Is Now the Day of Salvation?

We read in 2 Corinthians 6:2 that now is the accepted time and the day of salvation. Does this mean that salvation is offered today to everyone? If so, then most of humanity would be lost. But how can one come to God in a world which is ruled by Satan and his demons? And can the overwhelming majority of mankind even believe in God and His salvation at this time? What does 2 Corinthians 6:2 really mean?

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Growth in the Church – Feast Sermon 2016

If we want to grow, we must be faithful in the small things; we must  help the little ones; and we must not despise the day of small beginnings. We must control our thoughts and avoid wrong ideas and hypocrisy. When God begins something, He does so in a small way, so that it can grow and become bigger. Even His kingdom and rule must and will grow. God’s Church is small today—a little flock—but its growth is predestined, if it fulfills its godly mission. Individual Christians must have a part in this growth.

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You’re Different

Do you accept everything that is happening? Or do you reject following society—especially when it comes to flagrant rebellion against God and His immutable laws? If you do, you’re different—and all the more so if you are a Christian!

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Christ’s Parables in the Book of Matthew

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Why did Jesus speak in parables? What did He want to convey? They were not meant to give understanding to the multitudes of people; and even God’s disciples misunderstand sometimes what Christ really said and meant. In this sermon, we will take a fresh look at the most crucial and important parables in the book of Matthew.

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Just Called or also Chosen?

Only very few are called today to salvation, and only they can truly understand God and His Way of Life. Christ did not come to convert the world in this day and age, and neither does the Church of God have that commission. True Christians have been predestined to be called and chosen now. They are not called because of their good works. Why then do we read that many are called, but few are chosen?

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Why Israel?

The Bible describes the nation God has formed and continues to sustain. Other stories about other people are recorded, but the primary focus is on Abraham and his descendants. Israel’s part in God’s plan for salvation is critically important for Christians to understand.

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A Perfect Example

Knowing what has happened to the Church of God in recent
years–as well as historically, we must be all the more careful to follow the
pattern established for us in God’s Word: we are to finish the work God has
given to us; to overcome the problems that we face; to endure everything through
the love of God. We are to be a perfect example of the faith we hold–as was
Jesus Christ!

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