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Charles Is the New King!

BBC wrote on September 8: 

“At the moment the Queen died, the throne passed immediately and without ceremony to the heir, Charles, the former Prince of Wales… He will be known as King Charles III… Although he is heir to the throne, Prince William will not automatically become Prince of Wales. However, he immediately inherits his father’s other title, Duke of Cornwall. His wife Catherine will be known as the Duchess of Cornwall. There will also be a new title for Charles’ wife, whose full title will be Queen Consort – consort is the term used for the spouse of the monarch.  

“In the first 24 hours or so after his mother’s death, Charles will be officially proclaimed King. This happens at St James’s Palace in London, in front of a ceremonial body known as the Accession Council. This is made up of members of the Privy Council – a group of senior MPs, past and present, and peers – as well as some senior civil servants, Commonwealth high commissioners, and the Lord Mayor of London…The King does not traditionally attend….

“At the meeting, the death of Queen Elizabeth will be announced by the Lord President of the Privy Council (currently Penny Mordaunt MP), and a proclamation will be read aloud… This proclamation is then signed by a number of senior figures including the prime minister, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Lord Chancellor… The Accession Council meets again – usually a day later – and this time, the King will attend, along with the Privy Council. There is no ‘swearing in’ at the start of a British monarch’s reign, in the style of some other heads of state, such as the President of the US. But there is a declaration made by the new King and – in line with a tradition dating from the early 18th Century – he will make an oath to preserve the Church of Scotland… 

“He will call: ‘God save the King’, and for the first time since 1952, when the national anthem is played the words will be ‘God Save the King’…  The symbolic high point of the accession will be the coronation, when Charles is formally crowned. Because of the preparation needed, the coronation is not likely to happen very soon after Charles’s accession – Queen Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in February 1952, but was not crowned until June 1953. For the past 900 years the coronation has been held in Westminster Abbey – William the Conqueror was the first monarch to be crowned there, and Charles will be the 40th.

“It is an Anglican religious service, carried out by the Archbishop of Canterbury. At the climax of the ceremony, he will place St Edward’s Crown on Charles’s head – a solid gold crown, dating from 1661. This is the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, and is only worn by the monarch at the moment of coronation itself (not least because it weighs a hefty 2.23kg). 

“The new King will take the coronation oath in front of the watching world. During this elaborate ceremony he will receive the orb and sceptre as symbols of his new role and the Archbishop of Canterbury will place the solid gold crown on his head… Charles has become head of the Commonwealth, an association of 56 independent countries and 2.4 billion people. For 14 of these countries, as well as the UK, the King is head of state. These countries, known as the Commonwealth realms, are: Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu.”

German Opposition Leader Friedrich Merz Giving in to Woke Insanity and Cancel Culture

Bild International wrote on August 3:

“For weeks, the head of the conservative CDU party, Friedrich Merz (66), had been looking forward to his meeting with top Republican senator and Trump supporter Lindsey Graham (67). But Graham called the meeting off – and accused Merz of cancel culture!

“The background: on 31 August, Merz and Graham were scheduled to appear on a stage together at an event run by the conservative thinktank ‘The Republic’. On Tuesday, Merz called off his participation in the event. He said he still wants to meet Graham, but elsewhere. BILD has learned from Merz’s circles that the head of the CDU was unhappy about the presence of lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel (60), who was due to be on stage a few hours before Merz. In the past, Steinhöfel has represented, among others, AfD politicians – as well as right-wing populist Max Otte (57) in the trial to exclude him from the conservative party….

“Immediately after Merz called off his participation at the event, strong criticism came from the US. Former US ambassador Richard Grenell (55) wrote on Twitter that the head of the CDU ‘bows to the woke mob’. The ‘intolerant left’ does not accept diverging views, Grenell claims. ‘They cancel anyone who they don’t agree with.’ His conclusion: ‘Shame on wimpy Merz’…

“For weeks, the head of the CDU had been criticized because of his meeting with Graham. When Steinhöfel’s participation became known, Konstantin von Notz (51), MP of the Greens, scolded: ‘Someone who participates in events like this makes himself politically unacceptable’.

