Europe – Now What

The European Union’s effort to seal its first-ever constitution collapsed Saturday, December 13, 2003, after leaders could not agree on the best way to divvy power once the 15-member bloc adds 10 new members next year. The key stumbling block was a proposal from Germany and France to scrap a complicated point system that was accepted in 2000 and gave Spain and Poland almost as many votes as Germany, which has twice as many people as either. French President Jacques Chirac called for smaller pioneer groups of countries to forge ahead with closer integration in defense, economic policy and justice. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder predicted that there will emerge a Europe of two speeds. The Bible prophecies that in the end, ten nations or groups of nations will lead Europe. They will receive power for a very short time, and transfer it to the “Beast,” a political and military European leader. He is referred to as the king of the north, the beast, and King Jareb of Assyria.

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