The Gift of Giving

by Louise Amorelli

During this most recent Feast of Tabernacles 2010, my husband and I had the exhilaration of experiencing the most joyous of God’s Holy Days. Since we are not able to meet with brethren during the year, due to our location, it is certainly a blessing for us to renew our bonds with brethren of like minds. We anxiously wait all year long for the Feast of Tabernacles to arrive….preparing, planning and meditating on how to make the next Feast, even better than the last! 

One theme of the Feast, that always shines the most brilliant, is the giving of the brethren.  It is such a breath of fresh air, from the ways of this world, how giving and generous the brethren are.  Whether it be in the time and effort of our ministry, deacons and deaconesses for spiritual food and helps, or in the giving of thoughtfulness of slipping a card under a hotel room door, when someone is sick, or grabbing the check off the restaurant table before even knowing it was paid!! 

I once read an article saying that giving is actually a gift, not only for the person receiving such, but also to those who are in the act of giving; that it is a natural law God sets in motion, which brings fullness of heart, that only giving can do. The article stated that giving creates a spirit that invokes more giving and brings inner peace; and that it then spreads to others to do the same!  It concluded that everyone involved experiences the benefits of the outward flow it brings, and that it is truly a gift from God!!

This year, I will focus on that theme…and how I can give the gift of giving!!

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