Do you disobey God while accepting the mark of the beast?

In this time of confusion, many may unknowingly accept the mark of the beast without which they cannot buy or sell. Some point out that you can’t go shopping without wearing a mask or practicing social distancing; that you might be forced to become vaccinated or to accept some tracking device or a microchip with medical data. What about this? And whom do you obey when there is a real conflict between the laws of God and the injunctions of men?

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Are You Ready for the Day of the Lord?

The Bible speaks of the terrible Day of the Lord and admonishes us to be prepared and not to be caught off-guard. Especially the book of Joel contains many warnings and shows us what will happen during that future time which is not far from us.

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Coronavirus Lockdown Measures and a Vested Financial Interest in Vaccines

More and more voices are being heard warning against the draconian lockdown measures and the infringement of our civil liberties; stating that national quarantine is national suicide; questioning the accuracy of speculative and unscientific statistics; and pointing out Dr. Anthony Fauci’s vested financial interest in the creation of a vaccine as a mandated protection for global populations so that we can get back “to normal.”

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