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Reminder–US Contributions for 2008:

Donations and contributions received with letters postmarked in 2008 AND with enclosed written checks, dated in 2008, will be included in the detailed donation receipts for 2008. These receipts will be printed and sent out in mid-January of 2009. Cash contributions must also be received prior to January 1, 2009 (or, if sent by letter, the letter must be postmarked in 2008), in order to be included in the donation receipts for 2008. All contributions not falling into the categories described above will not be included in the donation receipts for 2008.

New Sermon and StandingWatch program:

Norbert Link’s sermon, “Bible Study: Live in Peace, Part 2,” dated December 20, 2008, has been posted on Google Video and on our Websites.

A new StandingWatch program was posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “Our Terrible Healthcare System.” In the program, Norbert Link is asking the question, Why are political promises to provide universal healthcare illusionary and unrealistic? Insurance companies are charging astronomical figures for premiums which very few can afford. Many doctors and hospitals seem to be incapable of correctly diagnosing certain sicknesses, let alone curing them. Listen to some personal examples regarding incompetent or outrageous treatment of sick persons. Is there no way out of this disastrous spiral, which is destroying our nation?

Recent comments from our StandingWatch viewers:

Program on “No Christmas in the Early Church”.

— Thank you for reminding everyone of the REAL truth about christmas! I don’t understand how the whole world is in the worst economic financial crisis since the Great Depression ( maybe even surpass that!) and people are still spending money they don’t have on christmas gifts, which will bring the debt even higher. People can’t and will not let go of christmas! It’s a hoax and a lie!!!!

— Praise the Lord! I am happy to know brothers in Christ around the world don’t celebrate this. Let’s pray that God [will] open the eyes of many more Christians.

Program on “Our Terrible Healthcare System” [Google Video and YouTube]:

— As a former healthcare worker, I could not agree more with your assessment on this country’s healthcare system The fact that Congress had to enact the “Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act” earlier this year supports your critique as well. Now that my husband and I are self-employed, we have gone without health insurance for a number of years because of the premium and deductible costs. Fortunately, we’ve been relatively healthy and have not incurred debt as a result of medical bills.

— What I find sad is the only place we have “In God We Trust” is on money. I really think it is not sincere and only a sick joke from whoever put it there. As if the money is their god.

— I like this video and it’s so true. I was sick for a long time with unforgiveness in my heart, when I finally forgave and asked for forgiveness I was healed very rapidly. I like your vid[eo]s, keep posting!

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