This Week in the News

We begin with an insightful article on the absolute futility of war; report on the historical fallacy of the opinion that Islam had any positive influence on America’s founding fathers; speak on Muslim immigration in America and dangerous developments in Austria; quote an article addressing the next two years for America and the rest of the world; and speak on Ukraine’s terrible future economic prospects while the new “cease-fire” agreement with Russia does not hold. We also address compulsory military service in that context.

We continue quoting an article about a potential controversial deal between the USA and Iran which would leave Israel out in the cold; report on the cowardly attitude of some Republican Presidential candidates regarding same-sex marriages; and address Angela Merkel’s meeting with Pope Francis and Europe’s shaky relationship with Greece.

We speak on the overlooked and neglected eradication of the German city of Pforzheim by the Allies at the end of World War II, showing again the horrible consequences of war especially for the innocent victims; address Holocaust deniers; and conclude with reporting on an alarming invasion of huge mutant rats all over the UK, as well as on the danger of Yoga.

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