How God Has Been Feeding Me

by Delia Messier

In the last several years of our membership in a Church organization, which was departing from the truth, my husband and I were fed a very spiritually sick diet. Finally, through God’s mercy, we came to realize our dangerous situation and, after leaving, we eventually attended once again the Feast of Tabernacles with God’s true servants. After such a long time, we were hearing the truth again and God’s true gospel message was spoken to us–His plan was proven from one Scripture to the next, then another and another, from one end of the Bible to the other. God’s inspired words were used and it was shown how they supported each other and said the same thing, and that they were not confusing or complicated but pure and simple; and it all made sense.

I was sitting on the edge of my seat, not wanting to miss one word, but wanting to hear more and more. This is what I had missed all those years; this was what I had longed for.  I could not express how I was feeling; it was like being awakened! Tears were pouring down my face and getting in my way as I was trying to keep up with the Scriptures, trying to turn from one Scripture to another. I was like a withering dying plant that was finally getting watered, and these were the exact words I expressed to my husband as we closed our Bibles and rose for the last hymn and the closing prayer. I felt like I was being rejuvenated after a long drought!

This is proof to me that God feeds us through His true ministers; that He is using them to teach us in and out of season.  It confirmed to me that we must leave behind false teachers and teachings; that we must be and remain in the true body of Christ; and that if we depart from it and try to succeed on our own, foolishly believing that we can survive that way, we will eventually wither and die like a plant without water.

Since that day I have been observing a spiritual ”FEAST” every annual Festival and every weekly Sabbath. I am so very thankful for God’s true servants and for the knowledge that God’s words are true and that He satisfies those who are thirsty! I have been experiencing it, knowing that as long as I don’t abandon Him, He will not abandon me.

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