For Steinhöfel, the alleged reason for Merz’s cancellation, it is clear that Merz got cold feet because of the criticism by the Greens. Merz’s reasons for the cancellation are ‘unconvincing and opportunistic’, Steinhöfel told BILD. He denies that he is close to the AfD…

“Now the US Republicans have made Merz pay the price for possibly giving in to the criticism from the left and the Greens …”

With such a weak opposition leader, Germany’s current political landscape is doomed.

Over One Third of Germans Believe Israel Treats Palestinians as Nazis

Times of Israel wrote on September 2:

“A new survey by an independent German foundation [the Bertelsmann Stiftung] has found that over a third of Germans believe Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is essentially the same as the Nazi genocide of the Jews during the Holocaust….

“In response to another question, 24% of German respondents said Jews have too much influence in the world… When asked about the lasting role of the Holocaust in relations, 58% of Israelis agreed or strongly agreed with the sentiment that Germany ‘has a special responsibility for the Jewish people,’ compared to only 35% of Germans.”

Anti-Semitism in Germany is much higher than commonly reported.

Gazprom Shuts Down Nord Stream 1 Pipeline

The Week wrote on September 2:

“Russia on Friday indefinitely halted natural gas imports to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, adding to fears of a looming European energy crisis. Energy company Gazprom, which… is controlled by the Kremlin, said it would not restart the pipeline on Saturday (as planned) due to an oil leak; the company also did not give an estimate as to when service might resume. The pipeline had been closed since Wednesday for maintenance… Notably, the announcement from Gazprom arrived not long after G-7 countries said they’d be imposing a cap on the price of Russian oil so as to ding Moscow (and its war in Ukraine) financially…

“Europe is decently dependent on Russian gas … and a blow to its supply just before winter is the last thing the continent needs… Plus, Moscow has already retaliated against certain European countries who refused to pay for supplies in rubles, while Gazprom has kept flows through Nord Stream 1 ‘to just 20 percent of its capacity’ since June, ‘citing maintenance issues and a dispute over a missing turbine caught up in Western export sanctions.’”

The New York Post wrote on September 3:

“The planned reopening of Russia’s main gas pipeline to Germany was halted… deepening fears of a winter energy crisis throughout Europe… The announcement fueled accusations that Russia is seeking to weaponize its sway over the world energy market. ‘This was predictable, and it was predicted,” former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote Saturday… ‘I warned Germany not to rely on Russian energy,’ he continued. ‘Energy security is national security, which is why we must regain our energy independence.’

“President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine also took to social media to condemn the development. ‘When a state turns energy poverty or hunger into a weapon, it harms everyone in the world,’ Zelensky wrote…  A Kremlin spokesman responded that Russia would halt all sales of its oil to countries that follow through on the price-cap threat.

“Meanwhile, the fourth and last external power line at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant — Europe’s largest – went down Saturday after heavy shelling in the area, leaving only a reserve line to supply Ukrainian-held territories with electricity, the head of the UN nuclear watchdog said.”

German energy giant Siemens is questioning the accuracy of Gazprom’s representation, stating that maintenance and equipment issues are in no way responsible for the shutdown… which should be obvious anyhow. The question is, how will that rift be resolved? In the meantime, Europeans and especially Germans are hurting tremendously from ever-increasing ASTRONOMICAL gas prices, due to unwise and incompetent German politicians who were responsible for an unhealthy reliance on Russia. Now, they do not know what to do… and the European people are HURTING and are becoming more and more frustrated with their helpless governments and “leaders.”

Biden’s Supreme Hypocrisy

The New York Post wrote on September 2:

“President Biden made history Thursday night with the first prime-time presidential speech with a backdrop inspired by the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ and Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl. The harsh red atmospherics perfectly complemented Biden’s attempt to portray ex-President Donald Trump and Republicans as the Antichrist waiting to crucify American democracy. But the most important takeaway from the speech is the supreme hypocrisy of Biden’s Supreme Leader Democracy.

