Current Events

We begin with an interesting dilemma for Moslems regarding the observance of the fast of Ramadan for 30 days during “daylight hours”; speak on the growing number of British politicians proposing a possible Brexit; discuss Europe’s preparation for and anticipation of a possible Grexit; and point out the unconvincing decision of Germany’s chief prosecutor to drop the probe into NSA’s manifested spying activities.

 We continue with articles warning of America’s future as a Third World country; reporting on Donald Trump’s announcement to run for the Presidency; showing the relationship between America’s deplorable gun violence and lax state laws; and addressing a rather unconscionable decision of the US Supreme Court regarding abortion.

 We report on the growing LGBT movement in Latin America, Israel, Germany and of course the USA, which is strongly condemned in the Bible; speak on the Vatican’s first trial of one of its former Archbishops over sexual child abuse charges; and conclude with Pope Francis’ highly controversial and at the same time quite revealing new encyclical and a claim by the Catholic Church that Mexico is infested with demons.

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