Two Thumbs Down

by Laura Harris

Last weekend I saw the movie “Eat, Pray, Love,” a New York Times best-selling memoir turned into a block buster summer movie. The appeal of Julia Roberts traveling the world to exotic locations lured me in, but I was soon disappointed by a self-indulgent journey of divorce, adultery and misguided spiritual enlightenment. 

I left the theater feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness, knowing the movie has become inspirational for legions of female followers trying to find happiness, meaning and purpose in this world.  I have read that women by the droves are consuming “Eat Pray Love” themed merchandise (such as clothing, tea, perfume, jewelry and home furnishings), enrolling in self-help workshops, and touring the countries sojourned by the movie’s main character. 

The movie reinforced the fact that I cannot find truth and enlightenment in a commercialized manuscript. Once again, I am reminded that I can only find authentic happiness and a true understanding of God’s holy Plan, when I follow God’s laws, as revealed in His book – the Bible.

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