Will Christ Find Faith on the Earth?

Do we have faith in God and His power to work miracles? But is this kind of faith sufficient in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of God, or is an additional kind of faith required? What exactly is that faith which God’s Holy Spirit must give us? How is faith described in the Bible; why does it not have anything to do with what we can see; and why does doubt destroy our faith?

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Who Is My Neighbor?

What relationship do Christians have with other people–including those who are strangers. Jesus Christ instructed us that we should love even our enemies, and in the timeless example of the Samaritan becoming neighbor to one in need, we are taught how to treat others.

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Eternal Death

Mankind has a choice to make. That choice will lead to either eternal life or eternal death. The awful reality is that some both have and will choose to disobey God and bring upon themselves destruction in the lake of fire. We need to understand the kind of choice we are making!

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