“Biden, speaking from Philadelphia, invoked the Declaration of Independence to sanctify his spiel. But he omitted quoting the line most relevant today from the author of that declaration. ‘An elective despotism was not the government we fought for,’ Thomas Jefferson warned in 1784.’s

“Biden invoked the ‘rule of law’ five times, notwithstanding his 20 months of dictatorial decrees. Law professor Jonathan Turley observed, ‘President Biden has arguably the worst record of losses in [federal court] the first two years of any recent presidential administration.’ One year ago, Biden went prime-time for his COVID-mandate speech — an illegal decree to inject more than 80 million private employees that got smashed by the Supreme Court. Biden dictated the moratorium on evicting renters would continue, but the Supreme Court overruled him, scoffing at the administration’s attempt to justify the edict by an old law dealing with ‘fumigation and pest extermination.’

“In his litany of Republican sins Thursday, Biden huffed, ‘Can you believe it? — FBI agents just doing their job as directed, facing threats to their own lives from their own fellow citizens.’ But there’s a reason most Americans view the FBI as Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo. Are FBI agents ‘doing their jobs as directed’ when they hound and vilify parents who protested at school-board meetings? Biden personally thanked the head of the National School Boards Association for sending the inflammatory letter to the White House that provided a pretext for the FBI vendetta. The FBI ‘has labeled at least dozens of investigations into parents’ with a terrorist-threat tag, according to House Republicans. And we are still learning about the FBI’s role in suppressing damning evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 election…

“Biden’s entire presidency is a mockery of this nation’s founding principles. In 1798, Thomas Jefferson warned, ‘In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.’ If a president refuses to be bound by the Constitution, he is behaving like a dictator.”

Biden IS behaving like a dictator.

Biden–the Divider in Chief

The Daily Mail wrote on September 3:

“Biden’s speech to the nation at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall… was horrifying

“Biden is turning Americans against one another – and it’s nightmarish. And it wasn’t just his toxic words. Look at the bizarre and apocalyptic optics of the speech. He stood at his podium in front of murky red lighting: this was the backdrop of a dictator from a science fiction movie, not the democratically elected President of America…

“Everything about his rhetoric last night was upsetting and confusing. Most importantly, it was not inspirational or uniting… [Biden could turn out to be] one of the most infamous failures of a one-term presidents.”

In a related article, Daily Mail wrote on September 3:

“Less than 24-hours after delivering the darkest, most toxic presidential speech of the modern era, the Commander in Chief is trying to gaslight America to believe he didn’t say what it just heard him say…. The stage’s backdrop looked more like the demonic spawn pool of Satan rather than the patriotic birthplace of our republic….

“As an address to the nation as a whole, intended to start bridging divides and save democracy, it was a Kabul-sized catastrophe. And there’s no walking back from that.”

A terrible testimony of America’s alleged freedom. And as usual, Biden tries to “clarify” or deny what he clearly said in front of millions of Americans who cared to listen to him… and who do not buy his “clarification.” That is, they had better not.

Biden Condemned for His Divisive Speech

Breitbart wrote on September 4:

“Conservatives on social media reacted to President Joe Biden’s recent divisive political speech, in which he referred to ‘MAGA Republicans’ as a ‘threat’ to ‘the very soul of this nation,’ by sarcastically explaining how they are threats to the nation as well.

“‘I go to work. I work hard. I go to the gym. I hunt. I fish. I spend time with friends and family. I pay my taxes and don’t break the law. I play disc golf. I am a threat to the very soul of this nation,’ one Twitter user wrote. ‘I’m a registered nurse nearing retirement,’ another explained. ‘I like taking walks and reading mystery novels. I adopted a baby and she’s now an engineering student with a scholarship. I pay my taxes. I don’t break the law. I am a threat to the very soul of this nation.’ ‘I work hard, garden, cook, bake, spin, knit weave and throw pots. I’ve been married 33 years and have two grown kids. I’ve owned businesses and pay taxes. I am a threat to the very soul of this nation,’ a third said…

