I Was In Prison…

When we hear that someone is in prison, or that he or she had been in prison, we immediately think or assume that the person must have done something terribly wrong. At times, we may hear that somebody was sent to jail who was innocent, and that after years of having served the prison term, his or her innocence was proven. When that happens, we still pride ourselves with the illusion that the system works — and that the innocent person was just a necessary casualty of the system. We need to be careful not to loose sympathy and empathy for prisoners. The Bible has quite a bit to say about innocent righteous prisoners that ended up in the jails of this world. They were jailed because they stood up for God and His way of life. At other times, they were imprisoned because others envied them, wanting to take advantage of them, coveting what they had. God allowed that His servants be jailed. He allowed it for a reason. This is important to understand as the Bible prophesies that many of God’s servants will be imprisoned in the future — before Christ’s return.

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