How our Wrong Values Destroy our Children

Are the “values” which we teach our children in conformity with God’s standards? Sadly, in far too many cases, they are not! While German Roman Catholic bishops, Pope Francis, Protestant organizations, governments, politicians, educators and school teachers convey many ungodly principles on sex and other matters to our young people, YOU must know and teach them the Truth.

Quarrelling with God over being gay?

Breitbart reported that IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is openly gay and married to his husband Chasten, recently stated that his marriage has moved him closer to God and that those who have a problem with his sexual orientation (such as Vice President Mike Pence) are quarrelling with his creator. He also said, according to CNN, that those who don’t share his views are hypocrites and act in a way not consistent with scripture taught in church. What DOES God’s Word say about all of this?

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