Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

We are saddened to report that Paul Voss died peacefully at 2:30 am on Friday morning, May 23 (his 76th birthday), after battling with painful cancer for a while. Norbert and Johanna Link were able to visit with Paul in Oregon on Wednesday evening, as well as with his wife Joan and Paul’s family and all the brethren in Oregon. Norbert anointed Paul, praying that God would relieve him from his pain and suffering. Joan reports that after the anointing, Paul fell asleep, had apparently no more pain, and never woke up until he died.

We are planning a memorial service for Paul in or near San Diego, California, on Sunday, July 13. More details as to the exact time and place will be announced soon.

All our members were spared from the recent tornado in Colorado. However, the tornado did a lot of damage in the city of Windsor, 15 miles south or southeast of Fort Collins, where many of our members live. Its path took it just about 5 miles east of Fort Collins, as it moved toward the northwest. Its original path, as shown on the map, would have brought it right into Fort Collins, but it changed its path before reaching the city.

A new StandingWatch program (#167) has been posted on StandingWatch or Google Video or YouTube.

The program is titled, “Corrupt Communication–Why Not?” In the program, Norbert Link asks the question whether your language reveals your character. Do your words benefit or offend others? Do you blaspheme God with foul conversation? Are you using God’s name in vain? Do you know what words NOT to use in your daily talk?

Each of our recent StandingWatch programs, “Food Shortage in the USA” and “Coming–The Great Depression,” have been viewed more than 2,000 times on YouTube.

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