Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter for February was written and sent out this week. In the letter, Brian Gale discusses the limitations and frailties of our political leaders and points at the only real solution to bring about prosperity, peace, liberty and true happiness.

A new StandingWatch program was posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “How NOT to Stimulate Our Economy!”

In the program, Norbert Link is asking the nagging question whether President Obama’s new stimulus package will turn out to be another disaster. If approved by the Senate, it will cost the U.S. taxpayers in excess of $888 billion. What about further attempts to bail out incompetent banks, which might cost us in excess of $3 trillion–while these same banks refuse to stimulate the housing market? What about uncontrolled greedy healthcare insurance companies, which take advantage of their customers? Will a Great Depression, ever-increasing unemployment figures and sky-rocketing inflation due to irresponsible printing of U.S. currency bring about the conditions of the Weimar Republic?

A new German sermon (“Ist Gottes Gesetz Ungültig?”) was recorded this week. It has been posted on Google Video and will be posted soon on our German Website. The sermon deals with certain New Testament Scriptures which show that Jesus did not abolish the Law and that the New Testament nowhere abolishes the Sabbath and the Holy Days.

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