“‘I’m retired LE. I own my home. I believe in God. I believe life begins at conception. I enjoy the outdoors, going to the gym and riding my road bicycle. I also teach people to use firearms safely and responsibly. I am a threat to the very soul of the nation,’ another proclaimed. ‘I’m a mom, I take care of my sick mother, who can’t live on her own. I love my dogs and I cook “real food” for them twice a day, everyday. I just bought my first house, and I love to decorate and bake goodies for my neighbors. I am a threat to the very soul of this nation,’ another echoed. ‘I work 40 hrs per week. Watch my grandsons after work while my daughter goes to trade school. Pay taxes. Work part time for a charity. Cook and clean for my grandkids and love my dogs! I am a threat to the very soul of this nation,’ another Twitter user wrote…

“‘I go to work. I work two jobs in the school system. I have two dogs and rescue cats. I spend my time with my two granddaughters. I pay my taxes and don’t break the law. I am a threat to the very soul of this nation,’ another Twitter user chimed in. ‘I’m a 63 yr old single grandmother. I take care of disabled seniors, my 21 yr old blind deaf and dying cat, I don’t drink or do drugs. I spend quality time with my kids/grandkids. I’m a threat to the soul of this very nation,’ another tweeted.”

The dangerous stupidity of Biden’s comments can hardly be over-emphasized.

Biden’s Corruption in Ukraine

LifeSiteNews published on September 2 a lengthy article with detailed facts allegedly showing the corruption involving Hunter Biden’s scheme in Ukraine and Joe Biden’s participation. The article summarizes the findings as follows:

 “The emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop, combined with Joe Biden’s own words and actions, prove beyond all doubt that:

“The ‘ultimate purpose’ of Hunter Biden’s multi-million deal with Burisma was to ‘close down’ all criminal ‘cases/pursuits against’ the firm’s owner.

“In November 2015, Hunter agreed to get ‘high-ranking US officials’ to visit Ukraine and persuade the nation’s leaders to end all investigations into the owner. Two ‘key targets’ of this mission were the ‘President of Ukraine’ and the ‘Prosecutor General.’

“In December 2015, Joe Biden visited Ukraine and told its president and prime minister that he would withhold U.S. aid to their nation unless they fired the prosecutor general.

“Those actions, which are complemented by a wealth of incriminating facts, align with textbook definitions of nepotism, bribery, extortion and obstruction of justice.  Yet, major media outlets, big tech companies, fact checkers, former U.S. intelligence officials, and active government officials within the FBI and Department of Justice played major roles in keeping this information from the American people.”

Corruption and censorship galore.

Biden Is Leading Trump?

Breitbart wrote on September 3:

“President Joe Biden leads former President Donald Trump by 6 points in a 2024 hypothetical matchup, a Wall Street Journal poll found Friday. The poll asked respondents, ‘Hypothetically, if the 2024 election for President were held today and the candidates were Joe Biden, the Democrat, and Donald Trump, the Republican, for whom would you vote?’

“Fifty percent chose Biden, while only 44 percent selected Trump. Six percent were undecided. In March, the poll had both Biden and Trump tied at 45 percent with nine percent undecided. In November, the poll had Biden leading by one point (46-45 percent) with 10 percent undecided…

“The poll was critisized on Twitter for being a ‘push poll,’ which means the poll was conducted with a predetermined outcome to impact how Americans feel about the hypothetical matchup between Trump and Biden… The WSJ poll comes as nine other polls have shown Trump leading Biden by one to seven points. In a poll last weekend by McLaughlin and Associates, Trump led Biden by 4 points in a potential 2024 presidential matchup.”

This shows how manipulative and unreliable polls are. But that the conservative Wall Street Journal would conduct and publish such a questionable poll is interesting.

Special Master to Be Appointed in Trump Case

Breitbart wrote on September 5:

“A federal judge on Monday granted former President Donald Trump’s request that a special master review items the FBI seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and also halted the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) use of the items for ‘investigative purposes.’…

“[The Judge] added that there was a risk of the DOJ leaking materials that would cause harm to the former president.”

California’s Proposed Radical Abortion Bill

LifeSiteNews wrote on September 1:

“California legislators this week sent a raft of pro-abortion bills to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk for a signature. Among the measures was… a deeply controversial bill that would prohibit investigation into the death of an unborn child and provide legal protections for anyone who obtains or helps someone obtain an abortion.

“The bill also contains language that pro-life attorneys have warned could be interpreted as decriminalizing infanticide… Gov. Newsom is expected to approve the measure.”

