Letter to the Brethren – May 11, 2023

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Dear Brethren and Friends,

Together in unity! This is one of the main themes we aim for during our annual Church conferences, especially when tackling certain doctrinal issues. It’s also a time when we focus on the goal of successfully doing the Work of God, continuing in our efforts in how we carry on the task of preaching the Gospel and feeding the flock. 

During the past few years, the agenda before each conference was a bit slim and quite limited as there weren’t many new topics to address (so it appeared), but that all seems to change in the weeks if not days prior to the beginning of the conference. There is always something to talk about, and making sure we are all on the same page when it comes to doctrinal issues is vital for the sanctity and unity of the Church. 

Summarizing this year’s conference of 2023, one such way in how we are involved in spreading the Gospel focused on our Google advertising campaigns and distribution of our booklets. We have had pretty good success advertising the Rise and Fall of the Jewish People booklet to English-speaking nations, which also led to having to do several reprints of this booklet. We have also advertised the German version of the Ten Commandments booklet in German-speaking areas. Other possible booklets for advertising, ad campaigns focusing on our weekly updates with news and current events, as well as the production of new booklets, are also in the planning. 

When it comes to the internet and our websites, a new theme on the English site had been created which makes the website more secure and is also more advantageous for mobile devices. We also began using additional video publishing sites like Rumble and have also created a Twitter site where we upload our StandingWatch programs in an attempt to get the word out. The German website is also in the works for improvement and plans for creating a Spanish site as well as a French site are in the making. 

The Feast sites for 2023 have been established for Loveland, Colorado, in the United States, and Kalkar, Germany. 

When it comes to doctrinal issues, we discussed the question of what the Bible says about the “called” and the “chosen.” Our booklet on Predestination goes into this very topic on pages 52-54. Calling and chosen are related concepts. Those who are with Christ are called and therefore chosen and faithful. We plan to have a Q&A on this matter which will go into more detail. 

We also addressed the difference between the physical and spiritual sin concept, realizing that the Bible doesn’t use those words in that way. If we do a physical act, for example by eating pork or smoking, knowing it’s wrong, it is a sin, whether physical or spiritual. There is no distinction between both.

We discussed using the expression of the Hebrew word YHWH or “LORD.” We have refrained from using these words, especially “LORD,” unless quoting from Scripture. Often times, it is an issue of translation and it is also a matter of what the word conveys. 

We discussed at length what it means to “add” or “delete” from Scripture. When quoting Scripture, if a Scripture needs explanation, that would not be considered adding or deleting because of false translations and by also clarifying the understanding of what the Scriptures mean. An example would be in Acts 16:31 when Paul is in prison saying, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” Much more is involved to inherit salvation than just believing on Jesus, which has to be explained.

We also pointed out that it is wrong to speculate when the Bible doesn’t support it, especially if it is contradictory to Scripture. When it comes to prophetic speculation, we need to emphasize that it is such when the Bible isn’t clear on it. Examples of this would include how we get to the place of safety, and where and how exactly the Third Temple will be built, but the Bible gives evidence for the fact THAT some WILL BE at the place of safety, and that a Third Temple WILL BE built prior to Christ’s Return.

The questions of whether the Bible teaches unconditional forgiveness and if there can be forgiveness without repentance have been explained in a Q&A series by Norbert Link. The question of whether there is something like “unconditional love” is being explained by a new Q&A series by Norbert Link.

We also went into specific Scriptures like Numbers 12:8 which refers to Moses seeing the glorified “form of the LORD”, but not in His full glory. This also proves that God has form and shape in His glorified state.

We revisited the proper procedure when it comes to anointing and also, that it could apply to anxiety, especially before an operation, surgery or other potentially dangerous procedures. It was pointed out that God promises not to afflict us with sicknesses as He is our “LORD who heals” us (Exodus 15:26).

The proper procedure when suffering from a sickness, physical or otherwise, is to pray to God first, then ask for anointing, followed by a prayer request to the Church. 

As we can see from this year’s conference, there is always something to talk about, something that needs to be addressed and perhaps revisited if reasons allow for it. We have to have unity in the faith and understanding, based on the Bible, to make sure we are correct in what we are saying without contradiction. If something needs correction, we need to address that based on what we understand from the Bible. 

The Work continues and will not end as we can see from the fruits of our labors in getting the Gospel message out, along with the help from the members and contributors of the Church which does not go unnoticed. We pray that God will bless our continuous efforts and God bless you all for your continuous diligence.

We also wish all of you a very rewarding and profitable Feast of Pentecost, being reminded that all glory and honor go to God who has bestowed us with His Holy Spirit of power to do His Work without wavering.

In God’s service and with Christian love,

Michael Link

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