Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

The draft of our new booklet on the biblical timeline, titled, “Biblical Prophecy — From Now Until Forever,” has entered the second editorial review stage. We anticipate publication early next year.

A new member letter for the month of December has been written. It will be posted on our webpage and sent out early next week. In the letter, Pastor Dave Harris warns of the false concept of trying to set dates to determine the time of Christ’s return, and encourages all of us to be always ready and to do the end-time Work of God.

On December 1, 2012, our brethren, who were assembled for Sabbath services in Germany, were able to connect via SKYPE (that is, via video transmission) with several other scattered brethren and prospective members to allow all an opportunity to “meet” together. Being able to participate in song services and opening and closing prayers, see and speak with one another, “see” and hear Thilo Hanstein presenting the sermonette, and play the recorded video sermon presented by Evangelist Norbert Link added greatly to the fellowship. We are planning to continue these types of services in Germany on a regular basis.

This week’s German sermon is titled, “Neu! Michas und Dans Goetzendienst”. It is discussing the account of idolatry in Judges 17 and 18, and also addresses the identity and future of the tribe of Dan. The English translation of the German title would be: “Micah’s and Dan’s Idolatry.”

Please note that live services are broadcast in the U.S. each Sabbath and can be accessed through our website– In addition, we have meetings in Ramona, California; Woodburn, Oregon; Fort Collins, Colorado; Summerland, BC (Canada); and,in addition, we conduct services in England. Members also participate in the Chat Room that is associated with our Internet transmissions. If you desire more information, please contact us.

A new StandingWatch program, titled, “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Its Future,” has been recorded and posted. Here is the review: President Morsi of Egypt has been wrongly applauded for his involvement in the Gaza crisis. Subsequently, he showed his true colors and that of the Muslim Brotherhood. The West’s ignorant assessment of the Arab Spring is shameful, since the real goals of the radical Islamic movement should have been clear from the outset. Egypt’s future will be grim, and much turmoil, defeat in war and captivity is in store for the country.

StandingWatch Radio will run a program on the origin of the Christmas tree starting Sunday, December 16th and again the following week. “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Its Future” will be aired beginning Sunday, December 30th.

NOTE: Both the audio recordings of our Sermonette and Sermon from this past Sabbath are now posted on our webpage. The video recording of the Sermon is also posted. In these important messages, Norbert Link addresses alarming developments in some fellowships of the church along with warnings from the examples of others who turned away from God. Here are the titles and summaries:

“Apostasy in the Church of God“–For over ten years, we have warned that another falling away from the truth will occur in the Church of God, but only very few have heeded the warning. We now see that the prophesied renewed apostasy has begun.

“Idolatry in the Book of Judges“–When we commit idolatry, we forsake the true God. The book of Judges gives us many examples and warns us not to follow the bad lead of the ancient Israelites. But sadly, our Christian nations engage today in the same kind of Baal and Astarte worship, and calamity will be the consequence. Also available in video.

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