Making the Difference for Me!

by Delia Messier

There was a time in my life when it seemed that everything went wrong.  And I would end up sad and crying.

I asked myself: “How can I stop all of this sadness? Am I not supposed to be joyful, happy and content? But how can I, when so many things that are important to me are seemingly falling apart?”

Then, one day, out of desperation, I decided that I would try something. I decided that I would try to thank God for all the good things I could think of, everything big or little. As I thought about it more, the list got longer and longer. I was really surprised to realize how many wonderful things I had in my life. Even the air that I breathed was beautiful, and I had forgotten to be thankful for that.  There were so many things which I had taken for granted.

While looking for those “big” and “important” things in life, I had forgotten that everything was important for me.

So, I decided to be thankful for all the “little” things in my everyday life. At one time, I might have considered them only “crumbs,” but now I realized that they were gifts that I had overlooked and failed to appreciate in the right way. By the time I had finished my prayer, I was happy. I had to continue learning to be happy!  Every time I may start feeling really sad and disappointed, I remind myself that I need to thank God for all the good things I can think about, and that makes all the difference for me.

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