Current Events

We are living in strange times, and even “nature” seems to “behave “crazily.” While California is suffering from a severe draught, Texas and other US states are plagued with rain and flooding, and Israel, India and other countries are experiencing an “unprecedented” “brutal” heat wave, paralyzing industries and killing more than one thousand people.

In this report, we begin with Ireland’s popular vote by referendum to legalize same-sex marriages, and the repercussions this may have for other European countries; address the ongoing NSA and BND scandal in Germany which may have huge consequences for Angela Merkel and her party; speak of Russia’s aggressive conduct towards the West; and point out European ambitions and controversial plans to create a naval force to combat people-smugglers operating from Libya.

 We report on David Cameron’s hopeless attempts to change continental Europe’s thinking and the German and French rejection of his ambitious European plans; and address the election of a right-wing Catholic president in Poland who is considered to be a nationalist and a “moderate Eurosceptic,” while still supporting Poland’s EU membership.

 We continue with a disturbing article, stating that criminals hacked into more than 100,000 IRS records pertaining to individual US taxpayers; and report on the dilemma of many conservatives and Republicans in the USA, as they face a conflict between their Catholic membership, their personal belief and their official relationship with Pope Francis.

 We conclude with reports on God’s awesome universe and the fanciful opinion of intellectuals believing that it created itself and that all life on earth evolved—an unscientific and unbiblical hypothesis which Pope Francis has chosen to adopt as well–and with a warning to parents to be aware as to what (demonic) activities their children and teens may be engaged in.

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