Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new StandingWatch program has been posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “WHY Is Our Economy THAT Bad?” In the program, Norbert Link discusses that the fact that the U.S. budget deficit will reach $500 billion in 2009. A new law raises the nation’s debt limit to $10.6 trillion. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have issued $5 trillion in debt. Ford Motor Co. posted the worst quarterly performance in its history. General Motors lost $15.5 billion in the second quarter. So far, seven banks have been shut by regulators in 2008, with many more to follow. 463,000 jobs were lost so far this year. An economic recovery is not expected any time soon, if at all. WHY should this happen to the greatest nation on earth? Is GOD really pleased with how we are living today?

Set forth below are the numbers of all-times views on Google Video, as of August 1,  pertaining to our five most successful sermons:

Bible Study–The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah, Part 1, 3,525 views and 78 downloads

Bible-Study–Day of Atonement: Mystery of the Atonement Rituals, 2,585 views

Bible Study–Christian Suffering, 2,234 views and 71 downloads

Bible Study–Sin, a Powerful Enemy, 1,465 views and 32 downloads

Bible Study–The Books of Ezra and Nehemiah, Part 2, 1,141 views and 24 downloads

Set forth below are a few selected comments received from viewers of our StandingWatch programs, as posted on YouTube:

“Why do you keep going on about the Law knowing you yourself cannot live up to all of it? Don’t you know that if you are guilty of breaking one law you are guilty of breaking them all? THAT is the reason for Jesus’ death on the cross, YOUR inability to keep the law. It seems you can’t accept the cross of Christ for what it is. You have not been made complete by grace. Just accept it man, Christ fulfilled the law and then died in your place because YOU(WE) could not fulfill it. Dude read Romans!”

“I agree with you. As it says in the psalms, ‘The law of the Lord is perfect.'”

“Useless preaching. No hard facts.”

“Blessed are those, whom God instructs.”

“The Bible does not mention the peak oil crisis, nor does it mention climate change, world wide human overpopulation, soil degradation, fiat-money and many other cataclysms of the modern world faces. Why should an ancient scripture be appropriate in today’s world? Sorry, but the Bible? has no appeal to me at all. It’s a document of a past ancient world.”

“I thought it was a serious video and then the guy goes on talking about the Bible… Don’t waste your time watching this…”

“Thank you for another outstanding program. Prophecy is falling into place right before our eyes. And it seems that there are still too many ignorant people out there who think they know everything. But instead they know nothing and could not care less what is being said in those programs. They rather listen to any other book inspired by man. But I believe that the time will come when most of them will wake up–hopefully–I know that you are doing your part.”

“The status quo of the US economy is the product of a greedy money culture, that has no moral or social values anymore. We are witnessing the fall of great nation.”

“Things are going to get worst. I urge everyone to accept Jesus Christ !!!!”

“Dude, hope all that listen to this will listen. Man, this is no joke!”

“I agree. God bless you.”

“Put up your treasures in heaven. I like that. It’s a great message.”

“I’ve watched your video on ‘Will Your Soul Go To Heaven?’ I was overwhelmed to learn that you agree with me. I do not believe man has an immortal soul.”

“Everyone needs to hear this message about Halloween. Thank you for revealing the truth about this festival. People need to stop following tradition and ask themselves about origins and customs of holidays they celebrate.”

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