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A new, comprehensive booklet on the Book of Revelation has entered the second review cycle.

As a special service to our readers–especially for those who may not be able to watch our StandingWatch programs on the Internet–we are offering, via email, informal transcripts of future programs. Please contact us if you are interested.

A new StandingWatch program has been posted on StandingWatch, Google Video and YouTube. It is titled, “Obama and the Beast of Europe.” In the program, Norbert Link discusses the fact that on Thursday, July 24, Senator Barack Obama gave his long-awaited speech in Berlin, Germany, but not all liked his demand for more European military involvement in Afghanistan. Would a military buildup in Europe be good for America and the rest of the world? And what role will religion play in all of this–given the fact that a separation between Church and State is unknown in Europe?

Our StandingWatch program,“Coming–The Great Depression,” was viewed in excess of 8200 times on YouTube, followed by “Food Shortage in the USA” (over 3700 views).

Set forth below, as of July 25, 2008, are the numbers of all-time views on Google Video pertaining to our fifteen most successful StandingWatch programs:

Title Page Views Downloads
What is Happening in Germany? 12415 16
America’s Illegal Aliens 7871 73
666, the Beast and Antichrist 5443 100
Is Nuclear War Coming? 3855 125
To Spank or Not to Spank… 3642 20
America’s Latest Phone Scandal 3220 10
American Hiroshima 2699 80
Are Ghosts for Real? 2431 54
Ghosts of Departed Ones? 2101 7
Iran’s Frightening Intentions 1995 51
War in the Middle East 1986 18
USA–The Fading Superpower! 1729 36
Afghanistan’s Radical Islam 1562 149
Why So Much Cruelty? 1367 20
What’s in Store for America? 1361 15
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