Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

“The Overlooked Story of the Holocaust,” a new StandingWatch program presented by Evangelist Norbert Link, is now posted. Here is a summary:

On January 27, 2023, the world remembered the Holocaust which started in 1933—90 years ago. But much about the Holocaust has been conveniently ignored or forgotten, which goes hand in hand with rampant Antisemitism, especially in Europe… with terrible consequences for the future, as the Bible clearly reveals.

A new German booklet, “Die Bedeutung von Gottes Heiligen Frühjahrsfesten”, translated from our English booklet, “The Meaning of God’s Spring Holy Days,” is being prepared for printing.

Our new booklet, “God the Father is the Highest,”   has been sent to our printer.  Written by Evangelist Norbert Link, copies will soon be mailed to our subscribers.

A Tech Team meeting was conducted via Google Meets on Sunday, February 5, 2023. Hosted by Eric Rank, topics included video publishing (YouTube and Rumble), booklet advertising, booklet reprinting and Feast of Tabernacles planning.

“Könnten Sie von Gott abfallen?” is the title of this Sabbath’s new German sermon, presented by Norbert Link. Title in English: “Could You Fall Away From God?”

“Willst Du gesund werden?” the sermonette presented last Sabbath in Germany by Mike Richter, is now posted. Title in English: “Do You Want to Be Made Well?”

“Submit to Whom?”, last Sabbath’s first split sermon, presented by Kalon Mitchell, is now posted. Here is a summary:

The Bible is clear that we must bring ourselves in submission to the Father and the Son. But is there more to whom we should be submissive to? Interestingly, the Bible is very explicit that we should submit to our fellow human beings, but how is this supposed to work?

“God’s Word Misunderstood,” last Sabbath’s second split sermon, presented by Michael Link, is now posted. Here is a summary:

What are some of the most popular verses in the Bible people share and quote from the most, and how can we really understand what these verses mean so we can apply them in our lives?

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