How can ANYONE justify these ungodly concepts???

The UK’s New Prime Minister

The Associated Press wrote on September 7:

“Liz Truss became U.K. prime minister on Tuesday and immediately faced up to the enormous tasks ahead of her: curbing soaring prices, boosting the economy, easing labor unrest and fixing a national health care system burdened by long waiting lists and staff shortages. Truss quickly began appointing senior members of her Cabinet as she tackles an inbox dominated by the energy crisis triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which threatens to push energy prices to unaffordable levels, shuttering businesses and leaving the nation’s poorest people shivering at home this winter

“Truss became prime minister a day after the ruling Conservative Party chose her as its leader in an election where the party’s 172,000 dues-paying members were the only voters. As party leader, Truss automatically became prime minister without the need for a general election because the Conservatives still have a majority of lawmakers in the House of Commons. But as a national leader selected by less than 0.5% of British adults, Truss is under pressure to show quick results…”

Breitbart added on September 5:

“The public is never told of what happens in confidence between Prime Minister and Monarch, but some may wonder whether Truss’s history of calling for the abolition of the monarchy at a Liberal Democrat party conference in 1994 will be brought up between the two. Judging by her past performance — from campaigning in favour of staying in the EU and high-profile gaffes when in power, to the green agenda and open borders policy proposals she has laid out during the leadership campaign — Britons can expect to see more globalist governance…  as the culture and country are slowly destroyed

“The migrant crisis, alongside the soaring cost of living, inflation, and fears over potential energy blackouts during the Winter all spells for a difficult future for Truss, who faces becoming the first incumbent Tory prime minister to lose to the opposition Labour party since John Major’s defeat to Tony Blair in 1997. With the next general election quickly approaching, Truss will have to act quickly, decisively, and most importantly conservatively.”

Rift Between the Royal Family and Harry and Meghan Continues

MailOnline published on September 4 an extremely lengthy and seemingly never-ending article (which is not untypical for MailOnline or the Daily Mail). We just quote the following highlights:

“As Meghan and Harry land in UK, royal insiders hit back at [the] ‘tragic and delusional’ couple’s sniping and reveal the ‘toll’ it is taking on the Queen, 96, who resents ‘waiting for the next nuclear bomb’… The Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up a new rift in their feud with the Royal Times this week when former Suits actress Meghan let off another round of ‘truth bombs’ in her new Spotify podcast and an astonishing US interview where she said she had been compared to South African hero Nelson Mandela and claimed Harry had ‘lost’ his father Charles during Megxit…

“Sources also rubbished Meghan’s claim South Africa celebrated her wedding like they had Mandela’s release in her interview with the ‘woke’ magazine The Cut, raging: ‘The whole thing is just staggering. Nelson Mandela? Who’s next, Gandhi? There are simply no words for the delusion and tragedy of it all.

“They also claimed that the Queen, who is now 96 and has pulled out of a string of public events in recent months amid ongoing fears for her health, does not ‘want to be on tenterhooks’ and constantly waiting for the ‘next nuclear bomb’. And Charles’s friends told the paper that the jibes continue to be ‘painful’ for him.”

One wonders what will happen when the Queen dies…

Assassination Attempt on Argentina’s Vice President

The Associated Press wrote on September 3:

“As Argentina’s powerful Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner stepped from her car outside her apartment building and began shaking hands with a throng of well-wishers, a man pushed forward with a gun, pointed it just inches from her face and pulled the trigger with a distinct click. The loaded weapon evidently jammed… the apparent assassination attempt against the deeply divisive figure Thursday night shook Argentina — a country with a history of political violence — and worsened tensions in the sharply divided nation

“The country’s political leaders quickly condemned the attempted shooting as an assault on democracy and the rule of law, with President Alberto Fernández holding a late-night national broadcast to tell Argentines just how close the vice president came to being killed… Some condemned the political opposition, saying its verbal attacks against the vice president motivated the gunman. Several political leaders similarly accused opposition politicians and media outlets of fomenting violence…

