represented participation in the conflict,’ Orban said. He added that as long as he is prime minister, it is ‘out of the question’ that Hungary will get more involved in the Ukraine war. ‘But the others have already been swept away,’ he said. ‘If you send weapons, no matter what you say, you are in the war.’”

Putin Feels Threatened by Germany

Reuters wrote on February 2:

“President Vladimir Putin evoked the spirit of the Soviet army that defeated Nazi German forces at Stalingrad 80 years ago to declare on Thursday that Russia would defeat a Ukraine supposedly in the grip of a new incarnation of Nazism. In a fiery speech in Volgograd, known as Stalingrad until 1961, Putin lambasted Germany for helping to arm Ukraine and said, not for the first time, that he was ready to draw on Russia’s entire arsenal, which includes nuclear weapons…

“‘Again and again we have to repel the aggression of the collective West. It’s incredible but it’s a fact: we are again being threatened with German Leopard tanks with crosses on them… Those who draw European countries, including Germany, into a new war with Russia, and … expect to win a victory over Russia on the battlefield, apparently don’t understand that a modern war with Russia will be quite different for them’…

“Despite Stalin’s record of presiding over a famine that killed millions and political repression that killed hundreds of thousands, Russian politicians and school textbooks have in recent years stressed his role as a successful wartime leader who turned the Soviet Union into a superpower.”

Germany’s Largest Gas Storage Facility Can’t Store Gas—For the Moment

Oil Price wrote on February 1:

“Germany’s natural gas storage facility in Rehden, Lower Saxony—Germany’s largest—cannot store any gas, a Lower Saxony supervisory authority said on Wednesday, according to Spiegel.

“The… storage facility accounts for one-fifth of the total storage capacity available in Germany and is also one of the largest in Western Europe, with a working capacity of around 4 billion cubic meters on an underground area of around eight square kilometers, according to the facility’s website.

“The natural gas storage facility experienced deflagration on a torch due to unknown causes… Storage has been stopped as a precaution, and the storage facility cannot be refilled for days—with no specific date given as to when storage can resume. The State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology said there was no evidence of external influence.

“A spokesperson told media that the deflagration occurred during a storage phase and not a delivery phase, adding that no one would be out of gas. Just a couple of weeks ago, German gas storage operators said that they did not foresee any gas supply problems next winter based on declining consumption this winter—and they said there was no chance of shortage this winter, even with extremely low temperatures and even accounting for risk factors.

“Storage facilities in Germany are nearly 90% full, well above their legal requirements to hold 40%, achieved in part by declining usage due to mild winter weather and deliberate usage curbs.

“The Rehden gas storage facility was abandoned last April by Russia’s Gazprom as its relations with Europe soured. Germany began filling the storage facility a month later, in May.”

Trump Could End Ukraine War in 24 Hours?

MSN reported on January 27:

“Former US President Donald Trump said Friday he could end the war in Ukraine within ‘24 hours’ if he remains President of the United States. ‘If I were President, there would never have been a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But even if it were, I could agree to end it within 24 hours,’ he said in a message posted to his own social network, Truth Social.

“For his part, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he agreed with Trump’s words, noting that if he were president, ‘it is possible that the crisis in Ukraine would be resolved quickly through his influence on Kyiv. In theory, Trump is not far from the truth. The American president could, if he wanted to, really end the conflict, and quickly, using, let’s say, his skills or simply giving instructions to Kyiv,’ he said at a press conference, Interfax reports.”

This Time It’s Different

The Ron Paul Institute wrote on January 27:

“Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow… As a result, Washington’s proxy war against Russia is failing… Alexei Arestovich, President Zelensky’s recently fired advisor,… expressed his own doubts that Ukraine can win its war with Russia and he now questions whether Ukraine will even survive the war…

“In a setting where Russian artillery systems can fire nearly 60,000 rounds of all types—rockets, missiles, drones, and hard-shell ammunition—a day, Ukrainian forces are hard-pressed to answer these Russian salvos with 6,000 rounds daily…

“Washington’s frustration with the collective West’s failure to stem the tide of Ukrainian defeat is growing. In fact, the frustration is rapidly giving way to desperation…  NATO’s members were never strongly united behind Washington’s crusade to fatally weaken Russia…

“Retired German Air Force General Harald Kujat, former chairman of the NATO Military Committee, severely criticized Berlin for allowing Washington to railroad Germany into conflict with Russia… Though actively suppressed by the German government and media, his comments are resonating strongly with the German electorate.

