Serving God Boldly

Serving God Boldly is the title of this week’s sermon by Dave Harris.

The services can be heard at at the appropriate time, just click on “Connect to Live Stream”.

This past Sabbath, from about 2-5pm, Qwest (Telecom) was experiencing outages on the line to the CEG / NetServices server. Due to these circumstances and the late nature of the crisis, we were unable to broadcast live over the Internet. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that you were able to make adequate plans on such short notice.

Since then, we have posted the sermon from this past Sabbath on the web site as well as others. You may use the links below or go to the audio index for 2002 at

Called To Teach 27 JULY 2002
You Shall Be Holy 20 JULY 2002
Humility: True or False? 13 JULY 2002

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