America’s Armed Forces in Big Trouble

Pope Francis said that when women and young people governed today, there would not be as many global conflicts. But is this true in the eyes of God? And how serious is the situation inside the US armed forces, in part due to the attempt to accommodate the woke ideology? What prophesied consequences will that development have for the US military and the entire country?

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The Fools and the Foolish

There are 3 aspects the Bible talks about when it comes to the words “fool”, “foolish”, or “foolishness”. How does the Bible describe a fool and what does the Bible say about foolishness? What does it mean when the Bible talks about the foolish things of the world?

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How Wise Are You—Really?

Are we wise in God’s eyes, or do we possess the wisdom of this world, which God describes as foolishness? What is true wisdom, and how does it manifest itself? How can we obtain godly wisdom? The Bible speaks of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. What is the difference? Why is it necessary that we have all three qualities, even though they do not guarantee that we will not fall away from God? What else is there to consider?

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Religious and Scientific Deceptions

In a recent public debate on the origin of life between the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the most famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, both gentlemen presented utterly false ideas. The wrong concept that man has evolved from non-humans, whether by accident or with godly involvement, rejects God’s Word and has contributed to a world without true moral and ethical standards.

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A New Creation

The Scripture tells us that one who is “in Christ” is a “new creation.” Such a person has the potential of becoming “…as God is”! But this progression requires “God’s Spirit in us” and our continually striving to live our lives according to the Way of God. We must not limit God’s Power in us in achieving this wonderful calling of the Eternal God!

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