“The blunt fact is that in its efforts to secure victory in its proxy war with Russia, Washington ignores historical reality. From the 13th century onward, Ukraine was a region dominated by larger, more powerful national powers, whether Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, Austrian, or Russian…  So where is Washington headed with its proxy war against Russia? The question deserves an answer.”

Austria to “Upgrade” Its Armed Forces

The National News wrote on January 27:

“Neutral Austria has no choice but to upgrade its armed forces after Russia’s assault on Ukraine brought conventional warfare back to Europe, Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner said on Friday. A new military risk assessment found a missile attack on Austria could not be ruled out.

“Austria is not part of Nato and has not sent weapons to Ukraine, although it has as an EU member made humanitarian donations and supported sanctions imposed on Russia. But the planned €2.5 billion ($2.72bn) increase in defence spending will make Austria one of many European countries rearming in response to the war in Ukraine…

“The 266-page risk assessment said Austria currently had no defences against many types of rockets and cruise missiles. It said Austria should consider taking part in a European air defence initiative being spearheaded by Germany because missile warfare was a possibility…

“Unlike in Sweden and Finland, there has been no significant movement towards joining Nato in Austria or its neighbour Switzerland. If Sweden and Finland’s applications are approved, it will make Austria the only country on the European mainland to be part of the EU but not Nato.”

Nato’s role is highly overrated anyhow.

A European Army—a Nightmare for Britain

Express wrote on January 25:

“Guy Verhofstadt’s latest push towards a European Union army has been torn apart by Brexiteers… Mr Verhofstadt said: ‘Good news the campaign to free the Leopards seems to have paid off. A pity it was dependent on Americans… Time to build a real EU defence with jointly procured EU weapons!’

“But Brexiteers warned that Brussels is vying to replace the NATO military alliance.

“GB News presenter Martin Daubney, a former Brexit Party MEP, told ‘… The EU sees itself as a Poundshop NATO: masquerading as a guardian of world peace, but really it’s about ensnaring EU member states militarily, which few would ever be able to buy themselves out of if they ever decided to leave. As usual with the EU, it’s about power, control, money and political overreach. That’s why they love the spectre of an EU army: it’s not about controlling Putin, it’s about controlling member states; trapping them into eternal EU membership for military security…’

“Fellow ex-Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib added: ‘… the EU views NATO with jealous eyes. It wants NATO’s importance reduced because it aspires to a federal Europe with the unelected EU Commissioners in charge of this new country. And, like all countries, it needs an army. The EU’s desire for self-empowerment at the cost of its member states is inexorably heading towards the end of NATO and its own military command…’”

After Brexit, Britain, a NATO member, is very nervous about the prospects of the end of NATO, as that would mean total isolation of Britain in Europe.  

Australia to Remove British Monarch From Banknotes

AFP wrote on February 1:

“Australia will remove the British monarch from its banknotes, replacing the late Queen Elizabeth II’s image on its $5 note with a design honouring Indigenous culture, the central bank said Thursday. The decision to leave her successor King Charles III off the $5 note means no monarch would remain on Australia’s paper currency…

“Australia is a constitutional monarchy, a democracy with King Charles III as its head of state. A referendum proposing a switch to a republic was narrowly defeated in 1999. The central bank said its decision was supported by the centre-left Labor government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who favours an eventual move to an Australian republic.

“The new banknote would take ‘a number of years’ to be designed and printed, it said, with the existing $5 note remaining legal tender even after the new design is in people’s hands… The RBA’s move was hailed by the nation’s republican movement, which noted that Indigenous people predated British settlement by 65,000 years… The Australian Monarchist League said the decision was ‘virtually neo-communism in action’…

“A British monarch has featured on Australian banknotes since 1923 and was on all paper bills until 1953, the year of Elizabeth II’s coronation…”

Denmark to Conscribe Women Into Compulsory Military Service?

Global Village Space wrote on January 27:

“Women should be available for conscription into the Danish Armed Forces, Defense Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen insisted on Wednesday, arguing that the current state of the country’s military does not allow it to properly defend itself.

“In an interview with TV2, the official stated that Denmark can no longer afford to rely only on volunteers and insisted that everyone, including women, should be eligible for compulsory military service and that the size of the Danish army should be increased.

