Foretaste of the Millenium

Fascinating, there actually have been a number of  Foretastes of the Millennium down through history.  We’ll look at 3 countries, who’ve experienced aspects of Foretastes of the Millennium–1-recent, 2-current. Let’s consider how will we compare our ruling in the Millennium. In Country#1–China–it’s amazing–that in recent history 50,000,000 were living in prosperity and at peace under the administration of God’s laws–a Foretaste of the Millennium.  Country#2–Bhutan’s inhabitants are content, for their land is without crime, without dire poverty, without the threat of famine and without war. They are at peace with the world and one anothr.  Country#3–Singapore, is one of the safest countries inthe world, with a low incidence of violent crimes. For robberies committed after 7pm and before 7am punishment is doubled! Life expectancies are among the highest in the wrld and infant mortality rates are among the world’s lowest. Their people value a strong work ethic and close family relations. They’ve maintained political stability and phenomenal economic growth, with one of the highest per capita GDP’s in the world.

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