Why SEVEN Days for Overcoming Sin?

We must fight against and overcome sin, and the SEVEN Days of Unleavened Bread remind us of Israel’s exodus from Egypt and the consistent refusal of Pharaoh to let Israel go. These events have deep symbolic meaning for us today and show how Satan, the ruler over sin and the powers of this world, has already lost his war with us.
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What if Ruth Had Lived Today?

Ruth from Moab came to the land of Judah and married Boaz. Ruth and Boaz became the ancestors of David. Rahab from Jericho became a stranger in Israel and married Salmon, the son of the leader of Judah. Rahab and Salmon became the ancestors of Boaz and of David. Both Joseph and Mary, as well as Jesus, descended from David. But if today’s immigration laws had been in effect at the time of Rahab and Ruth, none of these developments could have happened, and there would have been no David, no Mary, and no Jesus.

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A Day of Change

We speak of how things change–usually it is over time. But the Feast of Trumpets focuses on a period when sudden, catastrophic occurrences will be happening with mind-numbing speed! The good news of this Day is that Jesus Christ will return to this earth to change the government of this world and to establish peace. Reviewing the examples and meaning of the Feast of Trumpets will help us prepare for what lies ahead.

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