How Will It Be As God

Those called by God strive to receive or use God’s Spirit to meet our ultimate goal and destiny — to become a Spirit being — a God being in the Family of God. But what then? What does it mean? Do we have any idea what it will be like to be God? Do we really know what God has in store for us? Do we understand why we need to strive — with the help of God’s Spirit — to become God? Or, are our action motivated by the fear what will happen to us if we don’t make it into the Kingdom?

We will notice in this sermon marvelous Scriptures revealing to us the life of God — the very life that we will share. How does God live? What does He do? Once we know, we will also know what really awaits us — and why all of our sufferings today, and the forsaking of things that are bad for us, are indeed worthwhile.

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