Does God Have Humor?

Some have a totally wrong concept of God and view Him as an impersonal “Something” without form and shape. That is not the God of the Bible! God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, are a Family, and the members of the God Family are described as personalities, who have feelings, emotions, joy and humor. This sermon gives you examples of the often-overlooked humorous aspects of God’s nature.

Length: 76 Min
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Vengeance and Revenge!

It is known that Christians are not to avenge themselves. But is it unchristian to long for God’s punishment and revenge on evildoers? Does God want Christians to endure patiently all iniquity and injustice, without ever considering that God will intervene to pay back the wicked? Is true Christianity a religion which demands suffering without the prospect of the execution of God’s justice on His enemies?

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A New Song

In Revelation 14, we find 144,000 saints singing a new song. Why are they singing, what is the significance of the song being new, and why are there only 144,000 who can learn to sing this song? Examining the context of this event and analyzing it in relationship to other events of rejoicing, judgment and learning shed light on these questions.

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We are commanded to rejoice at the annual Feast
of Tabernacles.   This is a
time to recharge our spiritual batteries and that must surely be helped when we
are surrounded by those of a like mind.   It’s a time to be together, to be
taught, to fellowship and to rejoice.   The Feast is a great opportunity
our great God gives us, in which many can strengthen relationships and where we
can develop family ties with our spiritual brethren.   The Feast is a foretaste of
sharing eternity together as glorified members of the very family of God.   Rejoice and make the best of this
wonderful opportunity.

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