Overcoming Sin

Since the time of man’s creation, we have failed to be righteous in God’s eyes. However, God has given us a set of tools to overcome this fallible nature by giving us his Holy Spirit and the sacrifice of his only son, Jesus Christ, so that we may achieve the goal of being part of his family. Job gives us an example of overcoming failure by persevering through his trials and repenting from his sin of self-righteousness. David too failed by committing adultery with Bathsheba and murdering her husband Uriah the Hittite. Yet David overcame these  sins by acknowledging his sins, and turning back to God. In Christ’s time, Peter failed on a number of occasions — seeking his own will above God’s, misunderstanding the meaning of Christ washing his feet, and by denying Christ at the end of his life. Peter took each of these failures as an opportunity to learn from his mistakes and move forward with greater character than he had before. The Bible reminds us that God will not forsake us. It is our responsibility to not get discouraged by our failures, but rather, to use them as an opportunity to grow closer to God and His way of life.

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