Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter
was written and sent out on Wednesday, November 8. You can find a copy
of the letter on the Web. In the letter, Norbert Link discusses some of
the reasons why God’s Church is not voting in governmental elections,
encouraging all of us to keep watching world conditions and to keep
praying. We enclosed with the letter a copy of our booklet, “Teach Us to Pray.”

A new StandingWatch
program was recorded and placed on our Webpage and also on Google
Video. It is titled: “Germany In Trouble!” Set forth is a brief summary
of the program:

“Just to name a few of the mounting problems of
Germany’s Grand Coalition: The travesty in Afghanistan, involving
scandalous photos of German troops; Israel’s attack on German aircraft
and vessels in the Middle East; Lebanon’s position that Germany cannot
operate in the region without prior approval in certain circumstances;
the charge that the German government misrepresented the true scope of
authority and responsibility of German marines in the region; Germany’s
failure to implement an acceptable social welfare system; and President
Koehler’s refusal to sign legislation to privatize German airlines…
What does it all mean for the development of Biblical prophecy?”

video-recorded version of Norbert Link’s latest sermon, “Jonah Speaks
to Us,” was placed on Google Video (The audio version was placed, as
usual, on our Webpage).

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