Attitude of Gratitude

by John Amorelli
Man’s holiday season of “getting” has just passed. 

Recently, I have found myself asking questions on the subject of getting.  “Why can’t we get a better home?” “Why can’t I get a better car?” “Why can’t I have more money?” “Why can’t I get a better job?” These were some of the questions that I was reflecting on. The spirit of selfishness and way of “get” had leached into my life!

This forum is a reminder for me to be very careful not to slip into the “old man’s” carnal way of thinking.  It is also an unambiguous reminder that my attitude needs a re-assessment and a plan of action towards God’s Way of Life.

I need to learn, with God’s help, to acquire an attitude of gratitude; to be grateful for what I have!

Upon further reflection, the home I live in keeps my wife and me warm in the winter and cool in the summer; my car takes me to where I need to go; I am able to pay my bills; and I have work! No excuse for complaining.

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