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The following announcement was sent out on May 17, pertaining to our new StandingWatch program:

Progress Report
New Format

We just wanted to keep everyone abreast of the changes that we are making to the StandingWatch program.  By clicking on the link below, you will see that the efforts of all involved are beginning to make a big difference.

We do ask for your continued prayers as the project comes to fruition.

“Are You an Alcoholic?”

In the above-mentioned program, Norbert Link discusses the following: Many famous people and celebrities have been battling with alcoholism. The list seems to be endless–from Alexander the Great to Josef Stalin, Ernest Hemingway and modern-day Hollywood actors and singers. What is the right approach to alcohol? How can you determine whether you are becoming addicted to alcohol? Where should you turn for help?

On May 10, 2007, Cali L. Harris of Louisville, Colorado, graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with double majors–one in Ethnic Studies and the other in Journalism. Our heartfelt congratulations to Cali in reaching this milestone in her life! Cali is the youngest daughter of Peggy and David Harris of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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