Preaching the Gospel & Feeding the Flock

A new StandingWatch program was recorded last week, titled, “Christ’s Return and You.” The program discusses our individual physical and spiritual responsibilities in preparation for Christ’s return.

It is planned to record another StandingWatch program this Friday.

Ad Campaign in the UK

The recent UK advertising campaign offered two booklets, “Europe in Prophecy,” which received 1,450 responses, and “Angels, Demons and the Spirit World,” which received 1,427 responses. In addition, other booklets have been requested and so far, a further 135 have been sent out with more requests expected in the next few weeks. Requests for additional literature are still being received by telephone, post and e-mail.

Just a few comments from this latest advertising campaign:

“I would like to peruse your ‘America and Britain in Prophecy’ booklet, having found much that has troubled since schooldays, and is covered in ‘Europe in Prophecy’ which I have just read. Since schooldays are some 75 years ago, you may understand the state that applies.”

“Thank you for sending me a copy of the booklet ‘Europe in Prophecy.’ From the list on the back page, I am intrigued; would it be possible to send me ‘The Theory of Evolution’, ‘Is God a Trinity?’, ‘Baptism – A Requirement for Salvation?’ and ‘Angels, Demons and the Spirit World.’ Thank you very much. I appreciate all and everything I have and can learn from you.”

“Thank you very much for recent booklet ‘Europe in Prophecy.’ I found this very good and very informative. All I can do is thank you for this information as I find it very sad when I see the turmoil, war and hurt that is commonplace world wide at this moment in time. Once again, thank you for your publication.”

“After reading ‘Europe in Prophecy’ I am now intrigued to read your other publications. I would be delighted if you could send me a copy of each of those below.” (The writer then requests a further 14 booklets which will be sent to him over the next several weeks).

“Thank you very much for the two booklets which you have sent me, which I found informative and thought provoking. You also sent a list of what is available and so will you allow me to impose on your kindness and request further booklets.”

“Thank you for the booklet entitled ‘Europe in Prophecy’ – it’s quite fascinating to say the least. I must confess that I hadn’t heard of the Global Church of God, that is until I received the booklet. Perhaps I should throw a little light on my simple beliefs. I do not accept in any form or shape the Devil or Satan. I do not accept the Trinity or ascension into heaven. I have been baptised into the saving name of Christ my Saviour and await the judgement morning when I will alone answer for my sins. This is my simple faith as I walk towards Jehovah’s Vineyard in the sincere hope that I will be granted an abiding place in that glorious Kingdom. This I write in the hope of our Master’s quick return.”

“I have read your book ‘Europe in Prophecy’ and it is very interesting but there are a few things that I don’t agree with. I would like to read the book ‘Angels, Demons and the Spirit World’ as I belong to the Spiritualist church.”

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