“The minister stated that Denmark, as well as its neighbors and allies, face a common enemy in the face of Russia, which he claims will wage war on Europe if it is allowed to succeed in Ukraine… Denmark’s current laws permit the Armed Forces to forcefully conscript all physically fit men over the age of 18, with service typically lasting between four and 12 months. Women, on the other hand, are allowed to voluntarily participate, but are not legally obliged to do so…

“Ellemann-Jensen says he believes there should be more of them and stated that ‘the armed forces would benefit from more women, noting that the move would also allow the country to meet its NATO membership obligations… Denmark announced last month that it plans to boost its defense spending by $660 million in order to reach NATO’s target contribution of 2% of GDP.”

Soon, compulsory military service for men and women will become the norm for many countries in Europe.

Europe Does Not Need USA Anymore

Foreign Policy wrote on January 30:

“[It is a] misguided notion that Europe is simply incapable of defending itself without the help of the United States…

“Since the end of World War II, U.S. leaders have sought to lead their European allies and, as a corollary, frowned on any steps by Europe toward greater self-sufficiency in defense…  The U.S. government isn’t being disingenuous when it says it favors a strong Europe; it just fails to add that it also wants Europeans to remain dependent on U.S. protection and even compliant when it comes to U.S. preferences on matters of security.

“The idea of Europe developing a self-sufficient military capability outside U.S.-dominated NATO has long been disliked in Washington

“European governments don’t automatically follow Washington’s script—though they follow its lead more often than not—but have heeded the warnings, happy to oblige and play the role of dependent…

“The U.S.-European security relationship has therefore become progressively divorced from reality. If it is to change, what Europe needs is not more resources but greater political will and self-confidence…”

Europe WILL become independent of the USA.

Elon Musk Warned About Incoming EU Social-Media Law

The Wall Street Journal wrote on January 31:

“A top European Union official told Elon Musk on Tuesday that Twitter Inc. will have to do more over the coming months to prepare for the bloc’s new social-media regulations. Thierry Breton, the EU’s commissioner for the internal market, told Mr. Musk during a video call that there were only a few months left before major online platforms like Twitter will have to be fully compliant with the Digital Services Act… ‘We need to see progress towards full compliance with the DSA. My team will follow closely the work by Twitter and by all other online platforms.’…

“The European Commission, which is responsible for enforcing the DSA, expects to conduct what it referred to as a stress test on Twitter in the coming weeks, according to the summary of the call. Such a test might involve a meeting between Twitter and commission officials to look in detail at which elements of Twitter’s practices are compliant, or not, with the new legislation, the aide to Mr. Breton said.

“Following Tuesday’s discussion with Mr. Breton, Mr. Musk wrote on Twitter that the EU’s ‘goals of transparency, accountability & accuracy of information are aligned with ours.’… The law carries hefty fines for noncompliance and the potential to block a platform’s services in case of certain repeated infringements… Mr. Musk has said Twitter should comply with local laws but generally not take steps beyond that in moderating online content.”

We will have to wait and see how the EU’s new law will affect Twitter and other platforms, and whether and to what extent Musk is willing to compromise.

Pope “Clarifies” His Comment on Homosexuality

The Associated Press wrote on January 28:

“Pope Francis has clarified his recent comments about homosexuality and sin, saying he was merely referring to official Catholic moral teaching that teaches that any sexual act outside of marriage is a sin. And in a note Friday, Francis recalled that even that black-and-white teaching is subject to circumstances that might eliminate the sin altogether.

“Francis first made the comments in an interview Jan. 24 with The Associated Press, in which he declared that laws criminalizing homosexuality were ‘unjust’ and that ‘being homosexual is not a crime.’

“As he often does, Francis then imagined a conversation with someone who raised the matter of the church’s official teaching, which states that homosexual acts are sinful, or ‘intrinsically disordered.’

‘Fine, but first let’s distinguish between a sin and a crime,’ Francis said in the pretend conversation. ‘It’s also a sin to lack charity with one another… When I said it is a sin, I was simply referring to Catholic moral teaching, which says that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin…’

“But in a nod to his case-by-case approach to pastoral ministry, Francis noted that even that teaching is subject to consideration of the circumstances, ‘which may decrease or eliminate fault.’…”

This last statement would need to be explained…

Palestinian Gunman Kills 7 in Deadly Jerusalem Attack

The Associated Press wrote on January 28:

“A Palestinian gunman opened fire outside of a synagogue in east Jerusalem on Friday night, police officials said, killing seven people in one of the deadliest attacks on Israeli citizens in years. Among the dead was a 70-year-old woman, police said. The attack got underway as Israelis in the area were beginning to celebrate the Jewish sabbath, and may have been in retaliation for an Israeli military raid that killed nine Palestinians in the Gaza Strip just a day prior.

