Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter has been written by Rene Messier in which he reminds us of our individual and collective responsibilities to faithfully continue in the Work of God. This was mailed out on Friday morning.

“Neu! Die Frau auf dem Tier in Offenbarung 17,” is the title of this week’s German sermon. Title in English: “New! The Woman on the Beast in Revelation 17.”

“Coming–Nuclear War Between Russia and Europe?” is the title of a new StandingWatch program present by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

Will the Russian-Ukrainian crisis lead to nuclear war? Or will Europe’s and especially France’s policy of appeasement towards Russia continue? What does the Bible say? Our free booklet, “Biblical Prophecy—From Now Until Forever” gives you the answer.

“Lasset Uns Menschen Machen…” is the title of a new AufPostenStehen program which features  our newly printed German booklet, “God Is A Family.”  The title in English: “Let Us Make Man in Our Image…”

“Radical Islam, Terrorism and the Bible,” is the title of another new StandingWatch program, presented by Evangelist Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

A movement in Germany has mainstream politicians up in arms. Weekly “PEGIDA” demonstrations in Dresden and other cities against “Islamization” are opposed by left-liberal groups, Muslims, Christian churches and others, even though their criticism may only contribute to the growing popularity of the movement. The most recent terrorist attacks in France have been interpreted quite differently, depending on who has reported them. Does the Koran command, allow or prohibit the murder of those who “insult’ Mohammed? What does the Bible have to say about Europe’s future role regarding Muslim countries and terrorism in general? We are offering two free booklets, “Biblical Prophecy-From Now Until Forever” and “When and How Will Christ Return?”

“The Prophets Hang on Love, Part 2,” the sermon from last Sabbath, is now posted. Here is a summary:

The last six of the Ten Commandments tell us how we are to love our neighbor. In this sermon, we will see how the Prophets describe godly love towards our fellow man, emphasizing the need to honor our parents, to avoid and shun hate and murder, as well as adultery and fornication, stealing, lying and covetousness. Many reject God’s law and as a consequence, they love the evil, while hating the good, and when they are told what they are doing, they do not want to listen. But God knows and sees their ways, and He will not be silent forever. God chastises whom He loves.

Please note that we are requesting anyone who is interested in attending the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles with us in the USA or in Germany to contact us with your request.

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