Punishment for Our Sins

Punishment for our sins

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Punishment for Our Sins

Reaping what you sow

Many believe that if they’ve lived a good life, they will go to heaven when they die. Others worry that they haven’t lived the best life and will end up in hell as punishment for their many sins. But, do we have an immortal soul that keeps living that will ultimately end up in such places? How do we receive punishment for our sins – what exactly happens at the end of our physical existence?

Resurrection and punishment

The Bible clearly shows that the concept of an immortal soul is erroneous. Death is simply a sleep without consciousness until a resurrection from the dead. So how will punishment for sins take place then? While sinful deeds today will not be without consequence in the future, God is rich in mercy and compassion. For those that truly repent, forgiveness from God can be obtained, and punishment for a repentant sinner will be kept to the absolute minimum necessary. For those that do not want to repent, an entirely different outcome will be delivered.

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