Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

On August 21, we conducted a technology meeting in Colorado. Goal of the meeting was to plan for the Church of the Eternal God’s future uses of the Internet to support the work of the Church.

Topics discussed:

1. In order to accommodate current and future growth, a redesign of the site has been planned. This will include a new “look” with the goal being to make our home page more appealing and much more useable.

2. Part of the redesign will focus on utilizing the abundant material already produced. For example, the sermon summaries, editorials, Q&A, etc. will be made more accessible.

3. Steps to establish STANDINGWATCH as an independent website for a public liaison to CEG are now being taken. This will serve much as did “The Plain Truth” in times past.

4. With new technologies emerging quite rapidly, it was determined to review availability of options in both software and hardware for CEG’s purposes.

5. Sermon broadcast requirements will be standardized to assure timely production. This will include securing better hosting facilities.

6. Different strategies for bringing more traffic and attention to the CEG website were explored.

7. Those attending this meeting: Eric and Shana Rank, Robb and Laura Harris, Shelly Bruno and Dave and Peggy Harris.


We have placed another Standing Watch program on our Website, discussing “Heaven and Hell.” A new program will be recorded on Friday.

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