“No politician awakens more passion in Argentina than Fernández, revered by some for her left-leaning social welfare policies and reviled by others as corrupt and power-hungry. The left-of-center leader is on trial on corruption charges involving public works while she was president from 2007 to 2015… She has vehemently denied all charges and cast herself as a victim of political persecution…

“Fernández has been at the center stage of Argentine political life for almost two decades. She was the country’s charismatic first lady during President Néstor Kirchner’s 2003-07 administration, then succeeded her husband…

“Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who has frequently criticized the left-leaning Argentine government, weighed in Friday on the apparent assassination attempt. ‘I lament it, and there are people already trying to blame me for that problem,’ Bolsonaro said. ‘It is good that the attacker didn’t know how to use a gun, otherwise he would have been successful.’”

This world is a powder keg, ready to explode.

Israel Accused of Cover-Up!

Israel 365 wrote on September 7:

“In a scathing letter published on Friday, the executive director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (, Steve Kirsch, accused Israel’s Health Ministry of deliberately covering up ‘serious safety problems’ in the covid vaccine

“According to their findings, the COVID vaccines were far more dangerous than international health authorities claimed. The panel discovered ‘serious adverse events,’ Pfizer or any world government never disclosed those side effects. Contrary to what the public was told, the events were long-term. ‘They also determined causality… Causality was both obvious and easy to prove using the re-challenge data that was collected…’, Kirsch wrote.

“The panel concluded that the Israeli government misled the People of Israel… He adds that the Ministry of Health released a fake report to give the impression that the vaccines were safer than the data showed. The only reason the coverup has been exposed is thanks to the whistleblower who leaked the secret meeting between the Ministry of Health and Berkowitz’s panel. Kirsch concluded his piece by calling for an investigation into the Health Ministry’s corruption and lies.”

Abused Beagles Freed

Fox News wrote on September 2:

“The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) on Thursday announced that it has completed its mission to rescue 4,000 beagles from what it termed an inhumane breeding facility in Virginia. The dogs were recovered from a Cumberland-based medical contract breeding facility called Envigo, which has been accused of housing the dogs under poor conditions and then selling them to laboratories for scientific testing purposes, including the… National institute of Health… on average, 60,000 dogs are still used in laboratories each year

“The complaint [by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and other law enforcement agencies] alleged the dogs received inadequate medical care and were subject to painful medical science experiments. Court records stated that more than 300 puppies died at the facility between January and July of last year.”

“Beagles are preferred for animal testing because they are ‘docile, sweet, trusting, and they don’t fight back,’ according to the Beagle Freedom Project.”

These medical “experiments” with Beagles and other animals are sickening.

Pope Dissolves Leadership of Knights of Malta

Reuters wrote on September 3:

“Pope Francis on Saturday dissolved the leadership of the Knights of Malta, the global Catholic religious order and humanitarian group, and installed a provisional government ahead of the election of a new Grand Master. The change, which the pope issued in a decree, came after five years of often acrimonious debate within the order and between some top members of the old guard and the Vatican over a new constitution that some feared would weaken its sovereignty.

“The group, whose formal name is Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, was founded in Jerusalem nearly 1,000 years ago to provide medical aid for pilgrims in the Holy Land. It now has a multi-million dollar budget, 13,500 members, 95,000 volunteers and 52,000 medical staff running refugee camps, drug treatment centres, disaster relief programs and clinics around the world.

“The order has been very active in helping Ukrainian refugees and war victims. It has no real territory apart from a palace and offices in Rome and a fort in Malta, but is recognised as a sovereign entity with its own passports and licence plates. It has diplomatic relations with 110 states and permanent observer status at the United Nations, allowing to act as a neutral party in relief efforts in war zones…

“But as a religious order, it had to remain under the auspices of the Vatican, said Cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, a member of the working group that prepared the new constitution approved by the pope on Saturday… Francis convoked an extraordinary general chapter for Jan. 25 to begin the process of electing a new Grand Master.

“Under the previous constitution, the top Knights and the Grand Master were required to have noble lineage, something reformers said excluded nearly everyone except Europeans from serving in top roles.”

It has been the goal of Pope Francis to include more and more non-Europeans in the Catholic hierarchy. This could backfire.

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