by Ben Agbayani

Once I was a part of a movement which fought for the labor class. I saw many atrocities and appalling situations, resulting in imprisonment, torture and even death of my friends by the hands of authorities—authorities, which were backed by the Tycoon business class, being tied with the local government.

My heart bled in despair, seeing my friends perish for something they fought and believed in, trying to improve the needs of families. I had become a part of a group that ended up as becoming a guillotine for the corrupt. Finally, I realized that we were fighting a losing battle, trying to stand up against a force which was too strong for us.

Now that I am a member of the Church of God, I know that this is not God’s world, but one day, when Jesus Christ rules the earth, none of these terrible things will happen again. I can’t wait to see my dear friends alive and smile again.

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