“A number of Palestinians were reportedly seen celebrating the shooting, and the charged violence has cast a shadow over Israel’s still-new government, led once again by hardline Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Violence will increase in the Middle East…

How Soros Indoctrinates the Next Generation

The New York Post wrote on January 26:

“Only George Soros could look at the state of American higher education and conclude that it’s not liberal enough.

“In 2020 alone, Soros’ Open Society Foundations budgeted more than $63 million, or just over 5% of its budget, toward influencing higher education here and abroad… From his first charitable grant in the late 1970s to the early 2010s, Soros contributed over $400 million to colleges and universities…

“Georgetown received $1.8 million for the Justice at Stake Campaign, a group that believes there aren’t enough ‘people of color, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, and persons with disabilities’ who are judges…

“Get them when they’re young. Teach the youth of America, Europe and elsewhere that police and prisons are the biggest problems society has, we must spend vast amounts on diversity and climate change, and dissent must be censored.

“And that, in short, is the Soros Strategy… By pushing prosecutors who won’t prosecute. Fund ‘fact checkers’ who allow social networks to outsource what gets censored. Promote think tanks that ‘educate,’ and pressure, journalists and politicians, activists and college students.

“At 92, George Soros’ influence over America is at its zenith. It took him years, and billions of dollars, but the cost to the rest of us is immeasurable.”

“Biden Is Preventing Third Temple”

Israel 365 News wrote on or about January 28:

“Jim Barfield, head of the Copper Scroll Project, explains that by giving ancient artifacts found in Israel to the Palestinians, the Biden administration is endangering other temple-related artifacts that will be essential for the building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem.”

The True and Widely Overlooked Story of the Holocaust

Daily Mail wrote on January 27:

“… the way the Holocaust is normally reported in conventional histories… concentrate[s] our minds on the ‘industrialised’ killing in death camps such as Auschwitz, the so-called ‘final solution’, with trainloads arriving and being almost instantaneously dispatched to the gas chambers and the crematoria.

“But this was only part of the story, argues leading Holocaust specialist Professor Dan Stone, in a new book that turns on their head some of the widely-held notions about that terrible era of genocide 80 years ago.

“We certainly tend to get wrong just how widespread the Holocaust was, argues Stone, who is director of the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London. The fact that we need to get our heads around — and which many countries still find uncomfortable and refuse to recognise — is that the Holocaust was not solely a German project, but a pan-European crime with tens of thousands of active perpetrators all over the continent…

“Stone writes: ‘Although the persecution of the Jews that led to the Holocaust was a German project — a point which cannot be overemphasised — it chimed with the programs of many European fascist and authoritarian regimes. Without the willing participation of so many collaborators across Europe, the Germans would have found it much harder to kill so many Jews.’

“On the basis of recent research, Stone says, rather than a tale of German occupation, deportation and murder in death camps, the Holocaust should really be seen as a series of interlocking local genocides. The Holocaust was certainly driven, and largely perpetrated by Germans, but actual participation went much further.

“Countries such as France, Norway, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania persecuted, expelled and killed Jews. And they did so, not under duress from Berlin, but because to do so fitted with their own long-held anti-Semitic views and nationalist aspiration… Collaboration and complicity were everywhere…

“It is not always recognised that German Jews made up no more than a few per cent of the Holocaust’s six million victims. The vast majority were traditional, observant Jews living in small towns — or shtetls — in Eastern Europe. Moreover, most of them were slaughtered face-to-face before the SS-run death camps were even fully conceived, let alone operational.

“Millions died not in gas chambers, but gunned down en masse in fields, forests and swamps. Many more were starved and worked to death…

“The Nazis had a genocidal fantasy of a ‘world without Jews’ that they wanted to make a reality. But so, too, did many other European countries, whose dreams of creating ethnically pure nations chimed with Hitler’s goals…

“In Norway, France and Hungary, local police rounded up, guarded and deported Jews; in Slovakia, the impetus to deport Jews came from the local fascist regime rather than from the Germans. In Romania, the regime grasped the opportunity provided by the German plans to carry out a Holocaust of its own in Transnistria. Unlike occupied Poland, where the state was overrun by the Nazis, these were independent, or quasi-independent, states choosing to participate and finding reasons and resources to do so…

“The fact is that the genocide of the Jews could not have been so thorough and brutal without active collaboration across a Europe that was widely anti-Semitic, as we can see from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Encyclopedia Of Camps And Ghettos. This lists sites where Jews were held and died. It is more than 900 pages long and contains information on almost 700 places — from the far north of Norway to the Atlas Mountains, from Brittany to Ukraine — with not a single one of them a camp administered by the Germans.

