Theocratic Abortion—a God-Given Right in Many Religions

Why do many religions believe and teach that abortion is a religious right under some or even all circumstances? Why do many Jews believe this; why do many Muslims believe this… and why do many who claim to be Christians believe this as well? And even those who don’t believe this may sometimes take a very hypocritical approach in the matter. The Guardian published a telling article on June 2 about theocratic abortion rights, given or bestowed on us by immediate divine guidance. But is that the Truth?

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Our Scandalous Corrupt Abortion Industry

This program will discuss an appalling and disturbing legal case in California, involving our corrupt abortion industry. This example could be looked upon as exposing a conspiracy between governmental agencies, politicians and abortionists in an attempt to protect the illegal trafficking of body parts of aborted babies, while persecuting and trying to silence those who expose such abominable practices.

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