The Wonders Beyond the Heavens Above

by Eric Rank

As the dark of night falls ever earlier with the onset of winter, I become more aware of the stars above. On clear nights, the stars form an absolute spectacle. Indeed, there can be no question for me that the heavens declare the glory of God.

On occasion, I take some time to look up and see. Inevitably, the longer I crane my neck and ponder, the smaller and more insignificant I feel. In fact, the longer I watch the sky, the more insignificant this entire age of humanity feels. Since God created this entire universe, with trillions of stars, each a million times as large as the Earth, how can this planet, and me as a speck residing on it, amount to anything that matters?

When considering the impact that my physical life will have on the history of the world, and the importance of my current problems, it is true — none of these things amount to anything. To quote a wise man in this regard, all is vanity. While on the face of it, this can be disheartening, it is also a source of comfort. Understanding what is not important gives me the freedom to focus on the things which are. As small as my life may be, there is a greater scope for me to consider.

The Bible clearly shows me that there is another principle at work. While my physical accomplishments and trials are absolutely insignificant in the grand scheme of things, my life is critically important in God’s plan. The same God who created the vast heavens above has called me to be part of His Family and rule in His Kingdom. While the life I lead today may be nothing compared to the greatness of the universe, the life I lead for tomorrow is of  great value to the God who created it. How much more fascinating is this for me than even the depths of the universe!

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