The World in Turmoil-Comments on News and Prophecy—January 8, 2022

Europe and especially Austria, France, Italy and Germany are becoming more and more autocratic and dictatorial, but this is also true for other democratic nations, including Australia, Canada and the USA. While Russia has been anxious to “help” the dictatorial government of Kazakhstan by sending troops into the troubled region, controversial information and opinions are being disseminated from many different sources within the USA, including from some US Supreme Court Judges. Further, after a relatively short calm, the fight and exchange of strong accusations between Biden and Trump have again reached dangerous proportions.

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Coronavirus Lockdown Measures and a Vested Financial Interest in Vaccines

More and more voices are being heard warning against the draconian lockdown measures and the infringement of our civil liberties; stating that national quarantine is national suicide; questioning the accuracy of speculative and unscientific statistics; and pointing out Dr. Anthony Fauci’s vested financial interest in the creation of a vaccine as a mandated protection for global populations so that we can get back “to normal.”

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Shutdown Ends Temporarily…What’s Next?—Comments on News and Prophecy (January 26, 2019)

Will there be a second shutdown? Will there be a declaration of national emergency? Why was there a shutdown in the first place? Why did it end? Why was there such a hostile reaction by some hard-core right-wing pundits to President Trump’s ending of the shutdown? Did the shutdown accomplish anything? Why are politicians so dishonest?

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