This Week in the News

We begin with the shaky relationship between Britain and Germany; discuss a potentially devastating fiasco regarding Greece and its relationship with the rest of the world; address the growing popularity of Germany’s PEGIDA movement against “Islamization” and the terror attack in France; and speak of the interesting developments pertaining to a Russian-European “cease-fire,” with France at the forefront of questionable conduct.

Turning to American politics and social issues, we point out unfavorable bad news for Democrats (arguably affecting Hillary Clinton) and Republicans (especially surrounding John Boehner), proving again why true Christians should have NOTHING to do with it; and we address the despicable “success” of Planned Parenthood regarding abortion and the confusion surrounding the law (which law?) and its application (which application?) regarding medical marijuana.

We conclude with articles about the debate within the Church of England on suicide and about utterly unbiblical remarks by Pope Francis on “the beautiful relationship and inseparability between Jesus, Mary, and the Church.”

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