“Some governments took the initiative themselves. The Vichy government in France, for example, pre-empted the Nazis by introducing its Statut des Juifs, the legislation to arrest and deport Jews from France, without the Nazis’ encouragement…

“The Holocaust even spread beyond the boundaries of Europe. Jews in North Africa were subjected to French and Italian racial laws, had their property stolen, and were interned and made to perform forced labour. Some ended up in death camps in Europe.

“Nor did that deep-rooted racism disappear with the defeat of the Nazis. When displaced Jews — the few who had survived, that is — returned to Poland they were subjected to violent attacks. Hungarian Jews were met with incredulity and disdain by those who had stolen their homes and were unwilling to hand them back.

“Recognising that the scope of the Holocaust implicates the whole of Europe, Stone argues, is important because some countries are now attempting to whitewash their past. The Polish government has tried to silence historians who have uncovered information about Poles who handed Jews over to the Nazi occupiers. Similarly, memorials and museums in Hungary selectively interpret the past to make that nation appear an innocent victim or rescuer of Jews, rather than the active participant that it was…

“Acknowledging how widespread the collaboration went in Europe, and how easily so many nations drifted into doing unspeakable things is important, he argues… The lesson he wants us to press home from the Holocaust, is…  that deep and irrational passions can move human beings to collude in terrible things. And nothing in the end can stop people from supporting these dark forces in times of crisis.

“Dismissing the Holocaust as vicious actions of a mad regime is complacent and dangerous. There were political, religious, cultural and social reasons that enabled it to happen and these circumstances, Stone insists, threaten us again…”

Antisemitism is alive and thriving in Europe, and according to the Bible, a massive persecution and martyrdom of Jews is prophesied.

Europe’s Antisemitism Today

 Israel Today wrote on January 27:

“Israeli President Isaac Herzog in Brussels called on Europe to fight online antisemitism on Thursday, stressing that ‘the Holocaust was not conceived in a vacuum.’… ‘Antisemitic discourse festers not only within dark regimes; but within the heartlands of the free, democratic West. Jew-hatred still exists. Antisemitism still exists. Holocaust denial still exists,’ he noted…

“Herzog also stressed to lawmakers the distinction between what he called ‘legitimate’ criticism of Israel and antisemitism… ‘criticism of the State of Israel must not cross the line into negation of the very existence of the State of Israel… Casting doubt on the nation-state of the Jewish people’s right to exist is not legitimate diplomacy. It is antisemitism in the full sense of the word, and it must be thoroughly uprooted…’”

Sadly, it won’t be uprooted… not before Christ returns who will make an END with Anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski—“I Will Not Obey!”

Fox News wrote on January 27:

“A Canadian pastor is facing his final trial [set to begin Thursday, Feb. 2, in Lethbridge, Alberta,] after three years of repeated fines, arrests and imprisonment for keeping his church open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artur Pawlowski, pastor of the Cave of Adullam congregation in Calgary, said he is accused of causing $400 million worth of damages for officiating a church service during the trucker blockade at the U.S.-Canada border last year… Pawlowski, the first Canadian clergyman to be ticketed for alleged COVID-19 violations, claims the charges against him are an attempt to criminalize his speech...

“When truckers in Coutts protested vaccine mandates by blocking the crossing along Alberta’s border with Montana last February, Pawlowski was invited to deliver a 20-minute speech in which he urged them to ‘hold the line’ against the government without resorting to violence… Days after his speech, he was arrested at his home and spent 51 days in two different prisons, where he claimed authorities abused him by locking him in a small cage, placing him in a psychiatric ward and trying to instigate other inmates to hurt him. The inmates refused and some reached out to him for spiritual guidance, he said.

“Pawlowski told Fox News Digital that he has been under house arrest since his release from prison last April and cannot leave his home without the permission of his probation officer. He ran for political office and became the leader of the Alberta Independence Party last September…

“Pawlowski likened his ordeals to ‘a refining fire’… ‘I noticed, even in my own preaching, that everything we went through — and are still going through — only gave us a stronger faith and zeal and confirmation that everything that we read in the Bible is actually the truth,’ he said.”

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